Do Men Prefer Light Skinned Women

What Is a Light Skinned Woman

In order to answer whether or not men prefer light skinned women I think we need to define light skinned. Are we talking about white women, mixed-race women, or women who are 2 shades darker than Hallie Berry. This has always been a question that Black men and women have asked themselves. It is all relevant based on whom you ask the question. Some men really want a white women to date, but feel that they cannot be safe dating white women so they date the next best thing, light skinned black women.

Does the Skin Color of a Woman Make a Difference

If you are Black and know the history of race relations in the United States you will know that this phenomenon has been around for centuries. This started back in the slavery days when the light skinned blacks were allowed to work in the house of the master, but the dark skinned blacks had to work in the fields. This was passed down from generation to generation and basically alluding to the fact that light or White was better than dark or Black. There have been several studies done on race relations over the years. The most memorable of these involved the children playing with dolls. The Black child was asked which doll they wanted to play with the black or white doll and most of the time the white doll was chosen. Black people have a long history of being taught that if you were darker skinned you were inferior.

I grew up during the 70's when the whole idea of Black Power was around. Even then most of the guys considered that a light skinned black woman was more beautiful. This is a conversation that I have had with several of my men friends They all said that they felt there was no real difference in the women but they wanted to date someone that other men would think was attactive.

I think the answer is that most Black men do prefer to date light-skinned women.

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Mrs. Cora profile image

Mrs. Cora 6 years ago from New York, NY

I am a lover of history so I would like to comment from a historical point of view. (also less controversial) I believe in my studies of slavery and how the lighter skinned negro came to be was from the sexual undertaking of the white man with the black (dark skinned) woman. Lighter skinned blacks didn't come until some 18 to 25 years later, and for black men it was taboo to look at a white woman so imagine getting one of your own that was close to white. You were amazed and somewhat drawn in by the concept that to some this was better. A white man's world played a big difference in the eyes of black's to them they had everything. Freedom, land, gainful employment and the ability to keep all that. Where as the slave was exposed to separation, rape and poor work conditions. I think the lore of lighter is better is like the diet slaves had; we ate scraps to survive. Food wasn't about healthy or good it was what you ate to keep going. With education and freedom comes choices and it no longer stands as light is better it may now be more of a preference.

SOBF profile image

SOBF 6 years ago from New York, NY

As a Black man my experience has been that the man's personality really dictates his preference. I have found that Black men who are constantly seeking after material growth tend to be attracted to light to white women because they see them as a accessory. While on the other hand those that see the world from a more natural viewpoint really have no preference and will embrace the beauty of a dark skin woman as quickly as that of a light skin woman.

My personal choice in women are dark skin with natural hair (dreds or afro) there is something earthy, warm, loving, and sexy about that look.

AP 6 years ago


Since mention was made of the topic of the ‘house'

and the ‘field’ slave — I just wanted to note that

this false concept that so many people have

-- that the lighter-complexioned chattel slaves

“had it easier” or “thought they were better”

than the darker-complexioned slaves -– and

/ or largely “relaxed in the big house” while

the darker-complexioned slaves “suffered

in the fields” — is very much (just like the

infamous ‘Willie Lynch Letter’ Hoax) all VERY

MUCH AN URBAN MYTH (and, is one which,

in nearly every way that’s possible, completely

defies the true historical recorded account).

The historical record shows that

those enslaved people who were of a

lighter-complexion (i.e. mulatto-lineage)

and that were found on the continental

United States during the antebellum

(chattel-slavery) era were actually treated

MUCH WORSE than were those enslaved

people who were of a darker-complexion.

In fact, the record shows that most of the White

people (especially the White women) tended

to look upon the lighter-complexioned slaves

as being mere ‘mongrels of miscegenation’

(resulting largely from the rapes caused by the

plantation 'Overseers'); in their disgust at the

sight of these slaves — insisted that they

be “banished to the fields”; and also then

purposefully reserved most of the ‘big house’

positions (ex. mammy, cook, driver, etc.) for

the darker-complexioned slaves -- who most of

the White people had perceived as being “more loyal,

more docile, less competitive, etc.”, and, even more

important, they were also of a skin tone which

could never cause them to be seen as being

any part-'white' (and even worse, perceived as

"possibly" also being "a member of the family"

--as it were-- of a given plantation 'Owner’).

And this maltreatment was generally even much

more so the case if the lighter-complexioned

enslaved person was even remotely ’suspected’

(by, say, a wife, sister or daughter — who ran “the big

house”, while a ‘male’ family member ran “the plantation”)

of possibly being the offspring of a given plantation

'Owner' (or his son, or father, or brother, or any other

male found in the plantation 'Owners' White family).

In addition, the few lighter-complexioned enslaved

people that were actually permitted to do any work

in the "big house" were (as a punishment for having

the lowly status of “mongrel” and in order to make sure

that they did not become “too uppity”) kept under a

much more severe work supervision (by both the

White women who ran the plantation household and

also by the darker-complexioned enslaved people

who had been placed over the lighter-complexioned

enslaved people and given various "rewards" in an

exchange for the promise to 'keep an eye on' them)

than were most of the (more trusted and seemingly

endeared) darker-complexioned enslaved people.

Books by Deborah Gray White; Paula Giddings; bell

hooks; J. California Cooper; William Wells Brown;

etc. expose the truth about the urban-myth and

show that the lighter-complexioned enslaved

people received NO special treatment and were,

instead (due to being seen as mere “mongrels of

miscegenation”) usually treated much worse than

were most darker-complexioned enslaved people.

The hatred, fear and mistrust that many of the antebellum

and post-antebellum era White southerners felt toward the

people who were both of a light-complexion (mulatto-lineage)

and were also chattel-slaves, is very strongly presented

in the 'D.W. Griffith' racist film 'Birth of a Nation'-- where

pretty much all the trouble, tragedy and dangers found

experienced by White southern families in the film is

falsely presented as being caused by "uppity" Mulattoes

who 'needed to be taught "their place" among White people'.

(i.e. they "needed" to be beaten, raped, lynched, etc. by the

"proud" White people who had been reared to make it clear

that they felt "no connection" to any non-White person).

Anyone who would like any additional information

on this topic can feel free to contact me directly.

Hope this information is helpful

& that everyone has a great day.

– AP (

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(see ‘best answer’);_ylt=AtORF...

(see ‘best answer’)


AP 6 years ago



#1) There is NO SUCH THING as

a so-called "light skin Black"

#2) The ALLEGED light-skinned favored


#3) The alleged Colorism-inspired



Bellz23 profile image

Bellz23 6 years ago

I'm not going to sugarcoat my answer but "yes" the majority of black men do. I tan in the summer brown but throughout the rest of he year i get really light because the cold(Canada) and black men on many occasions have said and I quote "I ONLY DATE LIGHT SKINNED GIRLS" or white, Spanish, mixed. Me and my friends have had this conversation, the dark skin women in my circle have moved on to white men , because of lack of interest by the black males(and let me say they are beauties, body's good and everything,*educated too*). the funny part is most of the time DARK skinned black men say that they only date light skinned girls. which is crazy.

Roxie<3 profile image

Roxie<3 6 years ago

honestly i think people are ignorant when they say light skinned is better than dark skinned....i am light skinned black because my mom is light and my dad is a caramel complexion....and i am 20 yrs old and im dating my high school sweetheart a dark skinned guy who treats me like a queen. He is 6'5 and i'm 5'6 and he's very attractive and we're so in love... my only problem is my parents think that we shouldn't get too serious or ever have kids because he's too dark and his hair is not as nice as mine or my family ( my mother is half dominican and my dad is mixed with white) We're going to graduate college in 2yrs and then we want a child together. I dont know what to do because i love him but i don't want my parents treating my child funny because it might not come out light help

APGifts 4 years ago

Mm 4 years ago

I'm light skinned and I've found that dark men chase me down. If another person calls me red I'm going to scream. I found it a turnoff b/c they would always address me by my skin tone

Levertis Steele profile image

Levertis Steele 4 years ago from Southern Clime

Some black men prefer light-skinned women and some do not. Also, some black women prefer light-skinned men and some do not. Some white men prefer blonde/blue eyes and some prefer red, brunette, black, etc. I very often hear or read that white men prefer fair skin, blue/blonde. Preference, preference, preference! What are black men to do, ignore light-skinned women? Why do people question everything a black man does? Young black guys rap, and they are looked upon as disgraceful. Young white guys and girls are popularizing air sex, and who is leading a bashing party against them? I guess humping the floor is cute!

There are WAY more non-black gangs and gangsters, but whenever someone wants to bash black men, they are given the label 'gangster."

Blacks did not start gangs in prison, but society acts as if they invented the idea and brought it to America. When I was a girl, gangsters, mostly whites, were popular and considered heroes--Capone, Lucky, and a bunch of others who did everything from bootlegging durning prohibition . . . . Whatever black men do, whites have already done. I resent all of these questions about black men as if they have to account for everything they do when it is not a crime.

With that said, I must say that you are right, these black guys have gone crazy over light women, especially white girls. Well, the white guys say they are the best and more beautiful and black women are ugly. So, what do you expect? You know human beings. they "wear" whatever is in style. Light black girls and white girls are in , aren't they? Deal with it.

After reading other related hubs, many white guys say that white men who chose black women during slavery always chose the mixed ones. They also said that the black women chosen as prostitutes were also mixed. If that is the truth, who in thunderation were the mothers of these mulattos? Maybe they fell from the sky! I also must say that considering the uses set aside for the "house--light-skinned" Negroes, their plight was not attractive. Working in more confortable conditions was fine, but who wanted to be used by those clod-hopping hillbillies just for a calico dress every Christmas? LOL! If those men had lived in modern times, they would have served well as presidential secret service agents. Besides, those plantation mistresses whose husbands were naughty gave those "hussies" a hard time, even had some whipped. Oh, what fun the half-whites must have had!

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