Do I owe Chief Justice Roberts an Apology?

Even though the Regime and its’ supporters are cheering their supposed victory while many on the right such as myself were quick to jump to conclusions and call for Chief Justice Robert’s head, upon re-examination, Roberts Ruling may have been a stroke of genius! Could Roberts have gotten back at Obama for his unprecedented attack on SCOTUS during his State of the Regime address earlier this year?

By ruling the mandate relative to the commerce clause was unconstitutional Roberts exposed it for what it actually was and actually has been all along; a Tax! In fact it is the largest middle class tax hike ever and regardless how loud the Regime screams, they can’t run away from it. The albatross Roberts hung around their neck is inescapable. So Obama’s apparent victory may very well be his undoing.

With this ruling Roberts effectively shut down an over reaching Regime from compelling American citizens from purchasing anything. The Regime argued for two years that they had the right to force Americans to buy health insurance in order to fund Obama Care. Roberts said no, the constitution doesn’t allow you to compel Americans to buy anything but you can impose a tax on them for refusing to purchase it. Remember Obama saying I will not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year; he said that at least once a day everyday for the past 2 years. Well now his Crown Jewel is predicated upon a tax increase on that same group he pledged never to raise taxes on!

The Regime must be secretly furious at Roberts’s right about now. It has to have dawned upon them as it has me and millions of other thinking Americans Roberts got even with Obama for his public flogging of SCOTUS during his State of the Regime address. The Regime can’t call it a penalty any longer because a penalty was ruled unconstitutional but a tax makes it constitutional so in order to embrace his Signature Legislation, Obama must also a embrace a tax on that group he pledged not to raise taxes on!

On another note, Roberts gave the Regime another body blow by striking down as unconstitutional that provision in Obama Care wherein the Regime could bully states into compliance by yanking away their existing Medicaid funding should they refuse to comply with Obama Care. If the states take the money fine, the Regime can dictate how they spend it but if they refuse the money the Regime can’t penalize them by yanking other funding! In essence the states retain the right to chose whether or not they want to participate in Obama Care and given the fact some 32 states filed lawsuits against the Regime when it rammed Obama Care down our throats I believe the majority of the states will opt out of Obama Care!

In essence Roberts ruling was a victory for States Rights by limiting the Regimes ability to force We the People to purchase products under the Commerce Clause. He also shone the light of day exposing the Regime’s myth that Obama Care is indeed to be funded by a huge tax increase; a huge tax increase on the very people Obama pledged not to raise taxes on.

With his ruling, Roberts answered Obama, some six months later, saying I’ll take your petty insult and raise you a Big One!

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Old Poolman profile image

Old Poolman 4 years ago from Rural Arizona

Joe, Your analysis of the Roberts ruling makes a great deal of sense. It was payback time and that grin on Roberts face was a "gottcha" grin. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Up and awesome.

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 4 years ago

I've thought about this as well and you may very well be right. Of course, if Obama wins re-electon we are doomed aren't we? There will be no repeal and we will be taxed up the kazoo!Up and interesting and awesome too.

Angela Blair profile image

Angela Blair 4 years ago from Central Texas

Good analogy -- however, I can't agree. Whether my State of Texas agrees to this Bill or not (and they've refused to be a part of all of Obama's messes so far) -- we'll all still have to pay for it one way or another no matter Roberts thinking on the matter. I may be just a jaded old woman but somehow I think we should "follow the money" where this decision is concerned. Voted up! Best/Sis

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

Old Pool Guy

That was indeed a gotchya grin just as sure as he mouthed the words not true. Hopefully we’ll get the best of both worlds; Roberts took their Commerce Clause away from them and Romney can parley this Tax Increase into an Obama Loss just as it worked against George Herbert Walker Bush!

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author


Correcto-Mundo; if Obama wins re-election we are toast! Our only hope is his loyal legions will realize this is a Read my Lips, no new Taxes moment and throw the bum out!

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author


Deep down I wish Roberts would have ruled differently because that would have been one SURE WAY of eliminating this mess. But as they say you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken S*#@; well I guess I’m looking for some chicken salad here!

Angela Blair profile image

Angela Blair 4 years ago from Central Texas

The American public is not being fed chicken salad here and the other choice is certainly identifiable, huh? Hopefully more of us than not are hunting chicken salad and not the alternative. Best/Sis

Lions Den Media profile image

Lions Den Media 4 years ago

The reality of the ruling is -- the federal government has been granted unlimited power to tax you for the purposes of controlling all facets of your life. Imagine being taxed for life simply because you are born! So think about that for a moment -- if you have a child your Supreme Court just stated that it is Okay for the government to tax your child in perpetuity for not purchasing something simply because you're alive.

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

Lions Den

I couldn’t agree with you more; Roberts took a risk in his ruling but it may very well be our only hope. By exposing it as a tax he gave us our only shot to defeat this Regime come November. Maybe just maybe enough eyes will be opened by this ruling to throw out the Regime; if not the country is doomed either way taxed to death or weakened militarily to such an extent we can no longer defend ourselves!

American Romance profile image

American Romance 4 years ago from America

I like your thinking............but I also wish health care had been struck down!

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

Agreed American Romance but hopefully this will turn out to be a blessing in disguise; otherwise if the Regime gets 4 more years we’re toast with or without Obama Care!

Guumba 4 years ago

While I can understand your thought process concerning this situation, I am concerned that the 50 percent that do not pay taxes want to continue to not pay taxes. Whether Republicans or Democrats are in power, there are too many "held out hands" for this to ever be repealed. Just remember one thing, the reason Democrats are now in power was because our fellow Republicans lost their way!!!!!!!! I question whether or not that will change.

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author


What a surprise; thanks for the visit. Another surprise you said/wrote 76 words without one single expletive!

On a serious note I agree with your concerns’ far too many of what once were our fellow Americans are now standing in line with their hands out. Once you create such a society it is almost impossible to go back to the time when those same gimme-gimme-gimme folks were ethical!

I disagree with your assertion that it doesn’t matter who’s in power; America’s only hope is the Republicans re-gain power and finally do what they say they will! Otherwise you are correct, we’re doomed!

Guumba 4 years ago

Further, I can't believe the Romney team is now agreeing

with Obama stating his abomination is not a tax, it is a penalty. No doubt he would have a difficult time explaining as he imposed it while a governor in Massachusetts. He sure has some Republicans up in the air. This is starting to remind me of the McCain campaign. These people just don't realize when you are fighting rats you have to get into the sewer. If our fellow

Americans don't wake up this time, well...........I just can't say what I want to on this blog!!!!!!!!!!!

some teeth in our

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author


Hadn’t heard that; Romney team is now agreeing with Obama stating his abomination is not a tax, it is a penalty.

Guess it really is time to throw in the towel; once again the Republicans are demonstrating how to jerk defeat from the jaws of victory.

Why do we continue to run one Casper Milquetoast after another; do we really want to lose again and again?

As for saying what you want to say it doesn’t do any good. I’ve been saying it here for 192 different blogs and still I’m just preaching to the choir; Americans can’t wake up, they are all on welfare and have thrown their alarm clocks away!

popacapnu 4 years ago


I'm leaning with Guumba on this one. You "hope the Republicans will re-gain power AND FINALLY do what they say they will" is troublesome, to say the least. Remember, the idiot Pelosi said you can vote for the GOP or us, we're both the same, but leave this Tea Party alone." I'm afraid she slipped out more truth than she realized.

As for Roberts, I don't think you owe him an apology. I think he owes us one. He should do like the other judges and quit listening to the lamestream media. O'bama browbeat him, and he gave in. Even Kennedy couldn't change his mind. I don't remember what poll is was, but 39% of those polled didn't even know Obamacare exists. You're right, Americans won't wake up.

Even Guumba let me down, no expletives! What's up with that?

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author


The more I think about it the more I want my apology back; Roberts did give in to pressure and for what? He’ll never win the left over no matter how many Casper Milquetoast decisions he renders in an attempt to be liked by them.

As for Pelosi, I couldn’t disagree more. The Republicans may be bad but they are not Marxist, Leninist, Left Wing Ding Bats that want to destroy this country; they are just a bunch of lily Livered Cowards that refuse to fight because they are afraid someone will call them Racists or Obstructionists or Partisan. I say Damn the Torpedoes Full Speed Ahead; it’s win or bust this election and if we lose everyone will realize just how much of a difference there between democRATS and Republicans.

As for Guumba’s lack of expletives; he’s mellowing in his old age!

Guumba 4 years ago

I agree with you and Popa, Americans won't wake up. While I am pretty disheartened, I do have to agree with you inasmuch as I do prefer Republicans vs Democrats. I just get real mad when idiots like Pelosi and Reed make their stupid, ignorant and outlandish remarks. Likewise, I wish the Republican candidates would quit the milk toast attitudes and grow some gonads. Fight fire with fire.

I'm so sick and tired of the "spin" on both sides I can almost puke! Now I'm beginning to see a "spin" at FOX. That bothers me alot. All I can say, if the Republicans get back into the White House/Senate, they have alot of work to do and undo.

popacapnu 4 years ago

Well said to both of you! Both parties are growing the government and it has to stop! We HAVE to get the cowards and the numbskulls out of the GOP! They are all we have left. The road to serfdom is gonna suck!

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

Guumba and Pop

First off both parties do in fact suck out loud; the Republicans pontificate, rattle their swords and be cry all about limited government; We the People; the Constitution and so on and so on and scoobie-doobie-doobie.

Fact of the matter when they get elected they roar into Washington only to have their gonads handed to them on a plate by the Liberal Media and look around the big mean city saying; I didn’t think it would be like this; nobody likes me Oh boo-hoo-hooo; forget those bumpkins back home that sent me here to fix the mess; I wanna be liked so they vote with the darling democRATS suddenly everyone likes them and proclaims how wonderful and enlightened they have become.

You see when a Republican sides with the democRATS its compromise; when a democRAT sides with the Republicans--------wait they never side with the Republicans they hold firm to their Communist Marxist Ideology!

Republicans really do suck but they such far less than democRATS!

Finally FOX News doesn’t spin; they are the last bastion of Truth Justice and the American Way.

popacapnu 4 years ago

Roger that, Patriot! My Gadsden Flag is going back on the pole!

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

As is mine Poppa!

popacapnu 4 years ago

I must be careful though, support in the prairie has lowered since you left!

Guumba 4 years ago

Partisan and Pop:

I agree with both of you, but Joe I don't agree with you as

far as FOX is concerned. O'Reilly is spinning more each day, especially when it comes to Roberts the Rat! For my

money he also gives Obama to much credit and too many


popacapnu 4 years ago

Because O'Reilly is another Harvard idiot, Guy. He has no clue either. Or if he does have a clue, his powers of persuasion are not near as keen as the Patriot! So i'm with you there. O'Reilly keeps me watching, but I still throw my brick at him.

Shep and Jenna Lee serve up the liberal lobs too, as well as others at Fox, but I still call that "Fair And Balanced"! If I don't get to throw my brick now and then, I worry. That's my gauge. If I throw my brick ALL the time, I change the channel. If I don't throw the brick every time, I'll listen….at least for a while.

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author


OK O'Reilly made his bones as a conservative but then like most of our Republicans we send to Washington they fall into the Like-me-Like-me trap and go overboard trying to appear fair and balanced.

Fox needs to be ultra conservative 100% of the time to come close to balancing out the entire rest of the so called media which is nothing more than Obama’s version of PRAVDA!


As for Shep he definitely is an Apologist for the Regime. As for Jenna Lee, well she looks too good to be a liberal so I don’t listen to half of what she says; just look!!!!

I too had a brick but wore it out a long time ago!

Guumba 4 years ago

I agree with both of you concerning FOX. While it is not what I would like, it is the best on TV. Unfortunately, as

far as I am concerned they attempt to be too much of

fair and balanced. While I hate to admit it, I believe

Megyn Kelley leans to the left. I am like Joe, she is so good

looking there are times I don't hear what she is saying. The ones I can't stand are Alan Colmes and Bob Beckel

in that order. Bah Humbug!!!

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

Who wants Fair and Balanced; I have no interested in listening to their lies and distortions; the only way to deal with Liberals is to defeat them at the ballot box, not compromise with them. The Left Wing Main Stream make no attempt to be Fair and Balanced so why should FOX.

As far as Megan Kelley goes; just watch her and when she starts saying something you don’t like just mute her but keep watching; that’s what I do.

Back when Alan Combs had a radio show one of his 35 listeners called in one day and delivered the best line I ever heard to Combs; he said hey Allen, why don’t you stick your face in dough and make Jack Ass Cookies……Hee-Haw-Hee-Haw

popacapnu 4 years ago

Combs had 35 listeners? I doubt that! Oh wait….no, sorry, you're right, I was thinking of Al Franken with just over a dozen. At any rate, with Roberts muddled decision, we have NO choice NOW but to beat them at the polls. Roberts should have killed it, just like Hitler should have been stopped at Munich. We all know how that turned out! Happy 4th all!

Jack Ass Cookies. LMAO. Wished I'd heard that one.

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