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Welcome to the valued resource about the list of documents required and good to have when appearing for the US visa interview. Following article has been viewed by 100,000+ US visa seekers worldwide to get information about the essential documents and has helped to avoid any unnecessary disappointments while securing U.S. visitors visa (L1, H1B, B1, B2, F1, M1). This research is backed with many years of experience and practical process of the US visitor visa interview. Here is the list of important documents:

List of Documents

As I reconciled several hours of my work over past 10 years for several visitor visa scenarios, I found that I need to categorize the required documents so that it is organized and intuitive for you. The following documents are needed for the US visitor visa application:

1) Completely filled Official form(s) of U.S. Travel

  • DS-156 (and DS-157, if needed) forms were required some years ago. Recently these forms have been replaced by a single form DS-160 for most non-immigrant VISA classes. In most countries this form is filled online and submitted directly to U.S. immigration officials. Use the following link to access the official US government website and learn more about the form. If you full this form online, you need to look for detailed instructions to save the info that the online site provides once you submit the form.
  • VISA interview appointment letter. This document is issued when you take an appointment. Without this document you would not be entertained on the consulate.
  • The fee receipt (if you deposited fee in advance)

2) Documents from your U.S. sponsor: The second important documents required for us visa are the sponsorship documents. Depending upon which category of US visa you are applying, this sponsorship document may be different. The list below summarizes the document # based on us VISA type.

  • For B1/B2 : Sponsorship documents from relatives I-134
  • For H1B/L1: Approved work VISA petition generally I-129 and I-765
  • For F1/M1 students: I-20 A/B/M/N

3) Complete Travel itinerary: The third document required is itinerary. If you are planning to visit multiple citie, I highly recommmend that you include complete itinerary in your documents you carry to the embassy. Make sure to have a printed copy showing your complete travel arrangements including hotels, and domestic flight dates. For short visits, having itinerary for return is highly recommended.

4) Photographs as per specifications issued by local U.S. consulate office

  • Check your local consulate website for current instructions,. Till the date of this document authoring, 2” X 2” with clear front face photo is advised. I strongly advise to visit the website of local consulate for clear instructions on photographs

5) Documents supporting your purpose of Travel

  • Any company letters, sponsorship letters in addition to the official documents stated under point 2.

6) Documents supporting your closer ties with your country of citizenship

  • Property ownership documents, family status, Marital status, parents, financial ties, tax statements

7) Documents demonstrating your financial capacity to support yourself during travel

  • Bank statements, Deposit receipts, savings certificates etc

You must know...

As per my experience, U.S. has “open doors” policy and they welcome all people from the world who are genuinely interested in visiting U.S. and experience this amazing land of opportunities. To maintain its integrity, peace and security, and facilitate the enjoyable travel for all, U.S. consulates in all countries interview candidates for their genuine purpose of travel and making sure non-immigrant VISA holders do not become liability in any form to the residents of United States. Therefore there are several documents that you are expected to carry to consulate with your interview.

The best place, to find the most current list of US visitor visa documents required for the interview, is U.S. consulate website of the interviewing authority in your country. To find the list of your local U.S. consulate offices Click on this link.

Last tip...

Besides these documents, your local U.S. consulate may issue more instructions for additional document required for specific VISA category you belong to. It is important that you make sure to visit the website of the consulate and ensure your documents meet the requirements laid by the embassy/consulate.

if you do your homework diligently and go fully prepared, there would be higher chances of you securing the US visitors visa.

With Lots of luck

- Hubchief

© 2009 hubchief - pen name

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ernold mystery profile image

ernold mystery 7 years ago from Leeds, United Kingdom

Great information - I can't believe how complex the US visa system is (my sister's just applying to work out there for a year). I don't know if it's still accurate, but I found a list of nearly 30 different kinds of visa!

Should it be that complex??

adil 6 years ago

i have forgot my password to us visa invite letter?

please help

HubChief profile image

HubChief 6 years ago from United States Author

Adil, forgetting password to application means can't do anything. If you did not submit application then wait for 7 days and reapply. Do not know many details so can not help much.

password help 6 years ago

forgotten password is actually

mothers name in capital

HubChief profile image

HubChief 6 years ago from United States Author

sorry, since it is more than 7 days, I guess you have already filed a new applictaion. Good luck. post here if you are in bay area and need any help.

harshan 6 years ago

hi. i have missed one letter while entering my mothers name in DS160 application.will this cause visa denial?

HubChief profile image

HubChief 6 years ago from United States Author

Harshan, it should not be a big problem. When you go for interview, on the verification window, just let them know the spelling mistake and ask if you can correct it.

Prabhakar 6 years ago

Thanks for the tip. I was able to open it!! Rergards

Hitesh 5 years ago

I am planning to travel for first time to US on a business trip. I have all supporting documents. Just as a caution, I checked by Appointment letter and observer that there is a spelling mistake. E instead of A.

IS this a problem ? Can I ask to correct it. I don't want to reschedule the appointment because I am running short of time.

Please advice

HubChief profile image

HubChief 5 years ago from United States Author

Is spelling mistake in your name?if so then you can ask for an updated copy to come ny email. Print it as color one and go. Spelling mistake in name may make it not match you name to passport. However if your name is mentioned twice or more and is correct all other times, then you are ok and can present the fact about mistake. Preferably name should always be matching with passport.

Taiseer 5 years ago


what happen if my photo is one year old\

HubChief profile image

HubChief 5 years ago from United States Author

Would highly recommend to get latest photograph else embassy may ask you to do so within a few hours. They have guideline how old photo should be. Still check website.

profile image

francisid 5 years ago

very nice hub!very informative! with all of these ready,i doubt if the applicant would be denied!

Sayyad. 5 years ago

Hi and good morning.

i am a pharmacist and as per the rules of pharmacist rules in U.S.A i am supposed to take the preliminary TOEFL in US. i aplied for visa b1/b2 but the consular was repeatedly asking the same question that i do not have strong ties with my country. Now i am confused like how can i be able to provide a solid tie. If u have any tip please help me. Tanx.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 5 years ago from United States Author

You may show your bank accounts with large anounts of cash, ancestral property, immediate family residence and its ownership, national cards like PAN-Card in home country to prove you have ties with the home country. It should be honest intentions in mind to stay with country and clarity that you are trevlling for smaller time. A return ticket is good to have.

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 5 years ago

This is a nice hub and verhy informative. I have one just like it check it out. It is called how t ge t a US Nonimmigrant visa

shereeka 5 years ago

secong time applying to the us embassy was turn done before base on salary and the fact that i had no ties, presently i have a child and in a stable job will that help, my daughter is 1 year old

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 5 years ago

@shereeka what kind of visa are you applying for?

Antony Jude 5 years ago

Dear All

i am on b1/b2 in united states

can i open a bank account?

how can i change my visa status?

i would like to open a business here in United States for fashion?

do i will be able to get a business loan to start up?

i am from india my wife and i have a property in india?

which bank i should approach. for this?



mitch 5 years ago

hi just want to ask if the requirements stated is same as in multiple visa? ..... im working now for 3 years in same company.. i want to take a multiple visa so every year i can take a leave and have vacation to US.. do u think i can pass the interview? eventhough i don't have my property here..but still have my job.. to reason to come back.. and i have my uncle o realtives theire in san francisco... how can i pass..pleaese help..thanks..

hvs 5 years ago

Is a confirmed return ticket necessary for the interview?

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 5 years ago


Hello Eddi,

The first thing you asked is if you can open a bank account while on B1/B2 status in the US. Unfortunately that will not be possible as banks in the United States require that you have a social security number in order to open an account. Persons on visitors visas (B1,B2, or B1/B2) are not eligible for social security numbers.

In regards to your second question where you asked how can you change your status, fortunately that is possible with the status you currently hold. Seeing that you are currently in the United States you will need to file the for I-539 with the USCIS. This form probably costs 150 + tax to file. But the big question now is, will my change of status be successful. This depends on which status you would like to change to. You must note that whatever status you change to you must have a good reason that is related to the purpose you came to the US.

In your third question you were asking if you were able to start a business in the US. Yes you can! but you cannot work in your own business you cant be CEO nor can you be the guy who scrubs the toilet in your own company. You must hire someone else to do so.

Loans are given out by banks and unfortunately you would need a social security number and a great social security credit score. So you will not be able to get a loan in the US.

I hope this helped if you have anymore questions you can visit one of my hubs and leave your question there


d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 5 years ago


Determining whether you may qualify for a visitors visa or not is difficult with the limited information you have provided. If you wish to get a good answer feel free to send me a private message with more details of your situation

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 5 years ago


a confirmed ticket can actually be your worst mistake at the interview do not buy a ticket it is not very smart to do so

Ann 5 years ago

Are you requred to carry your primary and secondary certificates in applying your u.s visa and interview

venusette 5 years ago

There is a spelling error in the surname, in my US Visa interview appointment form (F1).

The interview is on 16th February.

What should I do ?

ken 5 years ago

hi hud wat does public charge mean in f1

Venkat 5 years ago

One of my H1 B documents is missing. I was told that all documents should be in place before visa interview. What should I do now? Should I apply again for H1 B? Is it possible? or should I wait until the current H1 B expires? Please advise.

Meenu 5 years ago

hi..i want to visit my sister in US so, i am applying for USvisa. As i am employed temporarily in Indian Govt. job so my employer refused to give me NOC. what should i do? Can a simple experience certificate certifying about my job but not about my visit in US be okay? i have not yet booked any return ticket as my travel dates are not decided till now. Can i pass the interview? Please advise.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

I am not completely sure if for you personal visit and given you are on temporary job, you would need a NOC. You do need NOC for passport, but not for US Visa, especially if it is for personal pupose. In addition if your sister send you I134 and takes all responsibility for you to be sent back, then your temp govt job may not impact. Still I am not sure in this situation. If you go to your country embassy website and call up embassy with this question, thy should be able to help out... Good luck!

kojo baido 4 years ago

on my birth certificate, i made a mistake with my mothers name, i missed a letter instead of o it is a but the right thing is on the visa application form, what should i do before my interview date and do i have to carry my birth cert to the interview?

kojo baido 4 years ago

seriously, i need help somebody help me before it is too late.

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 4 years ago


once the information on your passport matched the information you have on your application form you will be fine. No you do not need to take your birth certificate unless you are under 18

Seun 4 years ago

I lost my Visa receipt that l got frm GTbank. I have already scheduled d appointment to March. I reported the loss to d bank and they gave me a copy of it. Just black & white like photocopy.

Please, will d US embassy accept d copy? Thanks

kitzy 4 years ago

I just wanna ask I filled up the d-160 application for on january and i said that i don't have any relatives in United state and I found only yesterday that i do have relatives on father side can I fill up a new one and diregard the first one? Hope u could answer me. tnx

davidnajera 4 years ago

Hi, i'm from Colombia and i need to open a saving account in yhe states to make some payments to my clients there. i'm gonna be in miami in the short time. What do i need to open that account with m tourist B1 visa?? Thanks for your reply

amenah 4 years ago

I have entered every other information correctly but my mothers mother name is not correct how do I get the correct one since my form was filled for me by an agent!

profile image

pila2012 4 years ago


I am applying for the US visitor visa. Is it important to have the invitation letter form any of the person who is there is USA?

AS i am travel is sponsored by my spouse.

IF invitation letter is important what are the other details i need form the person who is sending the invitation letter(cover letter) to me.

Please clarify me ASAP, As my interview scheduled in couple of days.

Thanks in advance

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

You need I-134 from your spouse if you are traveling on visitor VISA.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

In addition you would need to demonstrate that you are married to your spouse, his visa status, financial documents including tax returns and all other documents as listed. If your spouse is green card holder or on H1B Visa, then you may be questioned on the intent of applying visitor visa and not appropriate immigration or H4 application. Be prepared to answer those questions too.

Ramsreenath 4 years ago

Hi, I am an Indian national, currently in the UK pursuing my masters degree. I have applied for a B2 TOURIST VISA. what documents do i need to submit to "show evidence of my status in the UK". my sister in the US will be taking care of my expenses while I am there. so what document do i need to provide to show that there is sufficient funding to cover my expenses? also, what documents should i provide for evidence that i intend to return abroad after the end of my stay in the US?


HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

Your sister should write out I-134 along with her financial documents as listed in I-134. If she is not working, and is married then have her husband fill details on I-134 as well as provide supporting financial docs.

You should provide a letter from you grad school in uk certifying that you are a student and indicating how much time left, and also marks sheet for the semester.. In addition it would be better to carry return tickets or at least clear dates of travel to and from U.S.

khan 4 years ago

hi currently i m in uk and doing my teaching practise i wannt to visit usa on b2 visa i just want to know that how much money i need in my bank ?and how much long statement i need?like 3 months or 6 months?my family is supportng me they are in pakistan so what documents i need?kindly give me all details thanks

Shafiq 4 years ago


My question is same as above, please tell me how much long Bank Statement do I need and how much money for how long I should keep in my bank for bank statement... I am a student, I live in United Kingdom.... please reply...

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

Normally the bank statement should be no later than one month old, you'd need to bank to provide date of account opening, average monthly balance and current balance... Preferably if this information is provided by Bank representative and is certified on their letterhead, that would be better.

Shafiq 4 years ago


Thanks for ur information, and Please could u tell me how much money should be in my bank statement?? and can I show my recent bank statement which shows my recent to 7 months old funds.... because before 7 months I had much money in my bank account... and please tell me how much money should be included in my bank statement.... please reply...

Shafiq 4 years ago


I mean minimum how much money should be included in my bank statement??....

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

I cannot give a number as such. The money should be good to cover you trip expenses and still enough savings after trip so that you can stay in UK comfortably. My guess is at least gbp 35k - 40k or more if you are planning a 15 day trip. You do have to show most recent statement. Not 7 months old. I suggest that you should check u.s. consulate website for details or even call them for clarity. Also there is no hard and fast rule in these things. If you read VISA rules, they are guides and one would need to deduce those guides to best of their knowledge.

Shafiq 4 years ago


Ok I will show my New Bank Statement of Yearly funds e.g. Bank Statement of funds from March 2011 till Today, and I will also try to show my Father's Employment proof.... so that I could tell them that my father will support me or send me money for the Tour.... Thanks a lot for ur information... I would be glad if u could give me some website link or more details on Bank Statement issue.... I am planning to go on a 21 Day Trip to USA... Thanks.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

Google for I-134 which is a paper of sponsorship by a U.S. resident. However over years of research I found that if at one place one document is requested in certain way, it is better to follow that guideline in other situations too. Simple logic is why any official procedure be different for a US resident or any resident of other country. Best option, you should call your local u.s. embassy office and get more details.

ali 4 years ago

dear sir i just want to know my wfe is american citizen we married in this february ist nd now she got pregnant there so now i just want to know what i need make before she apply for me i really don't know nothing about it.

now she got sick also what she need to do for fast trick ??? thank you sir

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

This article is for. Non immigrant workers. Your case is an immigration case. She would need to file for your green card as a spouse. I would advise to research Look for the section that explains green card for spouse. In fact here is the link specific to your case that would give you all detail.

If you feel thisis difficult, You can hire an immigration attorney if you are in u.s. And he/she will guide you appropriately.

Deepak 4 years ago

I am from Nepal, In this May going to Denmark from my company for organic agriculture cultivation training for three month. After that i am planning to go to USA in animal husbandry training for short period-for this can i apply visa from Denmark or i have to apply from my home Country after return.

Andre 4 years ago

I just realized that in addition to my DS-160 confirmation page that I also need an appointment letter. But I don't think I have one. How do I get that?

romanrich 4 years ago

my mom is going 79 this coming she still need to provide herself with nbi clearance.her grandchildren were the one who invited her to visit week will be her interview already.the document she had only were the DS-160comfirmation page,appointment letter,the bank receipt she paid for the visa,passport,marriage contract,and the invitation letter she sent to her.Are this enough for her to be allowed to be interview?

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

It is advisable to apply from home country.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

You can print that out from your online appointment site where you took appointment. If you do not remember the login security details, please check your us embassy website of your local us embassy office or call them.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

Sorry, I do not know the details of NBI. Consult the website

Deepak 4 years ago

Thanks for the information. In additional to my first question..As my company is going to support me financially for organic training in USA I would like to know what necessary document should I ask from organic farm before I apply for visa?

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 4 years ago

@Deepak you will need a letter on the company's official stationery that explains the purpose of your trip and certifies that they are willing and able to fund your trip. The letter should have adequate contact details for the person in charge at the company for sending you.

Gift Anthony 4 years ago

pls i want to visit my brother in us, and l have all the necessary document like. Visa application fee reciet, appointment letter for interview, visa application comfirmation, and the nonimmigrant application. Please i want to know apart from the invitation letter, is there any other thing i need both from my brother or from any place. Please help me.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

Thanks d-richie93. In addition, you may need invitation letter from the institute where you ate going on their letter head. May be helpful if you also add financial highlights on letterhead from the company including their duration in business, only for the one that is going to support your finance. You may also want to review the local embassy website on their recommendations.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

It may be also useful to get I-134 invariably to ensure he has invited you for tourism visit. On local embassy website you would get more accurate info on additional needs of documents.,

his financial statements in terms of tax filing over last couple of years in case he is going to support your trip. Also include copy of his green card and/or copy of his passport. Depends again if he is sponsoring your trip.

profile image

riyaz ah1 4 years ago

I would like to know that I paid US embessy visa fees through SAMBA bank but i did one mistake I entered wrong passport number on bank fee reciept this bank reciept is non refundable. I asked to bank manager to edit my passport number but he refused and said this is non refundable u with same no problem, but I don't want to take risk shall i repay the fees again or aproach with same reciept tomorrow is my appointment..????

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

I would suggest you to call local us embassy office and discuss this...

anna 4 years ago

Hi iam applying for a tourist visa....and i have a lot of realtive in US... just wana ask is I-134 really works?

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

I-134 is just one of the many documents.. The VISA decisions are based on a number of factors and not just one document..please visit US VISA official website to get more insights.

laskitude 4 years ago

hiya, so far as i can see at the US Consulate in NZ site itself, where it says required documentation, there is no mention of having to attend interview with bank statements, ticketing &c.. if this is actually the case, and one does need to take such along no matter what, would you be so kind as to direct me here to official stipulations regarding same? Thanks, aye!

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

Note rules keep changing from time to time and country to country. Whatever is recommended on official us consulate sites supersedes over whatever is stated here...

sri 4 years ago


Mine B1 was rejected today and after how many days i can apply again and would it be a problem if i go second time and the counsalar asks why the first time it was rejected and why should i take the decession against the other consular who rejected your form

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

It is important to understand the reasons why VISA was rejected. If you are denied VISA twice, you may not be able to apply up to two years. So clearly understand why was VISA rejected, and address those reasons. Due diligent documentation to support evidence in answers to various possible questions is very important.

sri 4 years ago

I understand the reason why it got rejected.My confusion is what will be my reason/answer if she asks why it was rejected and what's new in the application to approve this time.

She gave me one white sheet with the some reason and checked the 2 reasons except which is related to F1 visa.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

In case you do understand the reason, why would you re-apply for thr VISA as potential of rejection is higher especially if there is no substantial change in the status of your application.

sri 4 years ago

what would be the substantial change you mean? will it be fair enough after reapplying 1 month after and any suggestions for getting it approved second time.

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 4 years ago

@sri When applying for a non-immigrant visa the visa officer is trained to assume that each applicant has immigration intent. It is up to the applicant to answer questions and provide supplementary evidence to prove that there is no immigration intent.

IF you got denied it means that the situation you are in,meaning your ties to the country, living arrangements, employment and income situation among much more things, disqualifies you for a US visa. So what Hubchief was saying is that until your situation changes applying again would make no sense because there is high probability that you will again be denied.

I am sorry everything seems to be bad news but I have to be frank and not give any misleading information.

sri 4 years ago

Can some one tell what would be the considerable changes to keep in the ds-160 form and what to answer the consulate for the Q.what's new in your application.

Its mandatory for me to get the B1 visa for me at this moment to attend our vendor meetings

Nizar 4 years ago

@Hub Chief

I truly love the articles you have posted and all the useful information.

My question is ........ I have my client in Virginia,USA and I am working with him since 4 years now.He said, he can sponsor me on 1 year work visa and will not be displacing US worker. His lawyer will file petition for my Job and my visa in USA consulate and then they will send my documents to my consulate. This process will take approx 2 months. So I would like to know that, its really possible for me to get USA visa and what Visa will be that ? H2b or its called I-551 ?

Early response will be helpful, Respected sir/madam.



Susan 4 years ago

Hi, I was wondering, which documents should I bring to the consulate to prove that I have no intent of immigrating to the US and that I have strong ties to my country when I'm a full time uni student residing in my country only as a permanent resident( my parents also pay for all my expenses over here, since my field of study is not the easiest for keeping a job)? I'd like to visit my fiancé ( who's going to pay for my trip and stuff) and especially his parents, so they get to know me, but I don't plan on staying there for more than a week, since I have to go back to school and I have some doctor's appointments scheduled right after my planned return from the US? Thank you for help

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

A work visa is h1b would depend upon several factors if a VISA would be provided or not. Again I am sharing only the experience in documentation that one should do. But it is not a guarantee that due diligent documentation would assure VISA.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

The guidelines as per publicaly available info suggests we should carry as much documentation and related material as much we can to prove our ties.

profile image

Miles143 4 years ago

Hi! This site is very helpful. I would like to ask some questions. Am applying for B1 visa, my fiancé will be supporting me so he prepared a I-134 documents for me and all the arts events that is going to happen in DC for the 3 months that I will be there. How much money should I have in the bank since he will be supporting me? can you at least give me the approximate amount. I was employed for 12 years in a foundation but now am unemployed will that be an issue? will it help if I promise to buy a return ticket as well? Will it also a big issue if I do not have so much ties to my country? like I do not own a property. Will the bank account and sufficient amount of money in the bank sufficient ties? Pls help! Thank you so much!

pj 4 years ago

my husband is in algeria i am in usa i want to go live in algeria with him because he loves his country and i do too and i love him too i want him to see my country and go back with him but he was was denied visitor visa . i want him here so i don't have to go back alone . does anyone know how he can get visitor visa ?? he was denoied before saying he didn't have enough ties to his home country . he does not want to live in america but we don't know how to prove he has ties. he took his bank acct , he had a business there and all his family . Thank u

Kartar Brar 4 years ago

Really useful information,thanks.

Rashed Mustafa 4 years ago

Hi I have been in China from four months and doing PhD. My country of origin is Bangladesh and I serving there as an Assistant Professor in a Govt. University. I have been invited to present a paper in USA July this year. Can I apply US B1 VISA from China? Is there any stay requirement like one year to get the VISA? Thanks

Max Maye 4 years ago

I'm sponsoring my friend to get his Tourist visa. The documents I'm sending for the consulate to review includes my bank statements. Should I erase my bank account numbers for privacy reasons?

savad 4 years ago

can i use my father's bank account statemnt for supporting financial expence while going for work visa?

Desiree 4 years ago

Hello HubChief:

I have upcoming visa interview and kinda tense after I heard some negative feedback who have been denied.

My intention is for tourism only for me to see my dream place in US. I am married but I will travel alone just for a week. My husband does not want to travel but he permitted me to see my dream place.

I have a permanent job and earns P15k monthly and got a dollar account. Do you think this is enough to show the Consul Officer?

Aside from that, only a friend will be my tour guide but I will stay in a hotel and didn't make any reservation yet because I have to base it first with the result of my interview on this coming next week.

Do you think $6k is enough for my bank statement that I won't be a liability to the US within just for a week of vacation there for me to witness a yearly big event?

Is travel history very important? Do I still need a sponsorship letter from a friend although she or he is only a tour guide?

I find your site very informative and you are not selfish sharing ideas with your fellow race. Very much appreciated the kindness you have. May God bless your good heart.

Yours truly,


HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

Hello All, Sorry a lot of questions asked in last few days. I have been busy and could not get to the site. if you have not found the answer yet please ask again...

avi 4 years ago

hi, my father is american citizen and he want me to see his hometown as b1 vis. he completed all his requirment needed but for me i have no bank account, no work only a single mom.. and i ask f i have a chance to past my coming interview for b1 visa?

thank you and more power.

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 4 years ago

@avi How old are you? If you claim your father is a US citizen there is a possibility that you may qualify for naturalization.

ADI 4 years ago

hi can you tell me the list of possible question asked during B1 Interview, the gap for interview appointment made me confuse and leave me with so many knots..i have invitation letter from GE OHIO and my company sponsor my trip and expense... what should i care aout my interview give me some good the way i am in saudi arabia and will have interview in jeddah consulate....

charlie 4 years ago

i am a university student applying for a B1/B2 visa. i recently filled out the application form and submitted it electronically. i also booked an interview appointment. i however realized upon re reading the printed copy of the application form (i did this before submitting but missed it) that i answered a question incorrectly. With that said, my question is, would i be able to fill out a new form and disregard the prior form? also, being that i already booked an appointment and was emailed the confirmation would this move influence my interview?. also, is there any steps that you can advise me to take?. any and all information would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

p.s. the application fee was paid. would i need to pay pay again to submit another application?

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

There are many questions asked about yourself, your work, your intent it is harder to predict questions as they vary case by case basis. My advice is to stay honest and objective. Do not try to influence outcome and rather provide clear true responses to what is asked. Please see the article on VISA interview tips. It would help out to get prepared objectively.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

First things fist. In FAQ section of us embassy site, actions to this situation are addressed. Normally as per my experience, I have not taken any action. Depending on type of error, you can be honest upfront to disclose this error on VISA window. If you want to be proactive, reach out to embassy over phone and explain your situation with specific details. They guide appropriately. Staying honest is the key when going for interviews. And call such things in advance via email, phone or on VISA window... Generally fee is good for 6 months, and is void only in certain specific situations. Again local embassy websites cover this detail adequately.

Kumar 4 years ago


I am applying for b-1/2 visa to US. This is my first time. I am going for business confrence for 8 days, i want to know from you guys, how to present my self and answer the question. I feel like i will colapse infron of consuller coz its my first time in my whole life. And i heard from people saying that i will not be able to apply for next 2 years if visa rejected. Also i heard the consuller is very young,handsome and tough sometime please guide me through. Thanks

maricris 4 years ago

what if my inviter made a mistake to his invitation letter with me?like my Address and spelling letter to the address and the year he put to the back of the invitation letter,do you think it gave me a risk to get a visa?

Rahul 4 years ago

hi every body, today i have applied US B1 visa and was approved at the right time and later they call me on the phone and asking for re interview on Tuesday, what is that mean? i really want to know.....

chinny 4 years ago


I suddenly found out i made a mistake in my online application concerning my husband's date of birth. What do i do to rectify this as my interview is in 2 days. Please an urgent reply will be much appreciated.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

Well as i replied in earlier this forum, call the consulate immediately, explain them about teh situation, carry the proof of his date of birth when you visit consulate and at the very first window where you'd be asked to provide the forms, pro-actively indicate that birth date is incorrect on the application. This would eliminate any issues later on. i have had similar mistakes in past, however following above procedure was a breeze.

jola 4 years ago


For US non- immigrant visa renewal, does the same requirements still apply

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

Sorry for delay. Yes you'll need the documentation. In addition it will be good idea to keep a record of your prior visits. Especially, if you stayed in U.S. beyond the date that was marked on you I-94,you'd need to justify your stay and also the documents that you filed for extension. If newly approved I-94 was issued, then you'll need the copy of that newly issued I-94. Any documentation that would help answer any potential questions related to prior visits,should be carried along. It would help when you are asked question. As always, if you think your prior visits have complexity, do take advice from practicing immigration attorney.

profile image

tiffie 4 years ago

@hubchief i've been married for over ayear now to an american citizen he lives in america and i live in my home country guyana i recently open a salon and i wanna go into the embassy for a vistor visa to visit my husband and for shopping for my salon my husband is paying for the trip what r the documents ill need to carry to the embassy??? and will i even get the visa???

HubChief profile image

HubChief 4 years ago from United States Author

Sorry this one is tough. If you are married to an American citizen, he can pretty much get you a green card in no time. However if you just want a visitor's visa, you may have to get the official marriage documents, your salon ownership document showing your ties to Guyana and a solid answer to question why you would not immigrate in spite of being married to an American citizen. In addition look through the complete list posted here to see what is relevant for your scenario. Do visit your local us embassy website to see what are the requisites. Try searching Guyana us embassy website.i found this link to your local us embassy website:

Now if you will be given VISA or not, I cannot judge that as it would depend upon truthnessof your case and how you are able to satisfy the interview officer for all his questions. My advise is go well prepared. If possible get an I-134 from your American husband who is assuming all financial expenditure including documents showing his financial health and ability to support you. For sure copy of all pages of his passport as well.

Ultimates do research thoroughly your local us embassy requirements and carry all documentation required. good luck.

Louise 3 years ago

Hi! I just wrote a different burthplace on my Ds-160 an i already have submitted it and i already have scheduled an appointment. If im going to change it and apply for another Ds-160, does it mean i also have to reschedule my interview? Please help me.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 3 years ago from United States Author

Call the embassy office right away. Generally they would ask you bring the form as is and indicate correct birth date.. However do call them and discuss.

swailam 3 years ago

dear i nearly changed ds 160 for 8 times (means i submitted ds160 for 7 times) and in 8th time i took the print out went to AMERICAN EXPRESS paid the fee and got the interview date on latest form number. i hope that means that my previous attempts and submitting of form wont be counted or observed? please comment.

Azhar 3 years ago

qq regarding bank account verification letter/ immigration or sponsor letter from bank, for sponsoring my sister's family for VISIT VISA. Do I need request for separate letter for her and her spouse or one letter is sufficient.

Regarding the sponsoring docs like employment letter n Bank account letter do i need to send them original copies or scan/print will work?

Naveen Kumar K 3 years ago


There is an extra alphabet in my hometown's name, in my passport. Instead of Punganur, it spells PunAganur. There is an extra 'A'. Would this be a concern at any time while applying for B1 Visa or any other visa and also during the immigration? Please let me know. If so, I need to get this corrected, and there's really very less time.

Thanks in advance.

ladicole 3 years ago

My dad is a U.S citizen and he wants me to meet him over there.i will be applying for a non immigrant visa .Are there any extra advantages that i can be issued a visa upon answering the question asked rightly

profile image

hygenmarine 3 years ago

to day i filled up ds-160 for appointment interview and after confirmation i print a copy for myself ,when i got home i read the address to where i stay to the U.S i miss one number of the street address only one number like example 5624 but i write it 624 do you think they will approve my form?i did not tell to my fiancée yet scared if he got mad of me because he was expecting i did it well.....

is anybody has a experience like this can you help me?do i still need to do the next step?or they will want me to filled up again because of one number but to my fiancée address it perfect it...

Aira 3 years ago

good day, my sister and i planning to visit USA , and my parents( lives here in the philippines) is the one to shoulder all the expenses . Me and my sister is a fulltime volunteer one organization here in the philippines. We've been traveling four countries already . , macau, singapore and malaysia and 2times in hongkong.. And now we want to travel Us . My father is a businesman and a property. We have also money in the bank not as much . My question is , is there any chances to have a tourist visa?.... Thanks and more power. Ps. I was denied 2 times last 2008 . When my husband (filipino)died there.

snehal 3 years ago

I'm working in IT company, my B1 visa got rejected around 3 months back. Kindly let me know what kind of documents are needed to support that there is no immigration intent.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 3 years ago from United States Author

Generally you have to show strong ties to India, enough cash amount in your accounts, property, bank statements. Also if your company can guarantee your return and also show company financials, that is really great. An invitation letter from company inviting you,.. Also if they also take responsibility that you would leave country and they take full responsibility, that is great document to have... Overall you have to be true, honest and present all supporting documents that would help counselor believe that you are going to back. Also the work you are going for should be representative of your experience, expertise and skills. Strong Resume reflecting your relevant work experience may also add some weight, though may not guarantee.... A genuine case would generally lead to acceptance.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 3 years ago from United States Author

Also read the article ... How do I get visa...?

Alima 3 years ago

Thank you so much for all doing to help succeed our us visa interview. I have been refused us visas twice, and yesterday for the third time I finally succeed to obtain one.

Thank you

Eve 3 years ago

Hi, my husband is authorized in my bank account, can he use the bank statement to get the visitor visa?

Ankita 3 years ago


Have one question.

I have only my first name on my passport.But all other certificates(PAN crad,bank statement,Driving licence,voter card )have both First name & last name.

Will this create any problem in B1 issuance.Its getting processed through my Employer.

Stephanie 3 years ago

Hi there,

I want to visit the US with my boyfriend for 19 days in October 2014. We are South African. We have already bought our plane tickets, but not yet booked the accommodation for our stay. Should I take the plane ticket as one of my documents to prove that I am returning? I am unsure as I saw on the Visa sight not to book anything. Also, I do not know anyone in the US who can verify my identity etc, does this affect my chance?

Lastly, how long before I go can I apply for my Visa as I would like to get it out of the way ASAP.

Thanks so much!

andreea 3 years ago

hi..i have the interview in two day and I am desperate now that I see all kind of things about the tourist visa...I applied of it,i have a sponsor,everything,but I do not own a bank account and cant have a job since I am a 24 hours mother to a disabled child and get about 1000 dollars a month for that...what are my risks?thank you all in advance

ramaya 3 years ago

which are documents that visa officer check the job experence ?

valentino 3 years ago

hi, wich documents do i need, for having b2 visa, in one tour,

with stop in miami?

my trip details.


madrid-lima with one stop-over in miami.

embassy denied visa one time...

sing up 2 years ago

My name is domion I am applying for an b2 tap visa for so many time now I just wish I get it this time around so I could visit my father grave I went away an 7 January 1994 an a one entry visa it has been 20 years now an I am a father now of a beautiful dather N my birthday was on 3 march 2014 on my ointment is 14 march 14 please pray for me on god bless u

d-richie93 profile image

d-richie93 2 years ago

@Eve if you have a joint account with your husband using that bank statement should not be a problem. But if he uses your bank statement which he might have access to the funds then he will have to make the consular know that the account belongs to you.

vicky 2 years ago

hi, in my u.s visa application and interview in India, i stated that i would be travelling with my sister to the U.S , however my sister cannot make it. can i travel alone or will there be a problem at the entry ?

HubChief profile image

HubChief 2 years ago from United States Author

As far as your VISA is valid and you comply all the conditions, there should not be an issue at all. Do carry proof that you by yourself are eligible, be well aware of the addresses, why you are in us, your return dates. Also if your sister is not coming, do carry some proof of why as it is not clear if you are a minor or if there was a condition of your sister's travel that your VISA got approved. Normally an adult traveler who has enough finances and is responsible by oneself, would not require to travel with someone.

Mereze 2 years ago

My cousin's wedding is 9th of august and our interview is on the 7th of august, 2days before. I am currently unemployed but my dad and my cousin are covering my travelling expenses. What are my chances?

HubChief profile image

HubChief 2 years ago from United States Author

Stay honest and focussed on key purpose.. Less worry about your employment. If you truly feel the need to attend marriage, then feel it and express it. Rest leave to god. Chances depend on how you interview. Note necessarily what your case is?

Mereze 2 years ago

I am a Nigerian, I studied and lived in the UK as well as Singapore, will travel history boost my chances? Thanks for your constant reply

HubChief profile image

HubChief 2 years ago from United States Author

It mostly depends on your interview and case. International travels may increase chances a bit.

Uday Kishore 2 years ago

I am working with a different employer, and other employer who is going to sponsor my B1 visa, would be sending an invite to me via a letter and can i know the further steps for me and the other employer.

what all details or documents i need to carry to further process.

Please reply back with step to step process.

my email id is

Lertprakorn 2 years ago

I can't to submit application an error message as following.

"The passport number entered does not match the passport number that you previously entered."

How should I do?

HubChief profile image

HubChief 2 years ago from United States Author

Uday, i'd recommend to work with an attorney that supports your sponsoring employer. Normally n such cases, employers have prepaid attorneys who are knowledgeable of the immigration matter for the employer and they can direct the candidate appropriately.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 2 years ago from United States Author

this question is not clear... seems passport number was entered in to places and one does not match with other. go through the screens and see where else passport number was entered.

profile image

Lertprakorn 2 years ago

I ever had U.S Visa issued since 2002 the last passport and Visa were expired.

I put new passport number to apply but it does not submit.

And I try to put the old passport number it doesn't too.

Could you please recommend how can I do to submit application.

Thank you.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 2 years ago from United States Author

Right thing will be to call the website form owner and discuss this situation. In modern web driven world, programmers may code some rules without thinking implications in long run. So the only person who ca help is from the organization, who runs this form acceptance website. In many countries us embassy may have delegated this work to local organizations... So check your us consulate website and dial the help number...

Mimib 2 years ago

Im quite stable in the states working in the medical field n having a solid foundation as in my home. I wanted to invite my boyfriend over shortly as he has a large home his self and business in Ghana. He not sure he would like it in the USA that's why I visited him there in Ghana first to show him I am willing to experience life there if he is to here. We don't want to marry as it has been a long process in a relationship to be long distance and it has hurted me emotionally. I love him and I know he love me but I don't think Ghana will give us a long standing relationship so we are just playing it safe. He has family but not in Ghana but several hours away. Both parents died years ago and his sister lives a continent away where she too work in the medical field and have her own family in which my boyfriend was denied a visa years ago when he was invited by her. I was wondering what visa can he apply for to visit me in the states and would it be worthless now even if I am pregant.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 2 years ago from United States Author

The visa will be b1/b2 visitor visa / tourist visa. You should ask a qualified attorney on how to sponsor your boyfriend given the situation you are in. It sounds complicated.. Good luck!

Kanika 2 years ago

Hi, my name in all my documents is"Kanika Singh". Bt in one of my experience letter my name is "Kanika singh thakur" .Does its creats problem in my h1b visa processing.

KATY 23 months ago

Lertprakorn, did get the error fixed for US VISA, I am having he same problem and can´t fix it.

Sasha 10 months ago


I am an Indian expat living in Kuala Lumpur on a dependent pass. My husband works in Kuala Lumpur. He also has an Indian passport and is here in Malaysia on a work permit. We want to go to the US for a 2 weeks holiday. My husband will be sponsoring me for the trip. We have travelled around the world (UK, Schengen visa on previous passports) and wanted to know if applying for US visa from our country of residence (and not our country of origin) will hamper our chance of being granted the Visitor's Visa. We can show my husband's employment contract, bank account, letter from employer as our ties to this country. Do you reckon we should also carry our Indian Bank account and residential deeds in India to show our ties to our country of origin?

Also, me being a home maker now, what are my chances of getting an US B2 Visa ? My previous passport has enough and more stamps of travel around the world - but since its pages got exhausted, I have a new passport now, still to be inaugurated. I will of course carry all my previous passports with me for the interview.

We are planning to buy our US return tickets, subject to Visa approval. Is that a prudent thing to do?

My husband's cousin works in the US, but we may not be visiting them. Do we need to mention that or get an I134 form from him?

Please advise.

HubChief profile image

HubChief 7 months ago from United States Author

Sorry for delayed response. How did it go?

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