Once Again, the Liberals Fall Short!

I remember following our last elections very closely. I was sincerely interested in politics and in the direction that my country was heading. I wasn't altogether sure what I wanted for Canada, or even what it needed, but what I knew for sure was what I didn't want; and that was Stephane Dion! I knew with an undeniable certainty that he was not the right fit for Canada and that absolution was reinforced when I heard he had named his dog 'Kyoto'.

But it wasn't only for his dog Kyoto that I refused to vote for the liberal party; there were other reasons. I hated the waffling of the Paul Martin Liberals and Stephane Dion did nothing to change that image. There was no leadership in his words and no strength in his speeches. He did not make me feel safe and all I could picture in my mind's eye was him as Prime Minister in a confidential meeting with the Iranian president and Stephane nodding to everthing the dictator said-too afraid to say no.

I know that may seem extreme, but I couldn't shake that image and it made me nervous. So when Harper became the leader of a minority government, I was happy enough.

I believed in Stephen Harper's platform and liked the air of authority that he projected. He didn't blubber and blather words that he thought the people wanted to hear. He wasn't a bleeding heart when it came to young offenders and stayed true to his belief of being tough on crime. Mr. Harper also realized that Canada was in a good position during the Recession and could be looked upon as a leader of recovery during that uncertain time. It was a boon for Canada and one that we could be proud of.

But when Stephane Dion was ousted, I once again began watching the political parties closely. I was happy to be a Conservative, but I was not closed to the idea of a new leader in a party that had potential in the hands of the right leader.

And Michael Ignatieff seemed at first glance to be that leader. His face was all angles and severity with dark, heavy brows that seemed to exude authority. I felt a tingle of excitement at the prospect of putting Harper and Ignatieff in a debate together. I thought it a great thing for Canada to have two strong leaders battle it out on an even playing field.

But as the months passed, I became unimpressed with Ignatieff. There was no freshness to his words and the recycled speeches of the same tired platform and the annoying overuse of the word 'fundamental' showed me that he wasn't going to bring the Liberals any reprieve from their losing streak.

They didn't think through what matters most to Canadians today. For instance, when it comes to the environment, I believe, like most Canadians, that we are the caretakers of earth and that keeping it clean and livable is every citizen's responsibility. But I am not convinced that we have much control over climate change. The fact that the ozone layer is at its thinnest ever over the Arctic, regardless of the Montreal Protocol, is an indicator that humans have very little control over the environment. And it is also important to add that the ozone repairs itself over time, so maybe this is just a cycle that the earth goes through that we cannot and should not want to stop. Sort of like how a forest fire is initially devastating, but brings about incredible growth in time. Its just a thought.

But getting back to the Liberals! If the Liberals were in charge, I see a future of Canadians drowning in even more debt than we have already. We would be staring at our leader in stunned disbelief as he or she disregarded what is important and instead, worked on demonizing the sealing industry and on punishing Alberta oil sands excavators, effectively crushing our economic future as leaders in the oil industry. We cannot allow this to happen!

I realize that there are controversies in the Conservative government. Bev Oda is one of them. And though her misleading statements are frustrating more than anything, I don't think it was enough to bring down a government. And sure, there are issues that the government didn't want to make public, but this is present in EVERY government and those issues were not important enough to warrant millions of dollars spent on an election. Just the fact alone that the Liberals are responsible for taking our money once again to effectively put us right back in the same situation we started with shows me how irresponsible they are.

I have to admit that it is hard to trust in the process of politics. It sometimes takes too much energy to wade through the garbage to be able to appreciate the end result. But politics are important to everyone and everyone who can vote needs to vote!   We need to re-ignite the passion for our country and the vision of what we see Canada as being in the future.

I can finally see Canada as a leading country with Stephen Harper as its leader. We no longer act or look like the poor second cousins of the United States that we once did. There is no more groveling or waffling, and doing what every other country is doing. Canada is a strong and proud country and we know what we can accomplish. Lets not let the Liberals destroy that future.

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Allyson 5 years ago

Agreed!!! We are on the same page Megs, good job! :)

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Excellent hub!!!! Conservatives all the way! I think if the liberals get in this great country of ours is going to suffer so much.

Up awesome and useful!

Dad 5 years ago

Good comments Megs! I belief the Conservatives may have a shot at a majority if only they would quit stepping on their own toes. Yesterdays gaffe with those two young ladies being turfed from a conservative event does not help them. When are they going to learn that these little things are exactly what the media is looking for to jump all over them as uncaring, rigid, and mean. I wish they could run one campaign without all these annoying side issues that alone mean nothing but all together create a picture that can hurt them.

megs78 profile image

megs78 5 years ago from quebec Author

Thanks for your comments Susan! Dad, I agree about these little issues. The media in Canada is starting to be like the American media where the big issues don't matter anymore, its the little stupid things that humans do that they jump on and blow out of proportion. Very frustrating because like you said, the Conservatives are stepping on their own toes and not every Canadian can look past these things.

mom 5 years ago

megan: We finally have a statesman as prime minister - intelligent and not trying to run a popularity contest - with a few human downfalls but with integrity and courage. My hope is that the other parties pay for sending us into an election and I hope Harper gets his majority. I wonder how the people can so soon forget the sponsorship scandal that the chretien liberals handed our country - embarrassing! About the ozone layer - it IS repairing itself and where did I hear about this - on one of those science blurbs on cbc tv. The look of shock on the faces of the climatologists was wonderful to see. Also, a new problem - remember when the air canada jet dropped very quickly near calgary but was able to right itself safely? The new problem is that there is now so little particulate for the water to form on in our atmosphere that when moisture hits the wings at a certain altitude, it coats them with ice - thus the dropping - but as soon as the ice melts off at the lower levels the plane rights itself since the problem isn't mechanical. Our air is cleaner now but we never hear about that do we? There is definitely a move to keep the people living in fear. It isn't right. Enough now. Love you

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