Does political infighting help or hurt political parties?

Political infighting in the political parties can be a blessing or a negative come election time. Individuals in both political parties have their own opinions and sometimes these opinions differ with other individuals in their respective party. Recent events in the news have brought to the surface actions within political parties chastising their fellow members. There are those who feel this was bad in terms of the action and words expressed against those who stood up for their beliefs and represented the interest of their constituents and the country.

Criticizing opinions and actions of opponents in an election campaign has been accepted as normal behavior in an attempt to distinguish themselves from their opponents. We as a country need individuals who stand up for their beliefs which they feel are in the best interest of the country even when the establishment disagrees not necessarily with their position but the approach taken.

Political infighting in each political party is or will have an impact in an election year on those who have generated negative comments which may be without merit in some minds of voters. It is one thing to have a difference of opinion on policy and actions it is quite another to criticize individuals for taking a stand in support of the principles on which they were elected.

The basic principles of both political parties are under scrutiny by those who will vote in this election year. The support exhibited for those who have stood up for their principles and took a stand are an exhibit of the public being tired of the political culture in Congress. The public want individuals who represent them to stand up for them and the principles of the Constitution regardless of who likes it or not.

To some political infighting may appear to be an anticipated blessing to be exploited in the coming election cycle beginning with the primaries. Believing that infighting within a political party will benefit them in being re-elected potentially may be the worst mistake anyone in office could make. I do not know what the election results will exhibit but one thing is certain the public is tired of Congressional actions or inactions.

Each political party has a basic philosophy and if that philosophy is not consistent among the members of the party trouble can be the result. Basic philosophy is not the problem in most cases but the approach to the issues to be resolved. Members of any political party should not conduct activity critical of another member’s conduct with regards to taking a stand on principles and activities which may violate our Constitution. Our Constitution is the law of the land and those who have been newly elected to serve our country in Washington are a breath of fresh air in going against their party establishment.

This election year may see more political infighting in each of the political party memberships and those who take steps to criticize their fellow members may find themselves feeling the wrath of voters if they are up for re-election. Some individuals who are worried about their constituents sending them back to Congress as a result of the votes and actions they have taken should be worried. We are seeing some members butting the establishment in their respective party as they are trying to change the perspective the public has of their record. It may be too little too late.

The infighting and pressure our elected officials receive to vote certain ways to the point of being criticized for the votes they make in disagreement with party position may be exonerated come election time. Their actions/decisions may again be too little too late based on their voting history and the impact their decisions have made on the general public and our economy. Political infighting has seen as mentioned earlier a surge of support by for individuals standing on principles which are in line with the public and the Constitution. Other individuals who have stood on their principles or the principles of their political party which are not in line with the public and the Constitution may be on the outside looking in after the election.

We elect individuals to serve our best interest and the interest of our country in actually reading legislation and making a decision based on their knowledge of it not a summary given them by their party leaders. We need more individuals in Congress to stand on the principles exhibited in the Constitution. Today these numbers are relatively low but that can change drastically if the control of Congress changes. It is up to the individuals who will vote to decide the outcome. I respect any individual or individuals who have exhibited the actions such as those in the Senate who stood on the principles of the Constitution and took a stand. Decisions made by those serving us in Congress and their impact and acceptance by the public will be or should be considered when voting. Each individual from both political parties should be evaluated against the actions and decisions they have made during their respective tenure.

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