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 Last night was allright..........until I decided to sleep with the music low.  I was subjected to a nightmare in which I was in a hospital from which I was fired and I couldn't find my anxiety medication and  was dressed in only my underclothes.  Everything had a slow-motion quality to it.........my tongue felt like it was made of lead.  My body felt awkward, I felt disoriented. 

     First, I couldn't find the bag.  Then I'd find it and lose it again before I could take my anti-anxiety medication.  At one point, I passed a man with an arrow pointing to his anus and when he touched me, I tried to get him in a joint-lock, but his bodyguard intervened and stole my bag.  Basically, I wandered around this hospital for what seemed like a whole day looking for my clothes and my anti-stress medication........the dream took 20 minutes or less. 

    At one point, I encountered a man dressed up as The Devil.  He told me that I'd been doing very bad things and led me to a room which contained partially-burned tree-trunks.  We left the room and this guy in the Devil suit told me that my suffering would not be much longer.  I comically chased after him to cause a reaction in the crowd.  It worked.  Everyone started saying: "Yeah, NOW he knows where to go!".....at which point, I turned around and wandered somewhere else to show that I really wasn't serious about following the Devil.

     Then I complimented a woman in a sexual manner.......and her gigantic boyfreind showed up and started following so close behind me that it implied he was going to rape me.  I grabbed his hand and tried to flip him with this Hapkido move, but my moves were too sluggish due to the "grog effect" (I've experienced this in other "synthetic dreams").  I got ahold of one of his fingers and gained partial dominance and then explained I meant nothing by the remark.  He agreed to let me go and we shook hands.  Be very diplomatic in these situations.  Combine force with a quick explanation/apology and by the rules of this game, you'll get out of really hairy situations.   

     It was like I got gangstalked in the dream.  People stepped out with these foam-rubber tubes and said I couldn't pass.  I got by the first one by bowing ("only the penitant man shall pass"), the next one I simply ran through.  I felt much glee that I'd tricked my way through them.  I began to see it as a game.  i forgot about the meds and started discussing things with the passerby.  "This is like being on truth serum" I remarked.  "This is like Science Fiction", I said.  The happier I became, the more control I had.  When I realized I was dreaming, I simply chose to wake up...........and I did. 

     First of all, listen to loud music so that you don't get "Artificial Dreams" like this.  Second of all if you wind up where I did (or whatever you fear most), just play it really cool and view it as a game.  This is how I escaped gangstalking in real life.  If the price of losing is your sanity, the stakes must be pretty darned high.......which makes it a psychological version of "The Running Man", which makes you a MVP if you make it through.  Making it a positive opportunity to demonstrate your psychological resilience to a large number of people gives you a reason to keep going AND personal importance.  Don't give up and become passive, become an entertainer/competitor/comedian and save your individuality. Don't view them as enemies, see them as freinds playing a joke on you. 

     Mastery is brought about mainly by getting yourself to laugh at the irony and get others to laugh with you........even if they laugh at you first.  It's a GAME, use your head to master it.  Get positive and turn "Dream Hell" into a cyber-psychological mind-game that is fun and you can become the master of your own nightmares (synthetic or not).      

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