Dreams Told

When Your Dreams Unfold

life is but the dreams we hold within the epitaph of our soul ~

dreams unfold, they become the life we live as we will it to be told ~

dreams of true love; or dreams of fickle lovers ever to be cold ~

the pleasures of the mind makes the thoughts we choose to hold ~

so cold and unrelenting are your fickle goals that life is but a challenge for control

fickle dreams are never to be fulfilled only something to be used for a gain ~

never sung as a ballad from our soul complete and whole full of love's bold melody ~

we let our thoughts of love drift away never to be sung in life's story of tender embrace ~

drudge thoughts of stone weigh us down as we cling onto them like beast to the vine ~

so cold and unrelenting are your fickle goals that life is but a challenge for control

yes! no sound purpose is of use to you, your desires are too grand for self restraint ~

your motive is to seek your pleasure least it be the intent you sell to all about you ~

your fancy slips away when your fickle heart decides to turn it aside for yet another whim ~

you loose taste for the desires you once displayed like used diamonds up for sale ~

so cold and unrelenting are your fickle goals that life is but a challenge for control

you chance to slip into your skin of lost desires, when weaving the fabric of your life

out of the selfish cloth you fashion from idle dreams you wear so well with your pixie dust

angle wings and hopeless promises never meant to be held in life's tender-love embrace ~

so cold and unrelenting are your fickle goals that life is but a challenge for control

to be and not to die as the substance of fickle thoughts that form our lost goals

the idle dreams never to be told, never to make the happiness it was suppose to be

our unrelenting fickle goals of wishes untold with no goal for self repose

made from wax dreams are these pleasures sought that are never to unfold ~

so cold and unrelenting are your fickle goals that life is but a challenge for control

only from the soul can one derive dream goals of value that provide real happiness

for one's self wealth is fashioned from the thought worth of one's real wealth value

when one thinks positively, one wills one's real passion for desires to be

these dreams are told as we let our true thoughts unfold the life fabric of our soul...

so warm and relenting is the goal of the soul for life's embrace of love's harmony

the warm embrace of one's soul lets all the wanting thoughts go from thee

for only one love is to be, it is the love found in eternity, as this energy of the All is supreme

this kind of love is the power yet to be, as we weave the fabric of this dream, you see...

by: lpa 4.28.2011

The dream of happiness is found in the harmony of one's awareness of the joy felt when the one love of existence and being makes one happy in the All...

Now, love's happiness is experienced by all when everyone in the same instance realizes they are one energy; and that it is in this energy that the All they come from and are exist because of their love. This is when each of us shares in the All's love as one thought form of humanity or life expression called its people. At this instance all will sense their happiness bond with each other as beings of this one energy, the All of existence... This point in time is called singularity; but many already sense this awareness and are waiting for the rest to come to the point of this intelligence... lpa 4.2011 http://hubpages.com/hub/TB_Happiness

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Teresa Vieira profile image

Teresa Vieira 5 years ago from Portugal, Lisbon

Nice hub. If you want you can read mine about dreams: http://hubpages.com/education/Why-do-we-dream-What... Thanks

loua profile image

loua 5 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Pardise7, thank you for reading and the gracious comment, always a pleasure to hear from you...


tom hellert, thanks for the encouragement great to have you stop by an read my work...

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 5 years ago from home


Really good work here much deeper in thought than i am used to- good stuff man hope all is well with you...


Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 5 years ago from Upstate New York

Once again, an awesome hub with much food for thought. Thank you, Loua.

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