Drugs … Is There Any Hope?

Why all efforts have failed to stem the growing tide of illegal drug? To put it in one word: MONEY. Drugs are big business. The benefits are estimated at billions of dollars.

It is believed that the total revenues produced by drug sales in the U.S. only amount to between 60,000 million and 120,000 million dollars. If we subtract about 20,000 million dollars for expenses, that leaves a net gain of 40,000 million and 100,000 million dollars. “The drug trade, worth about 300,000 million dollars a year, is the biggest business in the world,” says the magazine World Press Review.

With so much money at their disposal, drug traffickers have exploited the greed and selfishness inherent in man and have gained the power to do virtually anything they want. “I do not have money, weigh it,” said a police lieutenant. Can bribe the witnesses actually bribed whom they please. “It is reported that a drug dealer in Bolivia offered to pay the entire country’s foreign debt of $ 3800 million, if the authorities insist that they stopped are respecting the law on narcotics.

The magnates of cocaine and marijuana in the Western world have even overcome the influence that have long held the opium lords of Asia. “A base spreads out to whoever needed and use the gun when necessary, the drug bosses have sowed corruption from Bolivia to the Bahamas, and more than one country are threatening to replace the elected government as the dominant power “Time magazine reported. “We’ve turned against an organization that is stronger than the government,” said former Colombian President Belisario Betancur.

He knows what he says. In Colombia, members of the League of Medellin, the drug tycoons who dominate the cocaine trade, have carried out a violent campaign against all who opposed them or tried to take legal action against them. Among those who have killed include a minister of Justice, twenty-one judges, the director of a newspaper, more than a dozen journalists and scores of soldiers and police. “I’ve never been a criminal operation to intimidate a major nation-so Newsweek notes. In Colombia, the judges pronouncing sentence fear, and fear the police make arrests. Now the most critical journalists often write their columns from abroad, where they have the company of many other Colombians who have fled for their lives. ”

Supply: a losing battle

Due to the economic factor, the battle to stop the supply of drugs has resulted in a defeat at all levels. Farmers continue to grow coca, marijuana and opium (from which opium is extracted), which gives them a profit several times higher than that obtained with conventional crops, which are only just enough to survive. For them, the wealthy benefactors of the drug are to revitalize the economy. Many police and customs officers turn a blind eye when introducing contraband drugs, and earn up to fifty thousand dollars just for doing that.
Traffickers also start children as young as nine or ten years in the lucrative drug trade, gaining twenty-five cents for each empty vial of crack found in the street, a hundred dollars a day to monitor and warn of police presence, three hundred dollars a day for serving as messengers that carry drugs, and as adolescents and up to three thousand dollars a day for working traffickers. As an exhibit to his classmates as earnings furs, heavy gold chains and expensive cars, attract others to do the same.
The terrorists have found drugs a means of financing its operations. They, in turn, collaborate with drug traffickers. Some political leaders used the drug trade to enrich themselves and undermine enemy countries. Neither the arrests or detentions serve to dissuade them. Profits to be gained are so vast that immediately after a dealer or a corrupt official is removed, there are two trying to take his place.
“Unfortunately, the production and trafficking of drugs remain a big business, and levels of drug use around the world continue to rise, says a report released in March by the U.S. State Department. The corruption of government officials and police, bribery, intimidation and violence from traffickers, and the harsh reality that countries are overwhelmed by drug traffickers in men, such as weapons and budget, continue to undermine global efforts to stop production and trafficking of narcotics. “So where can you find hope?

Is the answer to reduce demand?

Some think that the solution lies in reducing demand for drugs. Like any other business, the international drug trade operating in accordance with the law of supply and demand. If not for the current demand for drugs, seemingly endless, drug trafficking would disappear. However, despite the warnings, better education, drug testing and appeals to ‘say no to drugs’, consumption decreases. What’s worse, is spreading.
“Other countries in the world are beginning to ‘catch’,” reports Time magazine. American culture of drugs have been exported to European and Asian youth. Although statistics are not readily available, the drug appears to be spreading throughout the world, especially in countries that export drugs to the United States. “Bolivia, to name one of these countries, has recently been greatly increase the amount drug addicts. Although in this country the cultivation of coca is legal to chew the leaves and make tea, more and more young people are becoming addicted to a toxic form of cocaine that is smoked, called basuco. Vietnam reports that the number of young people addicted to heroin and opium, both southern and northern Iraq, is increasing alarmingly. It is reported that in total there are about forty million users of illegal drugs worldwide.
It is now recognized that the drug problem goes far beyond the world that no government can control. So will commit all nations to work together to stop this epidemic? That is practically impossible if we consider that what drives the illegal drug trade is greed and money, and that apart from the irreconcilable political differences. Some nations are held to impose severe sanctions if political allies are the center of drug trafficking. In addition, millions of people depend on drug crops for their livelihood. “There are countries that simply would sink if the drug business suddenly fell apart,” says the magazine World Press Review.

The real hope

The most we expect the authorities to reduce drug use and, over time, gradually decrease the habit of using drugs. However, total eradication of the drug problem is a valid hope. Implicit in this promise from the Bible: “Do not do any harm or cause any ruin in all my holy mountain: for the earth will certainly be filled with the knowledge of Jehovah as the waters cover the very sea.” (Isaiah 11:9, Habakkuk 2:14.) “No harm or ruin ‘comprises the painful problems arising from drug use.

But look at why do no harm: the land must be “full of knowledge of the Lord.” It is essential to a compelling reason to depart from the consumption of drugs. Love the Lord God and the desire to please, based on accurate knowledge of Him and His ways, has helped many to escape the influence of drugs. Consider the example of Angelo.

Angelo, now sixty, has a long history of drug abuse dating back to 1964. Some friends who seemed to have a good time introduced him to the world of drugs. Angelo began with marijuana, and went on to cocaine, hashish, morphine and “five star acid (LSD), to name a few. “I was constantly getting high,” says Angelo. I did drugs every day. It seemed I could eat the world. His head was in orbit. At that time the astronauts were going to the moon, but I wanted to go further. ”

However, the drug also produced hallucinations, I altered the character, he withdrew from society and made it wished to commit suicide. “In March 1979 I started reading the Bible account Angelo. Hallucinations and had wanted to kill myself. But I thought that first try to find out where he was going to go when I die. Some witnesses came to my door and asked them to explain the Bible. By studying the Bible, I realized that taking drugs was against the law of God, that our bodies belong to Him and, as 2 Corinthians 7:1, we must remain free of ‘contamination’. ”

How drug-free? “Praying, praying earnestly Angelo responds,” and studying the Bible every day. One has to be firmly determined to quit. It is not easy, in any way. But it seemed that the Lord knew my heart, and as stated in Proverbs 3:5, 6, saw that he could lean on Him Considering how much I wanted to take drugs, personally I think that had to be the Lord who helped me quit .

Like Angelo, many have realized that with motivation, faith in God and trust in your help, with the support of loving companions interested in one, the deadly drug addiction can be overcome. But as the Bible asks in Romans 10:14, how do put faith in Him whom they have not heard? The publishers of this magazine will be happy to help you get the “precise knowledge” of God and the sure hope of eternal life in a new world entirely free of drugs. (Ephesians 1:17, Romans 15:4.)

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