Economic Conservative Resourcism

Is Our Society, Environment, and Economics (Bearable, Sustainable, Equitable, and Viable)
Is Our Society, Environment, and Economics (Bearable, Sustainable, Equitable, and Viable) | Source

A New Sovereignty Concept of Economics:

  • Worker Owned and Operated Business and Industry.
  • A New Ordering for The Universe of Economics



Let's Look At The ABCs Of Economics From A Resource Perspective Using Our Metaphysical Perception, Intuition and Insight



A) Defining the Terms Used To Formalize Resource

1) Resources are Things Needed

2) Resource is Equity Wealth

3) The products of Resources are goods and services

4) Assets are Resource wealth and economic worth

5) Lending is a Resource investment

6) Conservationism is a Process for providing a Resource System Economic Procedure

7) The opposite or antonym of a Capitalist ResourceSystem Procedure is a Bureaucratic FascistSystem Aristocracy; where a Bureaucracy is the System's Procedural Politics



B) Defining The Condition Of Capitalism

1) Capitalism is simply wealth economics that can be a positive or negative process depending on the system it is embedded in and the procedure that controls it.

a) At best Capitalism is a truism that represents true wealth and trusted economics where it is formalized as:

CapitalTruism = WealthTruth with EconomicTrust - the equation defining capitalism must balance the wealth of economics with all the people to be a sustainable process for the distribution of truth and trust, anything less is a failure, it does not communicate the positive meaning of life, existence and being... You see life is the process of truism, existence is the system of truth and being is the procedure of trust when it is done right…

The terms of the equation are intrinsic, they represent the ethics, morals and integrity of the process, system and procedure.

b) The above formula provides thequality, attributes and nature of A Positive Capital Resource System and Procedure for distribution of value, wealth and worth...

2) The Terms Of Capitalism Must Be Understood and Applied As:

Truism Sets of Actions, Truthful Systems of Deeds and a Trusted Procedure of Endeavors is needed to realize the benefit of Conservationismusing Resource Based Economics.



C) Demonstrating the Practicality of Economic Conservative Resourcism

Let's look at the application of terms to see and demonstrate the utility of Economic Conservative Resourcism

1) To gain Freedom one must have Equality and Parity of Agreements. All things that are fair have standard rules; that all who compete play by the same rules. Any golfer or sports enthusiast knows the field of play must be to a standard design and the rules must be applied equally, equitably and in agreement... Industry and business is no different; but the problem with the activity of industry and business is the game of commerce and economics has been taken out of context and therefore imbalanced and corrupt...

2) To Realize the magnitude of the outstanding economic problem today one has to realize and see how simple these equations are, and why is it they are not in use to solve our economic problem? It's not rocket science it is simple statical logic agreement that balances monetary standards by taking away the graft and corruption...

The contest is "Industry and Business"; the competition is "Goods and Services"; and the game is "Commerce and Economics" - (equation must balance for the logic to be correct)

  • Example Equation: "Contest = Competition and Game" - (note the equation must balance on both sides between the variables)
  • General Equation: Industry Business = (Goods Services) and (Commerce Procedure)
  • Positive Equation: InclusiveContest = SelflessCompetition and CivilGame

3) Now apply the positive equation Qualifying the Quantity, and Quality of Capitalism:

Note: a) formalizes the qualify means to enable and entitle the quantity, amount and measure as to its quality, attributes and nature for each action, deed and endeavor...

a) SovereignCapitalInvestmentContest = (DemocraticWealthResourceCompetition) (RepublicWorthEconomicGame) - note the equation must balance to be in equilibrium

Note: b) formalizes the capital in use is qualified as to its positive or negative inclusive polarity by applying the action qualification ranking:

b) capital asset value = (wealth token) and (worth economics) - equation must balance

Note: c) formalizes the SovereignCapitalAssetProcess so that it is possible to determine the quality of its equality...

c) SovereignCapitalAssetProcess = (Democratic(ResourceBased)WealthSystem) with a (RepublicEconomicInvestmentWorthProcedure) - the equation must balance

Note: d) formalizes DemocraticOwnership so that it is possible to determine the quality of the system's shared equity…

d) SovereignCapitalResourcism = DemocraticCitizenOwnershipSystem with RepublicEconomics

Note: e) formalizes CivilEconomicProceduralPolitics so that it is possible to determine the quality of parity of the process...

e) RepublicParity = RegionalEquality / Equity = CivilEconomicProceduralPolitics

Note: All the above descriptions, definitions, and formulations describe the practical, pragmatic way to manage the duty, task and responsibility needed to address self stewardship of our world nature and our behavior nature.

The solutions are presented in a metaphysical way using sense, feeling and awareness defining the qualifying, quantity, and quality of actions, deeds and endeavors associated with management, stewardship and responsibility of our government system politics...

  • Sense is felt in our exclusive or inclusive conscience; our mind's self-stewardship nature a quality and quantity that can be qualified.

The essence of sense is Consciousness, which qualifies our soul's self-stewardship as a negative or positive spirit of being; and the physical expression is the quantity our conscious body's self-stewardship as evil or civil behavior... ...

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