Educational Policy Making, Ethics, and Social Justice

The conceptual framework of policy making as it relates to social justice is an ever increasing attempt by policy makers to enhance equality throughout the realm of its stakeholders. In the arena of education policy making, David Corson, a leader at OISE based in Toronto has arguments for want to achieve a consensus that is system wide in policymaking to make sure there are universal norms that can function as norms at the system level to increase the capacity and scope needed in meeting social justice needs and goals. (Carson, 1995)

Smolicz (1984) agrees with Carson (1995) by stating that not only do policy makers have to find a clarification of principles but also to find a realistic core set of shared values that overcome all the various cultural and social groups that our political system contains. Habermas (1994) argues against this sentiment by claiming that harmony cannot be found because there is no internal connection between the public autonomy of citizens who make the laws and the ideal of a private individual right to the people the law affects. (EEP, 2002)

Jonson and Butler (1975) also argue against Carson and Smoicz . They contend that the people that are in charge of making policy, politicians and bureaucrats, rarely have a discussion of ethics during the policy making process. They also state that even when ethics are brought up, the policy makers state that there is no clear reference to where ethics fits into the policy or how to include it. These statements were more referenced toward governmental policy makers and not those in the educational realm.

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