Effects of human trafficking on children

Effects of Human trafficking on children

Effects of human trafficking on children

By Bukola Oriola

Human trafficking does not only affect victims, it takes a toll on the child or children of the victim. Many a times, victims strive to survive, even when they do not know the way out to protect their children. Thank God that this is also what gives way to the lucky ones, as it sometimes lead them to their freedom.

The effects of human trafficking on children therefore include but not limited to

· Psychological abuse

· Trauma

· Fear of being unsafe or unprotected

· Lack of trust in other people

· Resentful towards other people

· Hardship

· They might end up with the trafficker if the victim is deported

If you know a victim or you are a victim, please call 1-888-772-3324 for help.

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Didi 6 years ago

human trafficking is disgusting and people who do it should get a life!!

Andrew  6 years ago

I agree, human trafficking is a world-wide threat to the humanity of all. If we allow this to continue then we are no better than our ancestors who once practiced legal human trafficking in our own country. I feel like every American has a responsibility to speak out against this heinous crime.

Randy 6 years ago

I agree with Didi and Andrew. Human Trafficking must be abolsihed. If we want our world to succeed, we must stop it for good.

Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 6 years ago from Minnesota Author

Thank you all for your comment. I encourage you to take another step forward to see an end to human trafficking by casting unlimited votes for The Bukola Show Audition for the Oprah Winfrey Network to fight against human trafficking to rescue and restore victims. You can also share the link with your friends. The link is http://myown.oprah.com/audition/index.html?request...

Please view, vote and leave your comment. Thank you and GOd bless.

Didi 6 years ago

good point Randy and Andrew i strongly agree with you both!!

Alby 6 years ago

Human trafficking should be stopped for once and for all.. i strongly agree with Didi!! good job Didi!! and the same goes for Randy and Andrew..

Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 6 years ago from Minnesota Author

Thank you all for your support. We need a conscious effort to stop human trafficking. Watch my video audition for OWN, cast unlimited votes and make your comments at http://myown.oprah.com/audition/index.html?request...

sadizta_byrd21@yahoo.com 6 years ago

can i ask? what is that human trafficking? It is under the development,social,economic,political,health and education?

Ann 6 years ago

It is an offence by sheltering a party of people from the likes of security in order to transfer them from any nation to a nation.Therefore they don't have to pay at all and it's illegal by law of course.

Tiffany 5 years ago

Wow. Ann. You have no idea what human trafficking is.

Tracy 5 years ago

Human traffiking should be stopped. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. As long as there are perverts willing to buy women and children, the demand is there for the traffikers to make money. Where to start the fight?

irish keith 5 years ago

thank you so much for the information@!!!!!!!!!!

sarahh 5 years ago

Thankss really good information

Nkwocha Stanley 5 years ago

Human trafficking should be abolished,i agree with you all but the question is what impact have we made in stopping human trafficking?little effort account in our society lets join hands to pass this information to the ones around us.

K.E.Owate 5 years ago

I think if good penalties are considered in worse affected

countries like the African countries, then the rate at which the crime takes place might be compromised and human rights and freedom protected...

thank for the information...

magic knights 5 years ago

thank you for your information about human trafficklng,,i get a lot of lnformation and ideas becouse in the phillppines this is a common issue not only in my country but also ln other countries........................................................................................................

ninjassss 5 years ago

i think in a country like nepal which is surronded by two huge countries i.e. chia and india the border security should be tightened since traffickers usually sell the victims in other countries...

in nepal about 75% victims are sold at brothels of india...there are hardly any cases of victims being sold in china...

nezumi 5 years ago

yes, if we all continue this, we are the one who will suffer. Human trafficking should be abolished!!!!!!!!!!!

its a crime against humanity!!111

noxolo 5 years ago

we must work together in fighting thisour people are dying so lets not keep our mouth chat if we know anything about human trafficking thank you

Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 5 years ago from Minnesota Author

Human Trafficking affects the whole world. Children are leaders of tomorrow and we need to protect them from this vicious crime. Please, join me to learn more and share information on human traffikcing from all of your countries by viewing a human traffikcinh TV Show I just re-launched at www.imprisonedshow.com. You can share your comment and views. Victims and survivors can nominate their advocate for the Advocate Excellence Award.

Thanks again everyone and God bless.

Mr.WorldWide 5 years ago

can u tell me got what type of human trafficking?

Maryna Baylis 5 years ago


we are survivors of human traffacking and believe me it realy hurts seeing that there is still people to day that don't know what it is....

Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 5 years ago from Minnesota Author

Mr. Worldwide,

Human trafficking is when a person is here in the United States as a result of force, fraud or coercion for the purpose of being subjected to involuntary servitude, forced labor, debt bondage, slavery or commercial sex exploitation. Force includes physical abuse of the victim while fraud may be luring someone through false offers of employment or marriage. Coercion on the other hand means threat to the victim or her family, debt bondage and psychological abuse.

You can read complete story on my hub http://hubpages.com/politics/The-Travails-of-a-Tra...

Also, if you want to get additional details, you can watch my TV Show dedicated to educate the public about human traffikcing at www.imprisonedshow.com. There, experts on the subject tell what it is and what they are doing to educate, help victims and prevent the crime.

I hope this answers your question.

Thank you and God bdless for asking.

Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 5 years ago from Minnesota Author

Hello Maryna Baylis, I am glad to hear that you survived. Congratulations. Be strong and keep in touch and www.imprisonedshow.com

hafsat ahemd 5 years ago

the way out to this ungodly act.is to educat those people in rural area bcouse

they are ignorant of this.

jennifer 5 years ago

could u kindly explain u gave i don't actually understand sme of the words

Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 5 years ago from Minnesota Author

Jennifer, thank you for your question, please could you identify the words you don't understand in the story so I can tell you the meaning?

Thank you and God bless.

HILDA 5 years ago


Jimmy 5 years ago

Hi Bukolalove,

it would be greatly appreciated if you could out line the Social impacts of human trafficking and the Economic/political impacts of human trafficking.

Thank you very much for your help

Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 5 years ago from Minnesota Author

Hello Hilda and Jimmy,

Thank you for comments and questions. I will write a new hub to explain these in detail and update you as soon as I do so.

rea 5 years ago

Hi bukolalove

im doing a term paper about human trafficking.. can u please help me?? tnx

Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 5 years ago from Minnesota Author

@Rea, yes, I can. Can you send your questions to me at info@imprisonedshow.com? I will be glad to help.



Isaac k. 5 years ago

More greece to your elbow Bokula,perpetrators of this man's inhumanity to man(human trafficking)should have no place in the society,but be allowed to face the law squirely.


I have a paper to present on monday being 5/12/2011,on human trafficking its origin,causes,effects and solution using Nigeria as a case study.I need your view on this subject matter.Thanks.

Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 5 years ago from Minnesota Author

@Johnson, thank you for your question. In my opinion, Nigeria as a country still has a long way to go in terms of combating human trafficking. Majority of its citizens, especially children are domestic victims of human trafficking. Domestic Victims are victims that are citizens of a country and are being trafficked within their own country. A lot of the children being used as domestic helps are victims of labor trafficking. Aside from the fact that those kids are minor, they are not even paid for the services they render. That is, someone else collects the money. They are also suceptible to sex trafficking, as those who run away from their masters as a result of domestic abuse, sometimes, end up in the hands to pimps who promise them love but turn them into sex slaves. Some of the prostitutes on the streets are not but sex slaves. There is a need for the Nigerian government to enact laws to protect the people against human trafficking. Moreso, there is even the need to pass a law that punish offenders of domestic abuse because many a times, domestic abuse lead to human trafficking.

There is the need to begin a holistic public campaign in the country to create awareness. I believe educating the public on this topic will help a long way to prevent the crime.

Also, there are other adults and children being trafficked from neigbouring countries of Lome, Benin, Togo, cameroon and Liberia (as a result of a long tern war) to Nigeria for sex or labor.

And, there are nigerian citizens being trafficked out of the country to Europe and America. There are majority of Nigerians in the sex slavery industry in Spain and Italy. And there are uncountable of them even in labor slavery. Labor slavery is hard to identify, especially when the traffikcer is a family member, as in my own personal experience. Anybody could be a trafficker, parent, spouse, sibbling, relative, it has no boundry. Some of the Nigerian traditions need to be revised. Traffickers abroad use those to lure and threaten victims. For example in a case where a traditional marriage occurred, a trafficker, who is a spouse can use that as a fraud to traffick a person to foreign countries where they do not have traditional marriages or know what it is.

Awareness creation is still the main key to combating this epidemic in any country.

I hope this anwsers your question, if you have any more questions, please feel free to let me know. You can send an email to me at info@imprisonedshow.com

You can also follow our TV Show, Imprisoned Show at www.imprisonedshow.com. It is also available on youtube.

Thank you and God bless.


Felicia 5 years ago

This is good. Could you please link me up with any organization or Journal where I can send articles on human trafficking for publication

Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 5 years ago from Minnesota Author

Thank you Felicia. Yes. You can send articles to info@imprisonedshow.com as a volunteer contributor for publishing on www.imprisonedshow.com. It's a TV Show but we have the website to serve as additional resources for victims, survivors, advocates, students and everybody who wants to learn about human trafficking.

Hope to hear from you soon.


MONIQUE 4 years ago


Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 4 years ago from Minnesota Author

@Monique, yes, it is. That is why it is important to educate the public about it. You can learn more on our website at www.imprisonedshow.com

sophie 4 years ago

i was trafficked right here in baltimore and d.c.

not only have i been effected mentally but physically.

i don't wish this apon anyone... ever!!!

its been a year and im still bruised and i still feel like crying... i would like to heal myself... not through anyone else.... no therapy... i don't trust anyone else... can someone post a couple of sights that i could look at ??

poonam shinde 4 years ago

it is in human act because human treat like a commodity & its sell and buy like other commodity,

Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 4 years ago from Minnesota Author


The fact that you are speaking out is part of a healing process but I will highly recommend seeing a therapist. You will be grateful for it.

ELLIOT UBISI 4 years ago


Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 4 years ago from Minnesota Author

@Elliot, if you go to www.imprisonedshow.com, you will see interviews of people who have been doing one thing or the other about human trafficking. They also talked about how it is affecting the community. You can build your story about these facts. I hope this helps.

Thank you


Miranda 4 years ago

for my english class we are doing a project on a global problem , i picked Human Trafficking. I have to have 2 claims, one being those who oppose and those who agree with human trafficking. obviouslt it was very easy to find people who oppose with human trafficking, but im trying to think and look up online why anyone would agree with human trafficking for any reason. Since you know this field, maybe you can help me see why people would agree with it?

Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 4 years ago from Minnesota Author


Thank you for your question. Human Trafficking is a criminal offense, so I am not sure that you are going to get anyone come out publicly to say he or she is for human trafficking. It is a global crime, so whoever is caught will be punished by law. However, those who are in support of human trafficking are offenders. If some people are not in support, we will not be campaigning against it.

I hope this helps.


ELLIOT UBISI 4 years ago


Ejehson 4 years ago

I felt so pity for victims of human trafficking,n i insist that the government of the whole world sit and delebrate on this issue and find away out to give these victims hope to exist freely again in this planet earth

Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 4 years ago from Minnesota Author

You are welcome Elliot. Thanks Ejehson

Daniel omega3 4 years ago

Am greatful for all d discussed issue. Its realy a help on my research work. I'l mek sure it reaches as many as i could

Bukolalove profile image

Bukolalove 4 years ago from Minnesota Author

@Daniel Omega3, thanks

Russel Guilfoyle 3 years ago

[quote]8192 characters left.[/quote]

You said it nicely.!.

You've created your stand fairly successfully!.

Joseph Onoja 11 months ago

human trafficking is an evil thing to practice,so therefore we should please avoid it to better the world

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