Egyptian Security Forces Put a Spy Stork in Jail

So, there is a gamut of suspicion in all of Egypt now, and for good cause. After all, the Morsi government was taken over again by the military and not Morsi is going to court for illegal activities. The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood suffered a heart attack. There was the first terrorist attack on the Suez Canal that failed when armed men tried to seize a ship in transit. Then, there is the whole Israeli thing, the Hamas thing in Gaza, Egyptian men being as bad as Indian men when dealing or attacking women. Few like America there and the tourists are gone.

Therefore, paranoia mounts about everything, including a stork with a device that was put in jail until the device could be explained. Earlier in the year, a pigeon was captured carrying microfilm and in 2010, Egypt thought the Israelis had trained sharks to terrorize them along their shores.

The stork in question is being detained but not questioned, under the suspicion of being a spy. A spy for whom is the conundrum. A man captured the bird some 280 miles SE of Cairo along with four other suspects (all birds). The man is the head of security in the Qena area. He was alarmed by some sort of electronic device attached to the bird. Officials, perplexed and suspicious, called in experts who later determined that device was wildlife tracker used by French scientists to track the migratory flight of the storks.

Suffice to say, the head of security in this area of Egypt lacks intelligence himself. No wonder Egypt is like it is now, not even birds are safe!

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tirelesstraveler profile image

tirelesstraveler 3 years ago from California

Spy stork, really? LoL. The Mid

East s really something.

perrya profile image

perrya 3 years ago Author

Like I said, hard to believe...

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