Egypt's Slide from Democracy to Islam

How could one expect this to happen? The forces that ended a dictatorship , after a very brief moment of the democratic process, elected the Muslim Brotherhood and their man, Morsi, an Egyptian who when to college in Southern California.

Since Morsi became president, he had consolidated his power giving him complete executive and legislative power. He will appoint who will write the new constitution. Mr. Morsi is just another dictator more pro-Islamic than any other. He has authority over public budgets, foreign affairs, pardons and political and military appointments. He has also replaced old and former editors of Cairo's major newspapers after negative comments were allowed to be printed. Morsi also has the power to abrogate treaties- such as the one Sadat and Israel signed. Just recently, he forced the general's of their military to retire and replaced them with more radical ones prone to promote Islam.

Last week he invited Iran's vice president and Morsi was invited to Iran. If Morsi does, it will be the first time an Egyptian president has done this since 1979. So, it IS significant. Morsi appointed a new chief of staff for the military who openly stated that Egypt's main threat is Israel and called for close relations with Iran.

As Putin said awhile ago regarding the Arab Spring, be careful, you may get something far worse in its place. So far, I tend to agree.

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Jayfort 4 years ago

I saw this coming from the start of the Muslim Spring. Islamists have a way of ingratiating themselves to the people by providing security and services that many Middle Eastern governments just won't do. Then, once elected, they move their country deeper into Islam. This does not bode well for the Middle East or any other country around the world.

swordsbane profile image

swordsbane 4 years ago from Wisconsin

I saw this coming too. It's more simple than Jayfort says. It' because there are a lot of muslims. The only people that truly suffer under Islam are women and those who are not Muslims. Most women don't know they are being treated no better than slaves and the non-Muslims are in the minority. Keep in mind that Islam has only been around since the 1400's. Think about what Christianity was doing to non-christians in 600 AD. Think about how much religion and government were intertwined. The Muslim faith still has some growing to do. My only problem is that the Christians didn't have nuclear weapons in 600 AD. Could be an issue.

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