Election 2008, Part 8 of 8: GEN. 'O'

Generally, the most important and most influential generation in American history is ...

  • The Federalists (1776 - 1858)
  • The Civil War Era (1858 - 1880)
  • The Industrialists (1880 - 1918)
  • The Reformers (1918 - 1934)
  • WW II (1934 - 1945)
  • Baby Boomers (1945 - 1963) (a.k.a. 'The Atomic Age')
  • Generation Freelove (1963 - 1975)
  • 1970's America (1975 - 1980)
  • Generation X (1980 - 1992) (a.k.a. 'Reaganomics')
  • Dot-Com Generation (1992 - 2001) (a.k.a. 'Generation Y')
  • Revenge Is Justice (2001 - 2008)
  • Generation 'O' (2008 - Present)
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Follow ELECTION 2008 through the journalistic musings of social commentator R. Martin Basso, moderate conservative.


Just say... HOPE

Just say... HOPE
Just say... HOPE | Source

Propaganda Art captures the angst of voters exploring political "Hope & Change"

Propaganda Art for Hope & Change 2008
Propaganda Art for Hope & Change 2008 | Source

Basso Archive: Election 2008

A nation has many seasons...

We find ourselves a nation divided, no more.

And yet, upon this cusp of intriguing and inspiring change, within this endless "river deep" and "mountain high" of possibilities, afore all of this inspiring potential for social realignment, we must remember that we are still a nation only half-united in voting for the change of this new direction bound.

As nation of 305 Million citizens varying in creeds and beliefs, we are reminded with rather sobering overtones that, sometimes, the greatest leap a person, a society, a nation or a generation can make, is indeed a leap of faith.

Today, a nation re-awakens after far too long a national slumber.

What had cancerously devolved from once-esteemed worldwide champion to befuddled global internationalism, to unyielding political mismanagement and ultimately to international solitude, we must now give pause. As we, a nation, collectively lament the mistakes of our past, we do so not by denying our errs, or by placing them behind us to forget, but rather by setting our country’s leadership follies of the last several years to the side; not to be forgotten, but instead so that as a nation, we can collectively move forward.

Remember, ours is a great Nation that did not seek out, that did not intend, to become an isolated global pariah. Rather, one day we awoke only to find itself an island, seemingly. A tide had shifted. Politics which may at one time have been effective in safeguarding our shores became antiquated reminders that what threatens a people most is a fear of change.

Fear of change, typically represents to a society either losing what they have, or not getting what they want.

Never before in history has a nation so important to the collective international balance become so globally demonized, so contemptuously marginalized, as has this beloved nation over these past recent years.

But, a nation has many seasons.

As such, in jubilant, prosperous times, we have spread ourselves open to soak in the warmth and the glow of days much more favorable than these. As a nation we have been witness to immeasurable economic soundness, robust financial zeal, seemingly bottomless economic excess in the lavishness of Capitalism’s long and endless, blessed, summertime bliss.

A nation has many seasons; as do a nation’s people.

In as much, we, the people, seek the cleansing refresh of a new beginning, looking forward to the springtime of our national prosperity once more. Potential; Hope; Opportunity; Patriotism; Change… All words of inspiration that, in their absence, have been far too long in returning back to this Nation’s consciousness.

The task of leading a people away from the Winter of their collective national discontent is daunting. Consequently, our expectations are great because our Nation’s needs are great.

Yes, a nation has many seasons, and these frosty days which once, even recently, have been garnished with angst and with frustration and with apathetic indifference too, we embrace now amidst renewed enthusiasm and a genuine sense of optimism and purpose and hope.

As individuals, we are this Nation’s cornerstones, lending ourselves to the construction of society, the reconstitution of a newer society, built not only for the sustenance of today’s needs, but also for the prosperity of tomorrow’s generations. As a society we collectively lend ourselves to the responsibility of safeguarding and developing not only our generation today, amidst this important era of tomorrow’s yesterday, but also our great nation’s future generations yet to be.

New times such as these require that a new nation stand upon and greet the precipice of change with new national priorities.

This is our time; we, this Nation’s citizens and patriots committed not only to change, but obligated to humanely safeguarding the integrity of that and those to which and to whom our Constitution affords its protection.

This is our Nation; with its fair and balanced three-tiered branches of government upon which our Republic’s tree of liberty, whether full and in abundant bloom, or in recessed reserve, bears unto its citizens liberty and a pursuit of happiness.

This is our generation; embracing and respectful of the challenges and traditions and the honorable sacrifices that have been paid for by the blood and the sweat and the often harrowing sacrifices of our Nation’s ancestors to usher our America from all the way back then into this brave new 21st Century world.

This is the importance of our generation.

And, we are GENERATION O.

© 2008 - R. MARTIN BASSO & 3 Doves Media

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R. Martin Basso profile image

R. Martin Basso 7 years ago from California Author


Hello, sir. You always have such thought proviking input when you drop by. I like your word imagery, i.e. the use of 'suspicious.' These are true sentiments and I find it interesting that 2 weeks ago the media mechanism was falling over itself to see who could more loudly proclaim their love for our new President-elect, and now the front page of Yahoo this afternoon is now drawing suspicious parallels to Obama and the 'Clintonian circle' with which he seems to be surrounding himself in his freshman President-elect days. Also, yahoo is front-page announcing that "this might not be the 'change' that voters had in mind."

This is all so tedious. The media mechanism oscillates so rapidly between the newest thing and the most popular thing that, collectively, they have missed the most important component of reporting upon our Nation's political process:

Doing the 'right' thing.


Chef Jeff profile image

Chef Jeff 7 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

Hey, Reid, your comment to AMANDA about hoping for the best expecting the worst is very true. We must never forget that We the People are the true government.

Yes, we have done a small thing by voting, but now we must move to the front of the line, to lead. I never expect our people in Washington to do everything for us. We must be vigilant and suspicious - that is what the founders wanted and expected of us. To ever keep an eye on Washington and make our voices known throught a president's and Congress's time in office.

I dare say in the name of patriotism and because we are at war (like it or not) we have let down on our due diligence somewhat in this matter.

Love the hub!


Chef Jeff

R. Martin Basso profile image

R. Martin Basso 7 years ago from California Author


You are welcome, sir. I am actually suprised that in the poll above THE FEDERALISTS are leading. I really thought it would be Baby Boomers. Maybe as the poll progresses, it might change.


Constant Walker profile image

Constant Walker 7 years ago from Springfield, Oregon


R. Martin Basso profile image

R. Martin Basso 7 years ago from California Author

Hi CW~

Very, very insightful and valid points.


Constant Walker profile image

Constant Walker 7 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

Great piece, Reid. Indeed, we must remember that not all of us voted for this much needed change of direction, and hope that those who did not will, in time, come to realize that, ya, OK... this better.

R. Martin Basso profile image

R. Martin Basso 7 years ago from California Author


Your comment is quite an article unto itself. i HAD to authorize it...lol.

Well, I will say this - and that is that you are quite vehiment about your convictions. You seem to go to great lengths to convince yourself that Obama is some nihilist with an alterior agenda. Remember, Kelley one thing... I myself did not 'vote for' or 'endorse' Obama, so much as after long and indepth assessment, decided painfully so, to vote AGAINST the status quo. Period. I am a moderate conservative, so I am appreciative of the fact that you are presenting your 'case' without labeling me as a sort of 'conservative traitor' as others have done in emailings to me.

With that said, your construct, to me, just isn't there and your convictions in regards to the 'big bad Obama monster' case imperiling the world and the US, don't seem to hit the mark to me either.

I understand that you feel and believe strongly that Obama is a sort of counter contra agent intent upon getting the US destroyed, or something, but I do not think that he, sophomore as he might be, is at all that stupid. Remember that any 'betrayal' or duplicity on his part to allow Iran to gravely imperil the US would have catastrophic and, daresay, revolutionary results....

This was the most involved election in a long time... There are many many heated voters out there on both sidesof the political asile.... If Obama somehow fucked up so badly as to risk the soverign profile of the US, there would be solid unification first against the Iranian (or N. Korean!) threat, and then, once neutralized, a solid unification against Obama himself...

I hear what you are saying about the era thing, and yes you do make a compelling argument, however your venom is he devil in the details that 'freaks people out.'

Of course, maybe we citizens sometimes need a good 'freaking out.' lol.

It is the patriots, like you Kelley, who keep us on guard and thinking always. We might not agree in process, but the ultimate conclusion is the same, I think...

Preserve the republic to preserve the people.

and of course... God bless THESE United States of America.

Thank you, Kelley, for being present with me...

Kelley Eidem profile image

Kelley Eidem 7 years ago from Panama City, FL

I hope that everyone will keep in mind the original question, which is in regards to which era would we consider to be the most significant in our history. To answer that question we must necessarily look at the gravest threat we face.

The EMP threat has been well known in defense circles since the Cold War. Russia didn't try it because they realized the US would strike back with a devastating counter attack. But the stalemate of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is effective when self preservation is part of the equation.

The self preservation angle doesn't work when one of the players has a delusional belief in the return of a boy who died over 1,000 years ago who will either protect them or send them to heaven.

The threat can't be neutralized when the weapon can be delivered from any large freighter on the ocean. Sure, we'd like for our military to be able to neutralize every threat.

The only way to neutralize the threat when a nation is intent on deploying this type of attack is to take away the capability of making nuclear missiles. 

Obama has never demonstrated any willingness to act, whereas he has argued for talking without preconditions. He has also quite clearly said that he would reduce our nuclear capability by 25% and would work towards a nuclear free world.

Obama was asked once, I think it was by Bob Schifer (sp?) but I could be mistaken, about what he would do if we were struck by a nuclear weapon and that we KNEW who did it, what would he do. Despite the question that clearly outlined that we knew who did it, Obama cowardly revealed himself by saying, we'd have to find out who did it to make sure and go from there.

That was as telling a moment as there has ever been in an answer by a political candidate. The obvious way to answer would be to send as strong a message as we possibly could, something like, "The attacker would not want to find out what we would do to them because we would utterly destroy any such attacker who might even consider striking us in such a way."

But Obama flinched. He does not have it in him to protect the US in the face of a nuclear attack. And he certainly doesn't have it in him to act prior to such an attack.

Meanwhile, Iran is preparing for our destruction. They have tested their missiles, firing them off from freighters at sea. They have discussed the eventuality of an EMP attack in their military communications.

This is not some sci-fi movie. It is real. Our military is fully aware of the risk. It's important to have a president who is willing to lead and make sure it doesn't happen. Obama has demonstrated that he is not ready. 

So there is little doubt the Obama era could become the most significant era in our history, but not in the way that we would want.


R. Martin Basso profile image

R. Martin Basso 7 years ago from California Author


You make some fine points. I am disappointed that all of the mudslinging took place. A large part of it was fear, like in the form of what I just responded to above... FEAR-MONGERING. As I wrote previously, sometimes the greatest leap that can be made is a leap of faith.

Thank you!

R. Martin Basso profile image

R. Martin Basso 7 years ago from California Author


Well, you make for some interesting reading, for sure, but frankly I think this whole observation of yours is very 'fear' oriented. I don't see the huge and catastrophic threat about which you are herranging... Maybe I'm missing something. If these accusationsof yours, of the 'sources' you cite were credible, I do believe that the defenses of this great Nation would have already neutralized the threat. Now, with that said, every threat has to be 'born' somewhere before being wiped out. I look at it this way- Obama will go through the motions of 'sitting down' with Achminijajh only to 'go through the motions.' Frankly, this guy needs to be 'taken out' and Obama knows that. By Obama talking to the guy, he is not conceding to anything, rather Obama would be able to fall on the sword of "hey, I tried to talk to him" before bombing the hell out of Iran, which is where all of this is going. This way, Obama is covered. In fact, I would not be suprised if Obama already has a plan in place to bomb Iran much sooner, rather than later. If this is true, there is nothing that the Iraninan little rat can do; he's screwed. But HE dug this hole.

I am suprised that you would write this comment, KELLEY. Frankly, I expected a little more, but this seems a bit 'conspiracy theory' to me.

We all have an opinion, I guess.. lol.

brittany76 7 years ago from Virginia

That Kelley Eidem referenced obscure websites, a scifi movie, and something that sounds like something she read on myspace to argue her point. I have no problem with republicans and others that might not agree with me, or the election of Obama. But people that are just stupid and obviously have no idea how to debate an issue because they base their arguments on nothing did nothing but hurt McCain's campaign. They don't even realize it. The Republican party (of Virgiinia) did nothing but tell me why I shouldn't vote for Obama and never convinced me why I should vote for McCain. Mud slinging exclusively is not a way to run a campaign and that's all they did.

Kelley Eidem profile image

Kelley Eidem 7 years ago from Panama City, FL

You're right, it is hardly united because I would venture to say that most of the 57 million who voted against Obama are sickened by his victory because they are justifiably worried about the safety and security of the US.

As for "Generation O" being influential, it will be so only in terms of this being the most disasterous episide in our nation's history, exceeding the Civil War, if Obama allows Iran to strike the US with Electromagnetic Pulse nukes.

Obama exhibited a naivete that knows no bounds when he said he would talk to Iran without preconditions. Iran is preparing for war with us in order to bring the return of the 12th Imam, a boy who died in a well a thousand years ago or more.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is so delusional that had the main street widened for his return when Mahmoud was mayor!

If you aren't familiar with EMP nuclear weapons, I'd suggest Googling it. Look up William Graham as well. He was the chief scientific adviser to president Reagan and was the head of a commission conducted for the US Senate on this matter.

One well placed explosion could knock out the electricity of the entire US. Such an act would end the US as we know it. There would be rampant starvation and pestilence.

Iran has test fired its missiles off of freighters if you're wondering how they would be able to strike us. Iran's Revolutionary Council chants "Death to America!" every time they meet. They mean it.

Meanwhuile, we are about to get a president who wants to talk to Iran. Good luck to him and God speed. I'm reminded of the scene from the movie "Independence Day" where a segment of the population gather on top of a Manhattan skyscraper (It might have been with Wrold Trade Center) welcoming the outer space aliens. The aliens promptly vaporized them.

The era of "O' is very likely to be short lived...Iran will make sure of that.

The best to you.

R. Martin Basso profile image

R. Martin Basso 7 years ago from California Author

Awesome! Thanks T.


t.keeley profile image

t.keeley 7 years ago from Seattle, WA

You do well to quote our new president on the 'mutt' issue. I think in a matter of perspective, we all are to a degree :)

I can try emailing it if I can manage to find it again. I think it's hidden somewhere on my hard disk, possibly not so hidden if I'm lucky.

R. Martin Basso profile image

R. Martin Basso 7 years ago from California Author


Hello, Sir... And, thank you for the gracious words.

Before I forget, your article on political personality types, is great, as always. The graph, you provide is too small for me to see. Can you email it to me so that I can read it, or at least make it larger in your article? I would like to read it.

Now, I am happy that you appreciat ethe insight into Generation O. I too a very drawn to the Federalist Era. But also, as previously noted, to many others.

I am a mutt.



t.keeley profile image

t.keeley 7 years ago from Seattle, WA

Once again, Mr. Basso, a phenomenal wake-up hub. I personally feel the federalist era was by far the most important, it laid the foundation to what america is now. Great insight and may generation O return america to its former greatness!

R. Martin Basso profile image

R. Martin Basso 7 years ago from California Author


Kind miss, you may identify any way you feel comfortable. I myself am a Gen Xer raised by Generation Freelove with Atomic Age influence. I admire your joie d' vivre and your gusto.

About the percentage thing... You must have serious INFJ overtones since you seem quite content and capable of 'splitting hairs'... so to speak...lol.


Mighty Mom profile image

Mighty Mom 7 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

Hey Reid, Can I belong to more than one generation? By birth I am a Baby Boomer, but clearly embrace and plan to participate in Generation O. You know that O is the universal donor in blood, right... transfusions direly needed here at home and abroad. Let's get that O blood flowing and breathe some life back into this shellshocked country.

I also must take slight exception to your comment that 50% of the country voted for Obama. I believe the percentage was 52% and that Obama won by the largest victory since Lyndon Johnson or some such. Doesn't really matter to me. Our country needed to change directions. Not laying this at Bush's feet or Congress' feet -- it is what it is. Gen O has spoken. Amen!

R. Martin Basso profile image

R. Martin Basso 7 years ago from California Author


I heard the same thing and also laughed. You have to admit that to the ignorant observer who is in the 'anti-Obama' mode of thinking, seeing the Ohio flag doesd indeed open the door for interpretation. It is a pretty ridiculous looking flag to begin with! lol.

Some GREAT insight on your part again, Chef! Thanks!


Chef Jeff profile image

Chef Jeff 7 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

I had to laugh that a radio personality confused the Ohio state flag for "a Godless Obama FLAG"!

I do not know what Obama will be able to accomplish.  I am old enough to have seen this before, but I have great hope that Obama will bring positive change to our great country suffering under a decrepit government.


Chef Jeff

R. Martin Basso profile image

R. Martin Basso 7 years ago from California Author


Greetings and welcome. Thank you for being part of this.

You make a valid point, and hopefully, America as a whole can look towards this interesting development in our Nation's history with as much clarity and insight as yours. Yes, we are a Nation only half of which voted for Generation O. However, now that the decision is indeed finalized, those who did not vote this candidate, I hope, will be able to see that Obama is President for ALL, not only for those who voted him in. Insights such as yours are valid and poignant.

Thank you.


Kevin Thomas 7 years ago

I fear this past election resulted merely in change for change' sake and will result only in business as usual in our great capital. While he sits in the most powerful seat on earth and is indeed the leader of the free world , he is but one man. While I disagree with what he has thus far put forth as his policies , he is my president and I support him 100% in hopes that he , along with us can make America strong once more.

R. Martin Basso profile image

R. Martin Basso 7 years ago from California Author


Thank you for stopping by and making your voice heard. Well said, Sir. Youare indeed insightful and poignant. Thank you for sharing and for voting the 'right thing.' Only half of this country did.


Tom Rubenoff profile image

Tom Rubenoff 7 years ago from United States

A nation has many seasons, but not infinite seasons. I voted for the hope that we will survive this winter to awake upon a fruitful and joyous spring. The feeling that I have done the right thing is tempered by the daunting tasks before us. But I have been suprised before by the agility of America, and I look for the renewal and reaffirmation of a new America I will always be proud to call my country.

And I congratulate myself for not writing in Hilary or Joe the Plumber, as that contrary streak in me was inclined to do.

R. Martin Basso profile image

R. Martin Basso 7 years ago from California Author


Yes, let's hope for the best but expect the worst... lol. It's a leap of faith, all of it, methinks.!

Amanda Severn profile image

Amanda Severn 7 years ago from UK

Well said Reid. Let's hope America will rise to the challenge!

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