Republicans Divided Between Karl Rove And Dick Morris.

Let the games begin!

So finally the race is on, it's Romney against Obama and as predicted it is a tight race right now, and it may remain a close race through election day,unless any of the candidates make a major mistake or the economy makes a turn for better or worse,for the moment it is safe to say that the game stands at "advantage Obama" because of the following reasons: he is the sitting president and has the ability of using the power of the office of the presidency to his advantage,the economy is putting along and the double dip republicans were counting on hasn't materialized,unemployment is going downward and not upward which is another problem for republicans who have to spend their time explaining how the employment situation is not really what we're seeing but actually much worse,sort of a "your lying eyes" situation instead of explaining how they would be much better than the democrats at job creation,and the fact that Obama only needs to win about one third of the swing electoral votes in dispute in order to hold on to the white house.But the Republicans do have many factors going in their favor,first of all the economy is putting along and not growing at a strong pace that would be characteristic coming out of a recession ,the unemployment rate is not going down fast enough to make the subject irrelevant and take it off the table,the debt situation is a subject that still favors them,Romney is a candidate that has been running for president for six years, there are no skeletons in his closet,although he is a mediocre campaigner he has improved his skills exponentially after the primaries, thanks mainly to Gingrich and Santorum,the party is coming together around him, and the fact that he is a mormon in my opinion guarantees him the swing state of Nevada.

The Republican power players.

The republican power-players are many,but to the advantage of The Democratic party are all either right of center, extreme right of center or, outright right wing loons.the people who hold the power of the purse so to speak are right of center, the people who control the base of the party are extreme right, and the people who make sure the party remains well to the right of center and pull the previous categories to the right are definitely right wing loons who still see the reverend Wright and birther issues as the weapons with which to to destroy Obama politically if only they could speak enough about it .Here is where the party has two people who are probably among the smartest electoral strategy players in Karl Rove "the Architect" and Dick Morris or as Imus calls him "The toe sucking weasel".Karl Rove has been for a long time while touting the advantages the republican party has and maintaining a positive and optimistic view of the possibilities of winning the white house ,trying to warn the party of the dangers of excessive triumphalism, and alienating entire voting blocks against the republican candidate and his platform in a subtle enough manner as not to embarrass the party or it's candidate.Dick Morris on the other hand, has been doing just the opposite,( which sometimes makes me think if he may be a mole, working for my favorite dirty players in the universe bill and hillary to make sure that the republicans keep moving further to the right until they fall off the map) he has been encouraging the personal attacks on the president,the public endorsement of extremist right wing policies, the keeping of the social issues at the forefront of the campaign,and encouraging antagonizing the hispanic vote with hardline positions regarding immigration reform and the dream act, as well as his infamous self deportation strategy.The alleged basis for his so called strategy is that since Obama is one of the worst presidents in american history, as proven by the 2010 midterms the great majority of the electorate are in agreement with this and the republicans are under way as he has stated to pick up between seven and eleven senate seats , as well as having a bigger majority in the house and also win the presidency.This position has been relentlessly promoted over the air waves by the right wing talking heads Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity,Mark Levin, etc. who make the mistake in my opinion of thinking that because their combined 20 million or so listeners and dittoheads want to see Obama defeated more than anything else in the world , the great majority of the electorate of the country can not ,not see how bad a president he is and how much better the country would be if a republican was president, as Hannity has stated repeatedly to different guests on his show.There is a possibility that the republicans might win the elections in 2012,there is even the possibility that they may win by a landslide, and win the senate as well, but that is not the electoral reality today , and my sincere wish is that they keep believing the election is in the bag,and start measuring the curtains and the democrats keep working like if they were ten points behind and the election was held tomorrow.

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mio cid profile image

mio cid 4 years ago from Uruguay Author

you have to remember no matter what political position you might have Romney has been for it at one time or another.

mio cid profile image

mio cid 4 years ago from Uruguay Author

you have to remember no matter what political position you might have Romney has been for it at one time or another.

peeples profile image

peeples 4 years ago from South Carolina

LoL, the google ads are promoting Mitt Romney! Good hub! Voted up!

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