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Appliances can be made to use less voltage/power etc. Though houses would need re-wiring so as to not blow out these appliances, a pity this costs money as the long term and overall savings particularly to the environment would be huge! As well as the physical safety as lower currents mean less/no shock, and pilons would need to carry less power so children living near power lines would be at less risk of any effects from radiation/electric fallout/leakage.

In mainland Europe they use 110volts. In England,UK they use 240volts. It strikes me that as this has been going for many years. At least since I was a child. There might by now be the technology to run appliances on even lower voltages than this.

I have a light fitting for a mirror that uses lights that only require about 5volts or something. And are as bright if not better than the standard ones. It requires a transformer to actually throw away the excess! What a waste this is. But it isn't the light fittings fault. It is due to the fact that we have a very outdated mains system!

It might be an upheaval having to move out for two or three weeks while things get rewired. But this is minor compared to the savings. Less power stations, less pollution, lower bills?
But wait the benefits don't end there. With lower requirements of lower voltage pilons would only be required to carry a fraction of the electricity they do now. And at the socket at least, there would be less danger as electricity does not affect the body below a certain level, that is why european sockets do not have an earth connection as they don't need one!

There may be some initial outlay to upgrade appliances, but due to globalism (you might say "globalisation?) many things are now being sold in the Uk like mp3 players and laptops that are designed suitable, and come with both Europe and UK fittings!

I truly believe it is possible for all countries to switch to lower voltage requirements. Better for all our needs, and the struggle for a super conductor would be off. So that funding could go elsewhere.

Keeping the midnight oil burning, best wishes from a genius!

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Absent Friend profile image

Absent Friend 6 years ago

reducing power that appliances take would still be useful with solar power, as these then don't need to be so strong to cover the house,

but the rewiring costs aren't the only thing. How much to change or replace existing appliances?

days leaper profile image

days leaper 6 years ago from england Author

Links to fitness and exercise. Perhaps the cheapest way to keep warm in Winter!

Note: I was amazed that the engine was coming up with these links for fittings and pilons! Now, I can't find a way to undue it. But, I suppose, in its own way it gives an example.

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