Endeavor to Deceive

Endeavor to Deceive

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!" I have always remembered the passage from Sir Walter Scott's long poem, "Marmion." However, I would not be able to say when I first heard it. I remember as a child the bitter taste of soap, placed under my tongue for hours at a time, when caught by my mother for prevaricating. I now realize that my memories may be slightly enhanced from the real amount of time I suffered. My mother will say that it was only for a period of thirty seconds to a minute. Somehow, time seemed to move much slower in those memories well instilled on my young mind. My father’s version of dealing with it, was slightly more malleable, and well I remember the sting of the lash, for the same transgressions. Reflecting back, I must say I preferred my mother’s method of retribution.

As I grew older, I learned that there was a difference in a black lie, and a white lie. White lies are allowed. Because, they are told for the conservation of relationships among friends and family. When asked by a friend, acquaintance, or loved one, how we like their hair, their dress, weight or an opinion on a subject, we diplomatically reply with a favorable response regardless of heartfelt thoughts or feelings. True it is not honest, but if it makes them feel better about themselves for only a moment, and will not lead to public embarrassment or personal derogation, I have trouble seeing any harm.

However, the "black lie," the "bold faced lie," the lie that causes injury or pain, the one told for personal gain, when individuals or groups prevaricate, and endeavor to deceive; these are the ones I imagine the anecdote referrers too. We live in a world where lies are becoming more and more common place. Where children see politicians give promises and dreams, that later were casually referred to as misinterpretations. When they hear, “I have no recollection of that,” as an acceptable answer, we teach them to practice dishonesty. Soon they become more concerned with improving ways to hide a deception, rather than understanding that the practice of deception in itself will affect the rest of their life. Recently a person I trusted (even though inertly I had concerns) lived down to my expectations. I felt strongly that what this person said, was all a lie. Because, I try to keep a positive outlook, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I remained optimistic that they would rise above expectations, and show me my feelings were unfounded. Sadly my concerns were soon to be realized correct.

Many psychologists will say that when caught in a lie, and offered no avenue of avoidance, a person will become angry and resolute, in an attempt to regain their impugnable facade. When I began to organize my thoughts about this topic, and how many different words we have to dance around the word “Lie," it surprised me. They only emphasize acceptance of dishonesty. Words like Hedge, evade, quibble, dissemble, dither, embellish and stall; each one having other synonyms with similar meanings to alleviate the abrasiveness of the lie. Why do we allow ourselves to go through pain and suffering, as a result of someone's lies? Do they not know the deception is apparent? Yet we still allow them continue on, thinking we believe them. True, sometimes deception can not be caught in the onset, and only after pain or loss will it be revealed. The deception practiced will tarnish future trust in others. We look at the world around us, and wonder why it is on a downhill slide, yet we do nothing to alter its course. How many times have we heard: “Change begins at home.” Yet the media prints story after story shifting responsibility in other directions. If we as a society do not make a stance, will we not become the authors of our own demise? If I truly desire change, then I know what I must require from others. My challenge is to all who will join me in demanding a higher standard, creating a better world for children. Who knows, perhaps soap companies will show a rise in sales figures if we all work together for change.


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Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

Thank you so much for a very interesting hub. Yes, it is difficult for bringing children up good and proper and then you got to ajust them to the world. It is also very confusing, when you grow being taught all these right and wrong and then you go into the world and you find right the opposite.

must65gt profile image

must65gt 7 years ago Author

Hello, thanks for reading, yes it is becoming more and more difficult. Our children are smarter and are no longer accepting "Because I Said so" they are beginning to question the things that are placed before them. If we expect to enable them with the recourses for making intelligent decisions then we need to provide a society that will nourish them teaching them to desire a higher standard for themselves and from others.

frogyfish profile image

frogyfish 6 years ago from Central United States of America

Very true words and perceptions of change. Yes the difficulty remains - but so does the struggle we can win with Divine abilities. Thanks for sharing the hub!

must65gt profile image

must65gt 6 years ago Author

thanks Frogyfish, yes it will take a concerted effort and a tremendous amount of prayer, but I believe anything is possible. Thanks for reading.

Kaie Arwen profile image

Kaie Arwen 6 years ago

Everything begins in the home; I can tell you that as a mother. On the other hand, as an educator, I can't tell you how may times I hear; they didn't learn this at home; it started in school.......... and so on and so forth.

I loved the words that "dance around lies." How true, and how often they are used. And you're right, why do we allow people to lie to us when we are fully aware and certain they are lying? Why do we allow the circle to keep spinning? All in all I guess it just means that we avoid the lies in the same way that those who lie avoid the truth.

Thanks for making me think this morning; I enjoyed this Hub!


must65gt profile image

must65gt 6 years ago Author

I appriciate you taking time to read this hub....as well your wonderful comments. may God Bless you, and others lies be as bitter herbs against your ears, that God may know their transgression.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

Our children need to be raised in a World that is not so deceptive but truthful. A child mimics what we do as an Adult and if we tell them that it is o.k. to lie, then as an adult they will believe that there lies are real and begin to believe that they are not accountable for there own actions. As an adult we have to be held accountable for our actions we are the teachers of our children. :)

must65gt profile image

must65gt 6 years ago Author

you are so right, AEvans, it is in this that we set in the values and morals our children will mold as their foundation and use to guide their directions as they mature.

stars439 profile image

stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

My mother only called me a liar once in my life, and I will never forget it because I told a lie. What was even worst was that I was stupid enough to think that I could get away with it. Her words were a beating that left a life long scar like being branded on the butt by a rancher's branding iron. Mom was far too intelligent to suit me. I both loved mom, and hated her. God forgive me. God Bless You. Nice hub, and it brought back memories.

must65gt profile image

must65gt 6 years ago Author

Thank you Stars, the memories of those times still ring clear of my youth as well. God Bless

Cyber Lawyer profile image

Cyber Lawyer 6 years ago

Like they say: Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me! A nicely written and interesting piece.

must65gt profile image

must65gt 6 years ago Author

thanks for reading Cyber.....This piece was written after the end of a less than satisfactory relationship with a delusional individual and a want-a-be publishing company he owned, that turned out to be a network of lies and deceit. The piece was not about him directly but I have found that all things come around. God bless and thanks again for taking time to read and comment.

Moneylady profile image

Moneylady 6 years ago from Texas

Wow!!! I just saw this link on my facebook ... All you said here is so true ... an sadly, some people just never learn.

must65gt profile image

must65gt 6 years ago Author

glad you enjoyed it ML...

profile image

"Quill" 6 years ago

Last but not least in echoing all you have written. The sad part of all we have experienced resonates loudly in an entire new website, glitzy music and filled with promises which will never be delivered.

Sadly all anyone will ever see is smoke and mirrors and hopefully somewhere along the way a mouth full of bubbles.

Blessings and Hugs

Futamarka 3 years ago

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must65gt 3 years ago Author

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