Energy Legislation and Freedom of Information

Enviromental Terrorism

Does the public have a right to know about environmental disaster information pertinent to their health and or welfare by requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act or not ?

If, oil interests have their way we will not have that right, due to what they say is, to prevent terrorists from getting that information. Yet, they appear to, have no interest in, the health of the general public or even concerned if ,getting that information would in fact help those who are directly affected by such environmental incidents .How can preventing freedom of information in any way help those directly affected by such incidences?

It,seems like someone wants to put the cart before the horse. Anyone who wants to terrorize energy sensitive areas would be more likely to hack computers in order to get the information they wanted rather than get it straight from the horses mouth or the other end which is more likely.

Should National Security Trump the Freedom of Information Act ?

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Ben Franklin once wrote that ; "Those who would trade a little freedom for Security deserve neither freedom or security."

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