Evangelicals should VOTE for OBAMA in 2012--He's your best candidate

Serious Google Problems
Serious Google Problems
Do do as I say, not as I do
Do do as I say, not as I do
The emperor's new clothes don't fit
The emperor's new clothes don't fit

He is the only one man for the job

With Mike Huckabee deciding not to run for President, I still contend that Barack Obama is the Evangelicals best candidate for President. His resume is quite impressive. He has confessed his belief in Jesus in front of millions. He called him by name by the way. He has been married to the same woman for 14-years and he has two lovely daughters who seem to be well rounded. He is also building leadership experiences that make him a good and deliberate military leader. Just look at how he took out Osama bin Laden. His work, as a domestic leader, is non-impeachable. Just ask Donald Trump and the birthers. So how does he compare to the leaders in the GOP field:

  • Mitt Romney: He is said to be the front-runner but the Wall Street Journal recently called him Obama’s running mate because of the Healthcare bill he passed in Massachusetts. It is what Obama based his healthcare reform bill on. It is Romney’s albatross.Romney’s other problem is that he is a Mormon. That may fly with those social conservatives in the north, but Evangelicals from the Bible belt will have a hard time with his religion because they do not think Mormons are going to heaven.
  • Newt Gingrich: Newt is probably the most financially and governmentally astute of the current candidates, but Newt has a problem keeping his pants on. Newt’s current wife worked in his office during Bill Clinton’s impeachment over Monica Lewinsky. They had an affair that lasted for years. Newt believes, rightly, that social conservatives will forgive him, but he will also have a problem with media because bloggers will constantly challenge him on the moral issues on which he has no standing but talks about anyway.
  • Jon Huntsman: Huntsman looks too much like an Obama ally since his stint as Ambassador to China. He also does not pass the religious mustard because he is Mormon.
  • Rick Santorum: This guy has a Google problem that he may never overcome. Google his last name and see what comes up.
  • Ron Paul: The Texas legislator has a minor credibility problem and his own party really does not want to vote for him. He may have the best chance of being the darling of the Tea Party though.
  • Donald Trump: Buffoon.
  • Sarah Palin: I hope she does run because she has got some hard questions to answer. She may be the one GOP candidate who can pull together the evangelicals and the social conservatives except she is prone to bouts of idiocy.

So, Evangelicals, you should VOTE for Obama in 2012. He is the best man for the job according to your core beliefs.

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HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

Great analysis of the GOP field Habueld. They all have huge minuses to overcome. I always wondered why the religious Right is so vehement against President Obama. He is quite religious and honest about it. I think the Republicans are desperately searching for better candidates who are willing to run.

Joe Citizen profile image

Joe Citizen 5 years ago

I will not comment about Obama's religious beliefs. Only God knows his heart.However,when you have to keep telling people you are a Christian then I find it very troubling. I have never had a good feeling about him. His past associates with Ayers, Wright, Rezko, etc. are enough to give me doubt about this man. It is not ... I repeat ... it is not ... about race! I am thinking about supporting Herman Cain ... that should stop all the racist talk. The Black Community has been voting democratic for years and what has it done for them. The democrats are not interested in the Black Community. Just interested in their votes. If all of the American voters will do their homework, then ABO will be their candidate!

habueld profile image

habueld 5 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

· I am a Christian, and I am a devout Christian. I believe in the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe that that faith gives me a path to be cleansed of sin and have eternal life. But most importantly, I believe in the example that Jesus set by feeding the hungry and healing the sick and always prioritizing the least of these over the powerful. I didn't 'fall out in church' as they say, but there was a very strong awakening in me of the importance of these issues in my life. I didn't want to walk alone on this journey. Accepting Jesus Christ in my life has been a powerful guide for my conduct and my values and my ideals.

My bible says that if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth you are saved. This is his confession on THE CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING NETWORK.

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Brenda Durham 5 years ago

Sorry, but whatever confession he made, it just doesn't fly. A Christian would not advocate the policies he advocates. So unless he were to have a true heart change evidenced by his repentance and change of pattern and rectifying the huge immoral stance he has shoved into law, there's no way any Christian should even think about casting a vote for Obama.

habueld profile image

habueld 5 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

So, your judgement is better than Christ or the Apostle Peter's? Because the words I posted above belong to them. You are now a better judge than GOD. Wow.

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