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By: loua

Note: This essay and a few others where written and posted on http://www.geocities.com/loua30012/\ awhile back; this website is going away so I am moving my material that it might  still be viewed and appreciated for what it is - true, truth and trust of mind-thought.  The reason I want this notation here with this material is to maintain its history.  I hope this does not upset this grand opportunity to exhibit my content on HubPages;  I truly appreciate the forum for the exposure it allows.  I really want to continue to provide content here if I am allowed to post material I perceive as pertinent and meaningful.  I am not above reproach; just tell me if I do not meet your expectations and I will comply in due course.


The message in this thesis carries the DNA of a new strain of thought. The ideas in my thesis are developed from the chromosomes of accepted theory models. The notions in the message are the mitochondria of this new strain of thought. The cells of this message form the theory of my thesis. The cells of the thought theory are composed of thought fractals that generate thought matrices.

These matrices are composed of the understanding and application of accepted theory that forms the thought ways and means developed in the subject matter of this thesis.

I have broken the DNA of the accepted theories of our world and have discovered the thought of our origin and behavior. From the rubble of isolated thought patterns humanity has produced and manipulated I have extracted the ideas that I use to build the matrices that form the message of my theory for discovering the way to a purposeful existence.

The way to purposeful existence is to think beyond our immediate physical being. Physical being is an isolated thought expression of existence.

Existence expresses the totality of being's creations. I speak to you of the expressed thought patterns of our total existence. In this total existence we play a role as the beings that create it.

I have developed a political system, process, and plan for exploring our role. That is what my message is about. It is about the development of behavior thought patterns within the context of our functioning lives that allows all of life, to explore the meaning of the existence it creates, through the discovery of our purpose in the existence we create. Purpose on every level of existence must sum up to a total balanced intent of the existence we create.

The purpose of my message is to explain the reason for why we need to change the way we think (our thought patterns) about our immediate physical existence to accomplish the intent of a purposeful total existence.

The intent of the message is to demonstrate that we are not on the right path to accomplish the purpose of total existence. Our purposes conflict because there is no worldwide common political motive, vision, intent, or goal. Change in thought behavior patterns is vital to humankind's survival.

Total existence requires the balance of our thought because all forces of every nature require equal and opposite force to keep the balance of its equilibrium. Our existence is unbalanced. Our lives are out of equilibrium with nature's balance. We have disrupted the balance of nature by our selfish exclusive thus evil behavior.

We are an aberration in the sum of the total existence we have created. Therefore we will be corrected if we do not correct ourselves; At best change will be forced, at worst we will be replaced by a more accommodating species that can think its way to a purposeful intent for its existence.

The current accepted way of thinking as selfish exclusive groups must end, our very existence depends on it. We must develop a selfless inclusive civility that unifies our thought to pursue the creation of the greater good for the being of our existence.

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The World Is Depending On You

by loua

A letter to the President after nine eleven -

I hope all is well with you, your families, and friends in these trying
times. I would like to ask you to read the information I have provided
so we might start a new beginning. I feel my words are food for thought
to use in deliberation of the issues we face and the course of action we
take as a world population. I hope you share my feeling. Please read
what I have to say, and then you can judge for your self as to the
validity of my statements.

The world is depending on you to do all the right things, without
understanding the dynamics of each facet of your strategy. Everyone
wants their way without regard for all the others needs, it is so often
the reaction we make. They expect the administrations of the day to
single handedly resolve world order. I am afraid that is not in the
cards. Without adequate changes to allow the world to function as a
unified network of federated entities the world is in for more of the
disturbing events we have faced. The root cause of the corruption and
decay of governments and societies in our world's history was and still
is the imbalance of the emotions and the will of mankind. We must change
our way of doing business. We must manage our will in compliance with
the laws derived from our mind's selfless conscience not the emotions of
our selfish brain.

I am convinced that in light of the world reaction to the horrendous
event of the 11th of September and these following days we are at the
doorstep of major changes. These conditions have led me to share these
thoughts I present to you now. The gravity of the words I use reflect my
intent to assist in finding the way for the world to come together as
one purposeful entity and not sling apart as divided thoughts without
links to hold them together. The purpose of my words is to inform you of
a way to resolve the differences of the world while building the future
of humankind. I hope and pray you heed these words of wisdom. The words
are not from my head or brain alone. These words are from the heart of
the mind's eye; Our God, the God of the universal mind that we all share
as creatures of the mind's construction. "Our thought is the building
block of our God." I will try to convince you that the mind is where the
answers are for the way of the world. The thoughts of the people of the
world are the resource. This resource of behavior comprehension must be
harvested. The abundance of opinion in the world will temper the will of
the world and reduce the amount of wandering after false targets that
dissipate the constructive energy in the minds and brains of the people
of the world.

I am sending the attached information to demonstrate that some sense can
be made of the position humankind has managed to get itself into. The
content of the enclosed information is meant to inform you of a concept
for fueling interest and desire to understand what I perceive to be the
problem with the world and how to fix it. It may be wrong from your
perspective and the way you perceive existence; but give it a chance to
sink into your mind, then let your conscience respond. I am providing my
perspective from a unique perception. I am providing mind thought rather
than brain thought. It is harder to follow because it is not linear like
brain thought. It is much more encompassing. It considers the absolute
value of the thought not just one aspect of that thought for example:
Each analogy of life has application as a model for many other aspects
of the life experience. Let me explain: The role of humankind has been
left undefined because of the linear application potential of brain
thought. Brain thought is short sighted and relatively unproductive for
developing complicated concepts for linking the holistic nature of
existence; that is why history repeats events that are futile and
destructive. We need to develop the skill of our mind thought to derive
the wisdom necessary to evolve the level of our performance as an
evolved species. We will then be worthy of our creation. "We do create
our destines."

Let me apologize now for my writing. I do not proclaim to be a writer
but I do have valid thoughts to contribute. I am taking this risk that
you will want to understand the thoughts I have to offer you. I want you
to know that we have a chance to grow and become one world under God,
that is my resolve.

I am not an author of brain words. I am an author of mind thoughts. I
may be hard to understand but rest assured, what I say is selfless and
has truth within it. Let me get it straight before someone misconstrues
what my motive is. I am not ranting and raving about you, I am talking
about us, and what needs to be done to come to grips with our handicap.

I am showing the need to balance the opposing forces of our nature by
analyzing our choices through the conscience of our minds. Our brain
words comply with the linear thought patterns of the brain that holds
only one idea at a time, like the book that tells one story at a time or
the person intent on one objective that impacts many others. Brain
thought is usually composed of selfish intent. Mind thought allows the
synergy of manifold thought patterns. Manifold thought patterns link
thought through each level and each adjacent thought pattern. Manifold
thought patterns are used in the books of the prophets, and other works
that incorporate conscience mind thought that the brain has not
rationalized to meet its selfish nature. Let me begin my story.

We are here, elbow to elbow together. Your mistakes are my mistakes and
mine are yours, whether you or I want it to be that way or not (this is
a mind thought). You can tell mind thought because it includes rather
than excludes. We have no purpose as individuals, except to assist our
speciesí thought to a higher level of understanding of our circumstance
in the world and beyond. If it were not for the desire to be one with
each other the world has no meaning. Like the tree falling in the
forest, it is not heard until an observer hears it. It desires to be
heard, as we the people of the world desire to be a voice in the forest
of people who lack the sense of our presence. We must recognize the need
to develop a strategy for including the desires of all the world people
in a world plan for the management of all the resources that nature has
provided us. Here are the parameters of my concept: We observe our
actions as we complete our thoughts. We are the products of our thought.
We must improve our thought process to include the mind process so as to
improve our brain's capacity to respond as a civil being. My intent is
to show you the way. You must walk it to accomplish our purpose.

The information enclosed presents to you a WISDOM PROCESS that assists
the brain of man to commit its thought to developing the purpose of
humankind. This commitment will evolve the brain of humankind and in the
process will improve the state of the world. As this process continues,
the rate of evolution will increase; we will then realize the purpose of
being. The process must include rather than exclude. The system must
include rather than exclude.

This management plan process strategy encompasses the development of the
pleasure and purpose for each decision of each management body. The
primary purpose of the process is the management of the will of the
people of the world. The task is to develop the civil desire of
humankind in terms of purpose and intent in a decision making process
that proposes and directs the will of the people.

My concept provides a system strategy for the management of the will of
humankind. The strategy is to train the people to develop and understand
their potential to lead themselves as a unified source of power and
strength. The resolve of the people is derived from their collective
will directed by the conscience of their selfless minds (id) not their
selfish brain (ego). The system I propose will manage the guidance and
protection of the people and the process by which the mind skill is

The plan strategy is to have the people commit to an agreement to
tolerate and compromise with the civil opinions of all people for a
unified civil definition of purpose and intent. The implementation of
this plan will result in deriving a vision of a goal for the world order
and direction in the discovery of the primary purpose for our lives. The
plan includes constructing an international constitution and the
formation of an international government that can protect and guide the
process and the quest of the wisdom necessary to evolve the brain of our

The process strategy concept is aimed at providing ways and means for
realizing the potential of the decision process for managing the intent
of our affairs for developing the civil pleasure and will of the people
of the world.

I have derived the understanding of civil purpose and intent from the
works of the prophets. The prophets of old have told us through all of
history of the need for compliance with the nature and way of God. That
God is in us and about us and he tells us what he desires us to do. I
have recognized that our conscience is the mechanism for the mindís link
with Godís will. My thesis is based on the premise that the prophets had
a valid reason for communicating their messages; they were inspired with
intuitive knowledge that allows each gifted person to do the things they
do or know the things they know. They had the capacity to relay to the
brain the information of the selfless mind where lies the will of God
(the Source of our thought).

Please read the works I have provided. They are the ideas that begin the
making of the mousetrap that catches the will of the people and delivers
it to their God.

*God Bless the World.*


Louis Phillip Martin Archambault

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