Explaining The Tea Party To My Son

My son asked me a question the other day,

“Hey dad, what’s the Tea Party? I mean what do they want, what do they believe in?”

I said, “That’s easy. The Tea Party believes in lower taxes and balancing the budget. They formed right after Obama was elected. They started holding Tea Party rallies protesting tax increases immediately after his inauguration.”

"So what Tax increases were they protesting?", asked my son.

“Good question. The first thing Obama did as president was create a stimulus package to bring the country out of the recession. That included hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts for families and small businesses. This lowered taxes for 95% of Americans.”

“Lowered taxes? Don’t you mean he raised taxes?”

“No, the tax cuts from the stimulus package, cut income taxes for most Americans lower than they had been in over 60 years.”

“But if the Tea Party was protesting tax increases, who’s taxes were going up?”

“Well, as it turns out, nobody’s. After the Obama tax cuts, most protesters were paying less in Federal income taxes than they had ever paid in their lives. But polls showed that 98% of Tea Partiers wrongly believed their taxes had gone up.“

“If their taxes didn't go up, why were they protesting?”

“Well for one thing, after Obama's first year in office our country had about 12 trillion dollars in debt and a lot of people thought Obama was putting us deeper into debt.”

“Wow, Obama ran up TWELVE TRILLIONS DOLLARS in debt in his first year in office?”

“Yes. Well, maybe not ALL of it. Actually the first $5 trillion took about 225 years to accumulate. The next $6 trillion in debt was from the 8 years George W. Bush was in office. Under Bush we went from a $200 billion surplus to a $1.4 trillion deficit. Under Obama the annual deficit remained over a trillion dollars for the first year or so but it has been reduced by two-thirds since then.“

“So the Tea Party must have really protested a lot against George W. Bush then, right?”

“Not exactly. They believed that deficits didn't matter when Bush was president.“

“So why was the deficit so high under Obama?”

“Well, there are several reasons. First, President Bush cut taxes for rich people to stimulate job growth. But that added about $400 billion to the deficit every year and didn't create many jobs. He also started two wars which added another $150 billion or so in debt each year. Then during the last year of Bush’s presidency we had the worst recession in over 70 years, millions of people lost their jobs, so there are no income taxes coming in from those people and the deficit reached $1.4 trillion. And finally, Obama and Congress spent several hundred billion, spread out over several years, to bail out certain industries like car manufacturers to put people back to work and stimulate the economy.”

"What does the Tea Party think we should do to stimulate the economy during a recession?”

“Just one thing, they want us to cut taxes for the rich. Then rich people will use that money to hire more employees and it will stimulate the economy.”

"What do they think we should do when the economy is already doing well?"

"Simple. Cut taxes for the very rich."

"How would they help the millions of people who lose their jobs in a recession?"

"They'd give tax cuts to the very rich."

"And what would they do to reduce the deficit?"

"Simple. Cut taxes for the rich."

"OK. And what about reducing poverty?"

"That's easy. Cut taxes for the rich."

"Uh huh. And what would they do about the growing income gap between the rich and the poor in America?"

"Cut taxes for the rich."

"Wow. So do they think tax cuts for the rich are the solution to every problem?"

"Of course not, they also think we need to start new wars with oil rich nations from time to time."

“I have one question. If Bush had already lowered taxes on the rich to about the lowest they'd been in decades, how did we have all these problems if tax cuts are the solution to all our economic problems? Weren't the rich already using that extra money to hire people?”

“Well, you’re a little too young to understand. I mean, it’s complicated.”

"Dad, didn't Obama eventually raise taxes on rich people?"

"Yeah, in 2013 he raised taxes 3 percent on people making over $400,000 a year. That's the wealthiest 1% of the population. But the Tea Party thought that was a terrible idea. They said it would actually increase the deficit and put millions of people out of work."

"So what happened to the deficit and the economy since that tax increase?

"The deficit has been reduced by 60% and the economy has added several million new jobs. In total, since the recession ended, the economy has added about 12 million jobs altogether."

“OK, so here’s what you told me so far...

"The Tea Party was created shortly before Obama became president to protest tax increases that he never proposed. After Obama cut most people’s taxes to the lowest they had been in over 60 years, the Tea Party held rallies all over the country protesting imaginary tax increases. And they complained about the economic stimulus adding to the national debt even though they said debts don't matter when Bush added more debt than all other presidents combined. They also said tax cuts for the very wealthy are the solution to all our problems even though huge tax cuts under Bush were followed by trillion dollar deficits, a huge recession and the loss of ten million jobs. Then they said a tax increase on the top 1% would kill jobs and increase the deficit but just the opposite occurred."

“Well, when you put it like that you make it sound kind of silly. Like I said, its complicated.”

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Pam 5 years ago

I love this... Well done!

TravelinAsia profile image

TravelinAsia 5 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia

That's one smart kid you got there!

Jean J Renaux 5 years ago

Yaeh ! Now everything is getting clear !

Huntgoddess profile image

Huntgoddess 5 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

WTG, Jeff.


Up, useful, funny.


fcmosher profile image

fcmosher 5 years ago from Here to Eternity

Beautiful. You rule. More!


That's pretty much wrapping it up for the simple minded to understand fairly easy.

MercyG profile image

MercyG 5 years ago from Miami, FL

This was beautiful!!!

ThankHeavenImNotAnAmerican 5 years ago

I can't believe you're actually feeding this crap to your son. This is the worst case of child abuse I've ever seen! That poor, poor child.

ricksterK profile image

ricksterK 5 years ago from Left Coast

Very nice. Your son will soon be able to decipher FOX news.

malnadstudios profile image

malnadstudios 5 years ago from Austin

This is simply awesome....:)

Jean J. Renaux 5 years ago

Just an idea: what if the rich paid a tax to the poor ?

weholdthesetruths profile image

weholdthesetruths 5 years ago from Western Flyover Country

Lying to your son, to misrepresent truth and other people, to him. That's despicable.

rinazzeqiri@hotmail.com 5 years ago

rina jam

cathylynn99 profile image

cathylynn99 5 years ago from northeastern US

maybe next you could explain to your son how the wildly popular health care reform became so unpopular all of a sudden.

kaimason1 5 years ago

Awesome! Best thing Ive read in a while.

@ Jean J. Renaux That would be called communism. And we all know why that's so horrible - oh wait, Stalin and other 'communist' dictators were really fascists? Then lets try some REAL socialism!

I use the word socialism because I do agree that real communism goes too far, and people are inherently lazy.

rachellrobinson profile image

rachellrobinson 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri

In other words what your saying is you have the Political understanding of a small child. Got it.

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Nice hub,thanks.

reviewmonkey profile image

reviewmonkey 5 years ago

this hub is lolers! Thanks for this... Maybe you should explain about the propaganda based brain washing that occurs when a news channel becomes the mouthpiece for a political party and its connection with rabid and scared people who form groups like the tea party!

dswan9 profile image

dswan9 5 years ago from Amsterdam and London

incredible that you have such great dialogue with your kids.I wrote a short story/speech the other day about freedom and America. I wonder if you could read it and tell me if it's ok


profile image

Momzilla aka Jen 5 years ago

I think Obama was trying to follow the saying "you've got to spend money to make money". I'm not going to disagree, but I think it was kind of a "quick fix" to a larger problem. Personally, I would like to do away with career politicians in general and elect an accountant as our next president!

LRCBlogger profile image

LRCBlogger 5 years ago

luv this. I laughed the entire time. I am so with you, happy to be a new follower.

You can also tell your son that the TEA party wants to get back to our original constitution. That should open up an entire new funny and witty hub for you.

Tortugaa profile image

Tortugaa 5 years ago

@Jean J. No, no the rich shouldn't pay a tax for the poor. The Conversation should be they should just pay their own fair share like everyone else. You can't balance the budget on the poor, and middle classes. They are the infrastructure of the economy. But it is true the Tea Party don't exactly know what they are protesting. Oh yes I do, we have a black Muslim president? Darn guv'mint /sarcasm

rob 5 years ago

@jean they do... its called welfare.

David 5 years ago

Explain this to your son and see if you get a different result...

There are about 300 million adults in the US.

About 120 million of them work.

Only about 60 million pay income taxes.

The top 6 million pay 70% of the income taxes.

So 98% of the adults in the country pay only 30% of the taxes but want the rich to pay their fair share.

Your son seems like a bright kid. I'm sure he will realize that he lives in a country that is run by idiots who think that taking money away from achievers to give to underachievers is a great idea.

forestwind 5 years ago

However, many rich are not achievers, they are inheritors. Once you get past basic expenses and have money to invest in large amounts, it is amazing how effortless it is to increase your wealth, a luxury the vast majority of extremely hard working people never get to experience. Many "achievers" are thieves in tailored suits, as has become all to clear of late. Indeed, the rich don't begin to pay their fair share, and this nation suffers because of it. We are descending into some very dark times.

talisa2699 profile image

talisa2699 5 years ago from Boston, MA

This is awesome!!!! I'm putting this on facebook!

rebelfarms profile image

rebelfarms 5 years ago

I can't believe anyone would believe this crap. We have a president that doesn't have a clue and he has surrounded himself with radicals.

profile image

Fay Paxton 5 years ago

That noise you hear is me giving you a standing ovation. To put it simply...never have so many been fooled by so few.

CHRIS57 profile image

CHRIS57 5 years ago from Northern Germany

You did an excellent job in writing. Very funny. I agree with most of your son´s conclusions.

But you better keep you son away from trying to practice economic stimulus on himself or the family. Your credit card may run out of credit very soon.

CJamesIII profile image

CJamesIII 5 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

Great hub! Obama has the awful challenge of trying to fix all of this with a Republican congress that intended to make things difficult for him anyway. The Tea Party! What a joke! The rich should pay their fair share of taxes, period. Obama was never the problem, this all began before he was elected.

rebelfarms profile image

rebelfarms 5 years ago

What a joke he has spent more then all of the other presidents before him put together. He is a socialist and spreading the wealth has never worked and neither has socialism. Look at Europe. Even when we are buried in debt he wants to continue spending. It has to stop if this country is to survive. By the way the democrats have been in charge long before he was elected president.

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago

You would have done a lot better to guide your son to a more open mind than the hypocracy of supposed liberal intellectualism covered in horsebucky. I am not a fan of the two party rhetoric that most people seem to spoon feed themselves for comfort food, But try opening his mind next time instead of closing down his political understanding. One day he may see through your own closed mind to a better understanding . I have faith in him! Be well my friend.

sir slave profile image

sir slave 5 years ago from Trinity county CA.

next year, when he's a little older you can explain to him the width and breathdth of the political spectrum, so he won't EVER be confused into thinking that politics is measured into two simple opposing philosophy's.

most of these lunatic tea partiers who you described so eloquently, think that the rest of us that don't think exactly like them are COMMUNISTS!!??? ive spent many futile hours online explaing the differences in political systems to these ignorant tea-people. great read!

rebelfarms profile image

rebelfarms 5 years ago

Someone needs to explain to you that this is supposed to be a government of the people and buy the people, not buy Obama and his czars.

PDXBuys profile image

PDXBuys 5 years ago from Oregon

That is interesting. Next you should discuss with him why boys have to register for the military draft and girls don't, but why he still has to treat girls as his equals!

rebel farms 5 years ago

That's a really good question, I would imagine that you would have to ask a woman about that it might make sense to them

Warren Curtis profile image

Warren Curtis 5 years ago from Buffalo, New York

Great job!

European Response  5 years ago

For crying out loud...

What is wrong with the American people and their narrowminded view on politics?

First, @rebelfarms:

What do you mean with "look at Europe"? What is your information about Europe? It's political parties, systems etcetera? We have more then two parties (democrats and republicans) such as in the States. The "socialistic demonchild" of health care that Obama brings is considered here as a gift we've had for over 50 years(in some countries). This whole USA vs. Communisme thing all started in the Cold War without you even having a slightest clue about what socialism is really about. Communisme =/= Socialisme. Even so, it beats the Bush administration with it's blunders. If you're saying "look at Europe" I should reply with "look at the USA" with a former president who yells in a cows arse...

And before you comment that a European doesn't have an inside view on American politics, I study politic history and have relatives in the States ;)

Second, @jeff61b(author):

Good hub, albeit a bit clear that you are "in" for the Democrats. No problem with that. Just one question, would you prefer the current system or would you vote for a more "open type" with more then the regular parties?


Europe Out.

Dolores Monet profile image

Dolores Monet 5 years ago from East Coast, United States

Enjoyed your conversation with your child. I recently heard where one Tea Partier suggested that only property owners should be able to vote. Yet another great idea from the T Party. That would disenfranchise lots of young people, and the working class poor, getting rid of a ton of liberals in one fell swoop!

Remember the 'trickle down' theory? I am an advocate of the 'trickle up' theory.

whiteboysoul profile image

whiteboysoul 5 years ago from Columbus, OH

Wonderful. I shared this with my 800 Facebook friends

rebelfarms 5 years ago

There is a lot about politics in europe that I don't know, but I see the riots when you want to raise rtirement age or expect students to pay for their education and I know that it is you nanny state way of life that causes these problems.

CJamesIII profile image

CJamesIII 5 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

Why didn't all you staunch Republicans complain when Bush was illegally in office. For the record, Bush spent more in his 8 years than the previous 200 years combined, sorry it is a fact! Way too much ignorance in this country. Obama is not the problem!!! Educate yourself to what is really happening!

me 5 years ago

The Tea Party is a bunch of hypocrisy. Any politician that claims they are form "balancing the budget" just wants to be elected. Really, what they want to do is take benefits away from workers, and cut everyone's standard of living in half. Never mind they get corporate support from CEO's that send every job overseas.

jadugan profile image

jadugan 5 years ago from Radford, Virginia

Your kid is a lot smarter than me. I think this was a great explanation of the Tea Party. I voted up and I'm sharing it!

bush hater 5 years ago

Bush is and will forever be an idiot.

rebelfarms profile image

rebelfarms 5 years ago

They don't want to lower anything. They want schools that can keep the best teachers instead of the ones with the longest tenure. The want public union members to pay into their healthcare and retirement funds so that the tax payers don't foot the entire field. They don't believe in a nanny state that we are becoming. They believe in the constitution and what it stands for.

profile image

Business Success 5 years ago

@rebelfarms: ???whaaat??? and "They???"" are you one of "Them????"??? OMG and SMU (shut me up...)

and I am not sure who made the reference to Fox Newz up there, but I am sure about one thing, like the Tea Party, Fox News cannot be "explained" to anybody. They argue opposing positions separated only by commercials depending on what it is they are "reporting" and without thought or memory of what it was that was just "reported" Professor Beck being and doing that really well. The rest of the newz channels are for entertainment and ratings. Thank God for The Daily Show! """HHuuuHHH????"

Alas, 'tis all great fodder for comedy. And, all these comments reflect the American Idol sydrome... narcissism rules, and everyone (thanks to the INTERNET) now is a freaking expert. Everybody's right and Everybody's wrong. Let's just shoot the Moose.

not much to do I guess except leave with Kurt Vonnegut's statement:

Folly Folly Folly

oh, and dubya was a cheerleader...

whiteboysoul profile image

whiteboysoul 5 years ago from Columbus, OH

Small government = privatization. Governor Kasich is going to sell off the assets and resources of Ohio and gut public property. The Ohio Turnpike and the prison system will be the first to go (both unionized) but they will not be the last. The public school may become a thing of the past. That's why his schools czar comes from a charter school administration background.

me 5 years ago

Anyone using the term "nanny state" is deep into the propaganda. Any politician telling you they want smaller government is a hypocrite. The entire premise to the Tea Party is really kind of deceptive. Of course Republicans were made John McCain was not elected, so they had to create some new propaganda. Never mind that Tea Party is really about people who enjoy drinking tea, and really does not sound like the Boston Tea Party. Back in 1776 our forefathers were objected to taxation without representation, not to taxation period. The Whisky Rebellion of 1794 asserted the federal government is well within its rights to collect taxes when need be. I know a lot of politicians are deluding the American public right now, but Tea Party politicians are really just Republicans who waste money too. So, let us remember the most bureaucratic and wasteful hearings in recent history. When was that? When the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton over a little hanky panky. Never mind Newt Gingrich was getting a little something, something on the side. Okay so if you want to follow some new religion called the Tea Party, I hope you all have a deluded grand old time. Workers deserve to have unions to protect their rights. Read up on the history and look at some pictures from the 1800's in history books when you are at it. The same Tea Partists who claim they want to eliminate unions do not have a heart, no heart. There were young children that used to work in factories. Do you know what child labor laws are? Unions and child labor laws were enacted to protect the young, and to give people a living wage. Of course the same corporate interests that support the Tea Party also sent American jobs overseas where kids as young as ten are making the products you buy from India and China. So if you want to be deluded, keep drinking that spiked tea. They used to say they drank the koolaid, now it is "they drank the tea."

bludstream profile image

bludstream 5 years ago

Awesome! But you will never change the minds of the hate mongering tea baggers. Racism and sexism in America is alive and well yet again. I have never seen so many people protest so vehemently AGAINST their own best interests. Republicans (the real tea baggers) have spent all of their time and effort to destroy the middle class in this country and make them believe that the word Liberal is a filthy word, akin to Commie. Obama was blamed for eight years of Bush Cheney war profiteering and the subsequent economic downturn. Why? Because he's half black. Go figure.

rebelfarms profile image

rebelfarms 5 years ago

It is time to stop blaming Bush. This is Obama's mess. He has made most of it all by himself. We are buried in debt and what does he want to spend more which means to borrow more. It is insane,

Joe Schmoe 5 years ago

this is comical yes, but its a bit ridiculous how everyone thinks of Bush as the only representative of the Grand old party, which imo has lost a bit of its ideals which i agree with. Bush was the worst person to have represented the GOP. Obama is really spending way too much money on unimportant things, hes already spent billions on Obamacare. In Feb. he spent the most money EVER in a month, and feb. only has 28 days, dispicable!

SJKSJK profile image

SJKSJK 5 years ago from delray beach, florida

This hub was very well done. I really enjoyed it.

CJamesIII profile image

CJamesIII 5 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

I'm sorry rebelfarms, you fail to admit what an awful job Bush Jr. did. He and his cronies ruined this country. In all honesty I don't like any politicians but your ignorance is frightening! I welcome all dissent as long as it is intelligent, but Republican double standards are not acceptable.

rebelfarms profile image

rebelfarms 5 years ago

I have to agree about Bush Jr and the way government is working in general, but I don't believe that the government is the solution to everything and that is what Obama is preaching. My biggest problem with the dem's blaming Bush is that they and Obama in particular refuse to take responsibility for anything.

CJamesIII profile image

CJamesIII 5 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

In any case, regardless of people's opinions, I wanted to thank you Jeff for posting this hub. It is cute, informational and it is not mean, it is actually humorous.

mulberry1 profile image

mulberry1 5 years ago

OMG, this is just priceless. Thank you, thank you.

CJamesIII profile image

CJamesIII 5 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

Dear rebelfarms, that was far more fair. I'm not crazy about everything Obama does either. In the end, the politicians are the rich ones and we get to argue about it. LOL! :)

CherylK 5 years ago

Excellent! Thank you for this amusing but right-on-the-mark post!

rebel farms 5 years ago


I completely agree. I have my doubts about the Tea=Party, I have listened to promises from politicians all of my adult life. Very few were kept and I have doubts that they were ever intended to be. I don't believe in everything that Tea-Party does in fact some of them scare me, but in general they are a breath of fresh air.

kathryn1000 profile image

kathryn1000 5 years ago from London

Fantastic,really cheered me up.I'll follow you.

mio cid profile image

mio cid 5 years ago from Uruguay

you couldn't be righter ,too bad that what can be easily explained to a small child can not be understood by millions of brainwashed ditto heads.

Common Cents 5 years ago

Rubbish, and half truths.

Jasmine 5 years ago

Dearest RebelFarms - stfu


An educated, die-hard American who actually CARES about the welfare of this country.

Melad  5 years ago

Jean J. Renaux 4 days ago

Just an idea: what if the rich paid a tax to the poor ?

the above comment is similar to islamic rule which is called ZAKAT, so US should search and ask more details about that rule in order to help its people.

Best Wishes


kathryn1000 profile image

kathryn1000 5 years ago from London

That sounds a brilliant idea if it can be enforced.They always say the rich will emigrate if they have to pay more tax.

profile image

Business Success 5 years ago

{{{ This is Obama's mess. He has made most of it all by himself.}}}

Either you know nothing about history, or you are just ignorant, or you are trying to maintain some semblance of political correctness about your real feelings about Obama and the democratic party, or your in denial or something. Obama walked into a set of economic circumstances created by Bush/Cheney in which the country was on the verge of economic collapse, not a set of paper statements that indicated that we had cash flow problems, but a situation of no cash in the "bank." It was that way on day one, when Obama got the keys. It was created by an ego-maniacal "patriot" who since he went to work for Donald Rumsfeld, and was moved to Ford's Chief of Staff, then became joined at the hip to Reagan and was in Bush Sr's inneer circle, who interpreted and acted and advised Presidents to act on his interpretation of the Constitution such that Presidents have absolute power, no checks and balances for them... The same as a King in a Monarchy, that the checks and balances created by the Constitution were never intended to be applied to the President and thus ignored by him and the four presidents he advised. (Cheney writes of this himself)

And the other man (dubya), his sidekick, was a dupe who lived his life making decisions based on daddy issues which he never grew out of, who failed at every business venture he tried and managed on his own (and don't even bring up the Texas Rangers. Follow the money on that. That was put together and financed by a group at the direction of his father and dubya himself went along for the ride as part of an agenda having nothing to do with baseball. Go do your research. Who by his own admission didn't need to read books, newspapers and magazines because he had a wife to explain it all to him. His Own Admission! To say that Obama created this mess is like saying I created the dog crap on the carpet because I fed the dog!

Rebel Farms 5 years ago

I agree with every word.

Rebel Farms 5 years ago


That is the most outrageous thing that I have ever heard, but it sounds like something that Obama would consider if he thought he could get away with it.

Neil Harvey 5 years ago

Lovely article for us foreigners to help understand the USA.

So, just what got up the Tea Partyer's knickers then? I mean, before they all went flaming mad, like? Wuz it chemicals?

weholdthesetruths profile image

weholdthesetruths 5 years ago from Western Flyover Country

Neil Harvey: You simply cannot believe anyone who is of such low character that he will call someone a "te***ger". They are despicable, low rent, unintellectual, prejudiced haters. The ACTUAL truth (because I am one) of the TEA Party movement, is that TEA means "Taxed Enough Already", and the "party" part is just an alliteration. About 20% of the population considers itself part of it. It isn't particularly ideological, like socialists are, or libertarians are, it's just normal people who have finally had enough. When the deficit at the end of Bush's last term suddenly shot upwards, and Congress was willing to spend such that the deficit went from a hundred billion to two hundred billion and then suddenly was 1 trillion plus, most people finally woke out of their inertia and began to spontaneously act. The first few, probably thought they were a tiny minority, but the idea that our government's spending is utterly out of control and that congress is usurping powers and trying to implement controls over things it has no business doing is pretty much a majority opinion. Polls put agreement of the population at large with those ideas at 60 to 70 percent, nationwide.

The TEA Party movement is nothing more than ordinary people coming to the conclusion that Washington DC has completely lost its way, and both Congress and the Administration are just utterly incompetent, or else so wholly compromised that they are unable to deal with ANY thing they've taken on credibly.

Anyone making claims about extremism, racism, any other nonsense, like the poster of this hub... Is dishonest with you and is instead, operating in political campaign mode, where truth matters none, and retaining political power is to be done at all costs and by any means, no matter how false or untrue.

kathryn1000 profile image

kathryn1000 5 years ago from London

In the UK when anything goes wrong we put the blame on asylum seekers.It's always handy to keep a scapegoat at hand to blame for what you don't wish to understand.Hitler thought if he killed all the Jews it would make Germany a wonderful place.It ended in almost complete destruction.But there's no ues in arguing:None so blind as those who WILL not see.

Rebel Farms 5 years ago

There is no doubt about that. In the US we have been sitting around for years while our political system became a home for corruption. Along comes Obama with his promises and Yes we can. Every politice SPEECH WAS A PEP RALLY and because we so need change we overlooked the fact that we didn't know anything about him and now we have a sociaist and no only are his promises forgoten so are the American people.

kathryn1000 profile image

kathryn1000 5 years ago from London

But to me here in the UK it was clearly up the creek before Obama arrived anywhere near.All those corrupt bankers and phoney deals.Don't be so afraid.Jesus wanted us to share our possessions and food with strangers so can't we share a bit ofwhat we have without being labelled socialists?All these labels corrupt our eyes and vision.Obama was plain unlucky.Anyone coming in then would have inherited that deficit.Is it the new Healthcare scheme you don't like? I know you are very freedom loving people but a lot of old people can't afford their prescription drugs for blood pressure,heart,depression etc.There's sti;; a lot of poverty in your great country.

Let's not argue from fixed positions.We are all human with just a short life.We all die whatever party we belong to.So we all suffer but why can't we help each other? Arguing seems tempting but if people don't want to hear,they won't as Jesus said:"He that has ears to hear,let him hear"

CJamesIII profile image

CJamesIII 5 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

Wanted to say thank you to businesssuccess for the intelligent discourse (post). All of us, all parties, are promised so much during campaigns. Very little of it ever comes to light, even with good or honest intent (lowering taxes for middle class). All sides must work harder to create a better country and rebelfarms makes a great point about we should not rely on government for everything. Right, wrong or indifferent, we all are going to have to compromise because regardless of who we wish to blame (myself included, yikes)the fact is our country is broke, we are in wars, we need more good paying jobs and our education system is just plain under par (no offense to teachers, its the whole system). It is far easier to accomplish progress even with different beliefs when we have true intelligent discourse. Most of us in the middle class would agree that we are all "taxed enough already!" I don't mind paying a certain amount for basics like the fed and state government basic operations (legislature, police, fire, 911, parks, etc.)or even chipping in for social security and medicare. I resent being overtaxed and over fee'd constantly with no control or oversight. Most of us agree we should reduce spending, we just disagree about how to accomplish this task. I still believe America is the greatest country on Earth, but we need a lot of work (improvement). :)

kathryn1000 profile image

kathryn1000 5 years ago from London

Very wise,I think.We all have to come to some understanding,painful indeed here too in the UK

jeff61b profile image

jeff61b 5 years ago Author

weholdthesetruths: "Anyone making claims about extremism, racism, any other nonsense, like the poster of this hub... Is dishonest with you and is instead, operating in political campaign mode, where truth matters none, and retaining political power is to be done at all costs and by any means, no matter how false or untrue."

That's strange. Nowhere in this hub was there any hint of a suggestion that the tea partiers were racist. Not one commenter has been able to point out anything inaccurate or untrue in the hub. And although the word was never used in this hub, I think it's hilarious that many tea partiers actually called themselves "Teabaggers" until someone explained what that term meant.

But it is untrue and innacurate to suggest that the deficit was small under Bush until his last year in office. He took a $200 billion surplus and turned it immediately into the $350 billion deficit. That's not including the $150 billion or so each year for the war or the $80 billion or so he borrowed from Social Security every year. To ignore those facts is is either ignorant or grossly dishonest.

weholdthesetruths profile image

weholdthesetruths 5 years ago from Western Flyover Country

@jeff61b "...or any other nonsense, like this poster of this hub..." Says exactly what I meant.

Obama did not cut taxes. Obama decided to hand out money, a single time check... And that handout was "given out" by crediting your taxes. And you call it a 'tax cut', a misnomer if there ever was one. Not taxes were cut at all, no changes to the tax code or rates or anything else... Just a credit against them, one year, one time. Calling it a 'tax cut' is an insult to everyone's intelligence.

"small" is a relative term. 350 billion is minicule compared to this year's estimated 1.6 and last years 1.4(?) trillion deficit. In no way do I consider 350 billion to be acceptable, it just isn't the monster indebtedness run up in the last 3 years.

So, people being ignorant of how crude people used words and defined them... Is funny? How?

kathryn1000 profile image

kathryn1000 5 years ago from London

I don't want to read this anymore because nearly everyone has made the their minds up already.It's so sad.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


DON'T BE SAD, hub pages is all about debate, some good and some just plain brutal. One needs to understand how our government works. Congress makes laws and Congress approves how much money will be spent and where the money goes. The president manages the money once the money is allotted.

When George Bush and a Republican majority Congress (2000-2007) was in control of the economy, unemployment was 4.6% and a barrel of oil was $45.The Democrats took over control of Congress in Jan 2007 and remained in majority control up to 2010.Let's not also forget that Senator Obama was in the senate when the recession began in dec of 2007, approx 12 months after the democrats were in control of the government at that time. In Jan 2009 President Obama and a Democrat super majority Congress were in charge of the government. When President Barak Obama talks about inheriting a mess from the previous administration, he is disingenuous only because he and his party was a huge part of the mess. Pelosi and Reid, majority leaders 2007-2010.Obama 2008 to the present 2011 record should be noted too.

The true, honest facts seldom are considered in the propaganda battle of the ideologies presently involved in the political arena.

A recent example:

The Obama Administration spent an all time record $222.5 billion in one month( Feb.2011).In 2007 the Bush Administration had a deficit of $1.3trillon in 12 months which included the $700 billion Tarp banking bailout. The $700 billion has been paid back with interest, actually the deficit was $600 billion.

jeff61b profile image

jeff61b 5 years ago Author

To suggest that the economy flourished under Bush is dishonest. Bush took the nearly a $200 billion surplus left him by Clinton (with surpluses projected for the next 20 years leaving us on track to pay off the entire national debt within 15 years), and immediately turned it into a $350 billion deficit in his first year. That’s about a $500 billion turnaround in 1 year.

Under Bush the economy did well mostly for those already well off. During nearly every year of Bush’s 8 years in office, the U.S. poverty rate increased (after having decreased every year under Clinton) and the average family’s annual income dropped by $1000, adjusted for inflation.

During Bush’s first 4 years in office with a Republican Congress, we saw a net loss of jobs – the first time this had happened since the Great Depression.

When Obama took office, the economy was losing 750,000 jobs per month. A few months after the stimulus was passed, that rate of job loss dropped down to zero and for the past 18 months or so, we’ve been seeing job growth, reaching about 200,000 per month, which is still slower than we’d like to see.

But we are still recovering from this recession faster than the recovery during Ronald Reagan’s first term in office.

This is not political spin. You can objectively research everything for yourself.

kathryn1000 profile image

kathryn1000 5 years ago from London

I'm glad there are some Americans with brains and commonsense/From the media you all seem very odd to us!!

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


I hate to break your bubble! wake up and listen!

Clinton in 1994 to 2000 had a majority Republican controlled Congress who were behind balancing the budget and the " projected surpluses".CLINTON got credit then and still today, as you proclaimed. Note that’ surpluses projected for the next 20 years leaving ‘’ there is a big difference between projection and actual surpluses.

Let’s not forget that Bush inherited a recession shortly after taking office, followed with 9-11 disaster further depressing the economy. Next the wars in the middle east and the takeover of Congress by the Democrats in 2007.

See my hub that you replied to above. Bush years facts: low employment 4.6%,barrel of oil $45, Bush tax cuts resulted in economy recovery up to Dec 2007, the most money into the treasury( all time high ),America winning war in Iraq ( against all Democrat attempts to lose the war), all time high in home ownership and leaving a true deficit of $600 billion.

‘’the average family’s annual income dropped by $1000, adjusted for inflation.’’ SINCE 2007 THE FAMILY INCOME has dropped because of the increase in healthcare cost and the recession.

‘’few months after the stimulus was passed, that rate of job loss dropped down to zero and for the past 18 months’’ WRONG check out the true facts please.

‘’been seeing job growth, reaching about 200,000 per month, which is still slower than we’d like to see.’’ WRONG all the growth has been in the public sector, Obama increased the size of government 20%. Public sector unemployment 3%, private sector 9%+ depending where you live.

‘’But we are still recovering from this recession FASTER than the recovery during Ronald Reagan’s first term in office‘’. This recession started Dec 2007 and still continues today March 2011 with a Democrat President and a Democrat Senate.

SOME OF TODAY’S FACTS: Obama( 3) multi year $1trillion plus deficits, cap on national debt raised 2 times and a third time possibly coming, now $14.3 trillion. Housing starts down 22.3%,worst in 27 years (1988), food prices highest since 1974, vegetables increase prices 50% and since Feb. Food prices up 3.9%, gasoline prices up to $4.00 a gallon, cost of utilities ( electric )all time high.

Check the poverty increases since the Democrats and President Obama have been in control of the economy.

Come back to earth and seek the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

weholdthesetruths profile image

weholdthesetruths 5 years ago from Western Flyover Country

Jon, it won't do any good. See, these people think there's magical pushbuttons called "policies" that are hidden and can't be described or quoted or pointed to, that they believe "control" the economy. And, they believe that democrats push the buttons marked "do good things" and that Republicans push the ones marked "do bad things".

They have no idea what raising taxes does, nor lowering taxes, nor spending trillions of dollars wastefully... They just know that their holy saviors of (D) push the right buttons and their lives become paradise.

Thus, you can't explain reality to them, as they already believe it's hidden manipulation, behind the scene, and that the differnce between left and right is merely one of wanting to help or hurt the people.

nursepam profile image

nursepam 5 years ago

@Jon & Weholdthesetruths: why do people always assume that EVERY single issue is a Republican or Democrat thing? The author and most Americans want POLITICIANS to do the right thing!

But just about ALL politicians don't do the right thing because they are bought and paid for by special interests... this is where the main problem begins.

Another deep root problem is corporate power, the corporate elite have more power than ALL of middleclass America put together. Don't you see something wrong with that picture?

CJamesIII profile image

CJamesIII 5 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

I'm glad Jeff61b is objective and well informed. Jon Ewall, there was nothing good about the two illegal terms of George W. Bush, (usurped thru the courts). Oil stayed low because his cronies are oil tycoons in Texas. What is this claim about the all time high amount of money in the treasury during his term? He cut taxes for the rich, and there were tax cuts for the middle class but it favored the wealthy, duh. I do want to give credit to when you wisely pointed out that Congress actually approves the budgets. Unfortunately the "War in Iraq," we now know to be a sham, the people were indeed liberated, but I don't think we needed a "war" to do so. It's hard to say that we won when there are so many elements similar to Vietnam. I don't always agree with Obama either and lately Dem's have wanted to spend too much. It is only my opinion that the financial distibution globally is off kilter. The middle class has been eliminated. Yikes.

CJamesIII profile image

CJamesIII 5 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

Nursepam brings up great and fair points. It is not always just party issues or party problems. All sides have contributed to the mess. It SEEMS like the country is run by big corporations, we should get away from that, they should have their say and contribution, but it was always supposed to have been "by the people and for the people." At this point it also seems like the national representatives get too wealthy and then they are too far removed from us "average Americans." They lack a fair sense of reality (again, in all the parties, not just one or two).

TPre007 5 years ago

Simply AMAZING!!!

jeff61b profile image

jeff61b 5 years ago Author


I don’t intend to defend everything that happens under Obama, but I’m astounded at your mindless defense of Bush, during 8 of the worst years in our country’s history.

Barrel of oil at $45, except when it went up to $90. Unemployment at 4.6% except when it was at 6.2% during the 1st Bush recession and 8% during the 2nd Bush recession. The “economic recovery” was never much of a recovery due to the points I made previously.

Of course Bush “inherited” the 1st recession and 9/11, the massive deficit and those pesky wars just “happened” during Bush’s reign. Wasn’t his fault he played golf for 3 days while people died in New Orleans, authorized illegal wiretaps on Americans and smeared honest people who refuted his claims about the Iraq war.

Wrong again about the job growth being just in the public sector. Most of the 200,000 new jobs last month were in the private sector. Do a little research.

You and I will never persuade each other. But try to get your information from somewhere other than Fox News.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


''I'm glad Jeff61b is objective and WELL INFORMED. Jon Ewall, there was nothing good about the two illegal terms of George W. Bush,'' THE SUPREME COURT RULES

I watched a Senate banking hearing today, 3/17/11,on C-Span investigating the TARP fund bailouts. When Congress approved the TARP bill ,$700 billion , the witnesses agreed that a depression was avoided and that the TARP bill was the right thing to do at the time. Some interesting facts came out in the testimony.

Congress approved $700 billion, the actual amount solicited was $475billion of which only $350billion was expended. Much of the funds have been repaid with interest . The witnesses agreed that in the end all the money will be repaid and that the United States Government will make money on the venture.

There they were, Congressman on the committee from both sides , taking credit for voting to approve the TARP bill .It was approved in the Bush administration. Bush had a $600 billion deficit prior to passing TARP. It now appears that the $1.3trillion deficit credited to President Bush should be adjusted downward. Definitely the mainstream media will not report the above.

Let’s give Bush and the Democrat controlled Congress credit for saving the country. JUST REMEMBERED THAT PEOLSI WOULD NOT CALL FOR A VOTE UNTIL SOME REPUBLICANS


"Most of the 200,000 new jobs last month " all of 1 month, wow!

NursePam 5 years ago

@European Response: I just noticed your message as there are many. I apologize for American ignorance.

The overwhelming majority of Americans cannot even start to afford international travel. With this fact in mind, I firmly believe that most Americans who write about those “socialists in Europe” are only regurgitating what FOX news, Beck, Limbaugh, etc. tell them.

These same people have never even bothered to pick up an English version of a foreign newspaper or tune into online foreign talk radio show. Therefore in reality, they speak without creditable knowledge or experience.

These same Americans believe that all earthlings are dying to live in America and that everyone wants to be like us.

That may have been true decades ago, but today the only people beating down our doors are our Mexican neighbors. I don’t see Canadians rushing in and I don’t see the French, Germans, Australians, etc. on waiting lists to live here.

profile image

Business Success 5 years ago

jeff16b, go back to school, and his time take Civics, and pay attention to the rest of the classes..like Eco., Pol. Sci. History, to name just a few.

Joe R. 5 years ago

Niiice. Your son is now smarter than 99% of all Americans and 100% of Congress!!!:)

RebelFarms 5 years ago

If he puts that knowledge to work in his personal life he will be bankrupt in no time. It is a shame to not alow him to make decisions based on real world expierences.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


A note of interest that one will not see reported in the media.

It was reported on 3/23/11 that the Federal Reserve Central Bank is making a record $79.3 billion payment for 2010 to the US Treasury. In 2009 the Fed paid into the treasury $47.4 billion which was the previous record. The Federal Reserve central bank earned a record $81.7 billion from its massive holdings of securities which were purchased to help stabilize the financial systems and pull the economy out of the recession. A portion of the earnings goes to funding the Fed, which receives no appropriations from Congress. Any money left over is turned over to the US Treasury Department.

The money returned should be used to pay down the deficits according to the Tarp Legislation. The battle in Congress is for the Obama administration to use the money to pay down the debt as required by the law. The question is will President Barak Obama and Congress follow the law?

rebelfarms profile image

rebelfarms 5 years ago

He has constantly ignored to law since he has been President,I doubt that this will be any different. He will find a way to give the money away,

profile image

Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

I had a conversation very close to this the other day. I mentioned at work that I didn't understand what the tea party members were after. A bunch of people jumped in and I told them basically the same thing, and then they said I was "too young to understand".

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa

Phoebe Pike

'' then they said I was "too young to understand".

Watch C-Span,read the business sections and believe half of what the mainstream media is or is not reporting. YOU are the future of our country and it's important to know the truth. Try watching the Fox Cable business programs on sat.morning.In the afternoon Cavuto on Fox has a very good program.What President Obama says in public is not what is actually happening.KEEP ASKING THE QUESTIONS.

rebelfarms profile image

rebelfarms 5 years ago

Phoebe Pike

To young is not a good answer. I am sure that you are smart enough to look at what has happened in the past and compare it to what Obama and the liberals are trying to do now age won't have anything to do with it.

Fox cable news is also another good source of information. Anything that you hear can be backed up by proof, unlike the pie in the sky ventures that Obama is proposing.

profile image

Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

I do watch C-Span and I read the business section, but all I ever see or hear about the Tea Party is their signs and a lot of them shouting racist remarks. Do they have a spokesperson who doesn't sound like he/she is ready to join the KKK?

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa

Phoebe Pike

'' but all I ever see or hear about the Tea Party is their signs and a lot of them shouting racist remarks. '' I WOULD BE INTERESTED TO KNOW WHERE YOU SEEN THE ABOVE.

rebel farms 5 years ago

Jon Ewall

I would be interested to know where you encounter these things. I have seen signs many unfavorable to Obama and his administration but I don't consider that racist and I haven't seen any other signs that I consider racist. I have heard no racist remarks although I don't doubt that there are some but then look at Our Justice Department and the left in general, to them everything is about race.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa

rebel farms

''look at Our Justice Department and the left in general, to them everything is about race''.

SAD TO Say, THAT IS HOW THEY justify their actions. There is no doubt that in organizations of any kind, there are some that are racist. That’s the way the world goes around and around in today's society.

THE WORLD NEEDS MORE of love thy neighbor as you love yourself and/or do unto others as you would want them to do to you.AMEN

Rebel Farms 5 years ago


There is no doubt about that, but I am afraid that we are going in the wrong direction.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


I recently wrote.

The Democrats and

President Barak Obama control 2/3 of

the Government.They’re in control and they should be held responsible and accountable for non performance. So, Public Servant tell the American people, loud and clear, the true facts as to why government politics don’t include working for the good of the American people.

profile image

Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

I have seen it on the news, interviews done by several networks, and my sister went to visit her friend and they saw a protest. All the Tea Party pictures they had taken (over 60) all had signs that were less than kind words on race and hurtful words on other things as well. My sister has a video tape of her asking one of the members why they were protesting and they dropped the "N-word" and F-word so many times you couldn't even get the gist of what they were saying.

Rebel Farms 5 years ago

I have been to a number of Tea Party Rallies and have yet to see but scant few racist signs (I suspect that those were plants) and any time that someone has been asked to produce audio, such as the situation at the capitol they have not ben able to do so.

Jon Ewall 5 years ago

King Obama does not accept responsibility for anything. He is good a pointing fingers but his actions appar4ntly have no effect on anything

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa

Phoebe Pike

''I have seen it on the news, by several networks,''



Looking forward to your response

rebel Farms 5 years ago

Jon Ewall

That is the problem with people who claim to see and hear all of these things. Every time that there is a major Tea-Party rally, there are cameras and sound systems everywhere, but none of them ever seem to pick up any of these awfull things. Do you think it might be in peoples mind because that is what they would like to see and hear?

profile image

Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

For starters, one protest they had was against a women's shelter who is fighting against homelessness simply because it was put on by a Muslim organization. The people who ran it were not hurting anyone, in fact, they were trying to help people. Why protest? It just seems like an insanely strange thing to do.



Those are just two videos I have seen, along with about 40 others. I can list them later. Along with interviews with some of the tea party leaders that show a less than favorable side of them.

profile image

Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

I forgot to post this video.


rebel Farms 5 years ago

Phoebe Pike

There was something wrong with your last video but what you are talking about in the others, you may not approve of but there are no racist signs, no n-words or Q-words. People fear Muslims and for good r4eason. I don't like black panthers threatning white voters a a polling place but I guess you think that is just fine.

profile image

Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

I'm not happy with anyone trying to force their views down other people's throats. The last video was the best one to see... oh well. Not all Muslims are bad, it's just a nasty stereotype. It's like saying that all blonds are stupid or all Irish men drink, it's simply not true.

I am not about to judge the Tea Party, which is why I asked if anyone knows an educated member that I could hear.

I also didn't put videos with the "n-word" because it is a violation of hubpages' guidelines.

Rebel Farms 5 years ago

The Last video didn't download properly I guess. I am not a member of the Tea-Party, I know a lot of peoplw who are ansd I know what they stand for some of which I agree with and some I don't, but none of them are hateful racist. When I was younger I new a lot of Klan members and believe me there is no comparison.

I try to stay neutral, however when I see a lot of charges against any group and no proof It bothers me.

I also agree that all Muslims are not bad but what bothers me is the ones that claim that they are good do nothing to stand up against the bad.

profile image

Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

A lot of people don't stand up to people they should. It's the fear that gets them I suppose. Often, while I was in school, there were kids who were teased because they were gay. I tried to stand up for them, but it didn't change anything. Even teachers didn't try to help them. A lot of people judged them with their views on what is right or wrong and no one even bothered to ask them how they felt.

Rebel Farms 5 years ago

I agree with you. In this day I don't think you can expect understanding, but toleration should be a give me. No matter where you stand on the matter they are causing no harm to anyone.

Lunarautumn profile image

Lunarautumn 5 years ago

So rebel Farms there is never any audio that picks up any of their hateful slander? well I see since Phoebe Pike posted those links there are no more comments in 6 months lol IMHO the entire human race has a LONG way to go and a lot of growing up to do!all the way around EVERY race creed and color when will we realize we are all human and we all only want to live our lives without someone else pushing their views down our throats This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in. ~Theodore Roosevelt

David 4 years ago

Why are people so blind? My federal taxes HAVE increased over the past 4 years. I know because I do my own taxes every year, and I always calculate the percentage of my income that is taken in taxes. Before Obama, it was about 12%, now its up to 15%.

Bush only started one war, we were still in Iraq when Obama came into office. We still haven't gotten all the troops out of Iraq, and now we're in Afghanistan. Before Bush went into office, the debt was 13 trillion. It was 5 trillion before Clinton, and 13 trillion when Clinton left. Bush got it down to 9 trillion, and it started going back up again towards the end of his office back up to about 12 trillion. Now we are back up to 14 trillion. Almost 15, actually. The tax cuts promised never came. The health plan promised is a law requiring you to buy health insurance, not a government plan that would offer health coverage. (Just like when Clinton made auto insurance a law. And right after that, auto insurance cost sky-rocketed. So I bet we can guess how the health insurance law will turn out.)

Also, is this guy for or against tax cuts for the rich. It sounds like hes against the tea party, who is for tax cuts for the rich (which democrats and liberals hate), and then he goes on to say tax cuts for the rich will stimulate the economy. (Which the democrats say that the republicans are for tax cuts for the rich, and so the democrats are against it and try to villify the republicans for being for it) That part confuses me. Are democrats and liberals for or against tax cuts for the rich?

This is why Im glad I dont bother being a member of any political party. They're all full of shit. The republicans sit their pedastools not veiwing the real world around them, but only concerned with what affects them, while the democrats sit in their ivory towers, trying to concern themselves with the good of everyone without bothering to veiw the reality of it all. They are both full of crap, and so is this author.

pete 4 years ago

According to Fox News, everything before 2009 is Clinton's, and everything after 2008 is Obama's fault. Q: when will the GOP grow a pair?

Jeff61b 4 years ago

David, Is your entire post a joke or are you just stoned?

Everything you stated was factually wrong. Bush started both the Iraq war and the Afghanistan war. Obama has started zero wars.

When Clinton left office the national debt was about 5 trillion dollars, but we had a budget surplus that was beginning to pay down the debt. Bush wiped out the surplus and in only 8 years DOUBLED our national debt.

Obama did cut taxes for 95% of Americans and those taxes have not gone up. You are right when you say the tax cuts confuse you because you contradicted yourself at least 3 times.

Under Obama the economy has only gotten better, but it takes a while to recover from the worst economic crash since the Great Depression. In almost every area possible, things have steadily gotten better in America.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


'' In almost every area possible, things have steadily gotten better in America.''


1. Unemployment 2009 6.7% today 8.1% not counting those who stopped looking for work.act.14.5%

2. Bush raised deficit $5 trillion/ 8years

Obama raised deficit $5.4trillion in 4 years.

3. Cost of gas doubled since 2000

4. Cost of food is 20% higher

One could go on and list much more. the question should be, are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?


Study claims Obama's health care law would raise deficit


BO quote ‘’I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits -- either now or in the future,” the President said at a joint session of Congress. “I will not sign it if it adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future, period.’’

jeff61b profile image

jeff61b 4 years ago Author

Jon Ewall:

Some of your facts are wrong.

Unemployment was at 8.2% in Obama's first month as president and rising by 750,000 jobs per month. Economists said it would reach 20% by the end of the year.

It took a few months to turn that around but within a year the job losses stopped and we have added private sector jobs every month since then.

The deficit is mostly due to these 3 things:

The Bush tax cuts

The wars and increased defense spending

The 8 million taxpayers who were put out of work by the Bush recession

Actual spending under Obama has increased only 8%.

The cost of gas more than doubled under Bush to $4.15 before it went down again as it is doing now.

So a FOX News article says health care reform will raise the deficit. The Congressional Budget Office says it will lower the deficit.

Four years ago we wer losing 750,000 jobs per month.

Now we're adding about 200,000 jobs.

Four years ago Americans were dying in a long unnecessary war in Iraq. Now they are home.

Four years ago we had the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. Now we have had 2 1/2 years of steady economic growth.

Four years ago many businesses were failing. Now, most businesses are posting record profits.

Four years ago the stock market was plummeting. Now it is nearly double from when it bottomed out.

Four years ago we were much more dependent on foreign Oil. Now we produce so much domestic oil that it's our number one export.

I could go on and on but the bottom line is we are vastly better off now than we were four years ago.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


Some of your facts are wrong

''The deficit is mostly due to these 3 things''

One must try to get by the propaganda fed to the public everyday.Obamacare, Taxing jobs out of existence

WHY are companies not hiring?


House passed 27 Jobs bills and have sent them to the Senate for LEGISLATION action .

, Obama or Reid telling the truth?


Lies, Damned Lies and Government Jobs Data

The truth, The U.S. economy is creating jobs


bgamall profile image

bgamall 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

Ewall is a diversion. Here is the deal, the Tea Party is in the pockets of the big bankers. The leadership of the Tea Party, Cantor, Ryan and Bachmann, and the freshmen from 2010 are funded massively by hedge funds and banks. The reason is they want to be able to trade freely, with as much risk as they want, and they want to start another housing bubble. Ewall won't ever tell you that but it is the truth.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


Shame on you for the distortion of the issues with the tea party.

Produce the true facts and maybe someone will consider your ability to get beyond the propaganda of the day.

bgamall profile image

bgamall 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

Sure, read my ebook, Dirty Dirty Republicans. It is free on Itunes and Barnes and Noble.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa


FIRST is to understand the make-up of our government.

American Government 101

A Mystery No More


After he understands how government works, check my post

There is a simple solution if the President and Congress follows the PAY-GO law. CHECK OUT THESE LINKS!

2/13/10 2.04 pm est.

President Barack Obama is hailing PAYGO budget legislation

PAYGO compels new spending or tax changes to not add to the federal deficit.



the Ryan budget by Congressman Van Hollen


The Senator Coburn report '' WASTE IN GOVERNMENT'' http://coburn.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/rightnow...

It's all too simple, just stop spending money we do not have. The government is the largest employer in the country. When businesses lose money, they have no other choice but to cut cost. To be fair with the people who pay for government, government needs to put some skin in the game. Senator Coburn has found $9 trillion of waste. Cutting wastes in government before entitlements seem quite reasonable. Why won't the President and the Democrat Senate listen to the other side of the isle and the people?

Almost 4 years ago, the President spoke differently.

Campaign Promises During the 2008 presidential election campaign http://hubpages.com/politics/barakobamacampaignpro...

Futamarka 3 years ago

Рыбак бросил вёсла, и его лодку сносит течением. Забыв обо всём, околдованный песней, смотрит он вверх на Лорелею. Водоворот цепко схватил, закружил лодку. Нет спасенья! А рыцарь возвратился домой от своей невесты и, не найдя в замке своей любимой, затосковал смертной тоской. Опостылели ему пиры и охоты. Теперь ему ненавистно даже имя его знатной невесты. Не умолкая, звучит в ушах рыцаря голос его любимой. Рыцарь бродит по тёмным залам. Вспоминает: у этого окна стояла она, в это зеркало смотрелась, а на этой крутой лестнице споткнулась она, и он успел подхватить её на руки.

Dirk 2 years ago

I guess if one believes the POTUS has the authority to change tax rates, one will believe anything!

Broadsword 22 months ago

Poor little Conservatives. They blew it worse than anyone ever has under Bush, and now they're suffering under the delusion that a) anybody gives a damn what they think about economics and b) anybody pines for them to be in charge of anything, ever again.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 22 months ago from usa


just an update on the last 6 years .

3/5 /15 A crippled presidency http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/mar/5/don...

4/29/15 U S economy stalls in first quarter http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/article/2563756?...

10/24/14 Jaw-Dropping Study Claims Large Numbers of Non-Citizens Vote in US http://www.nationalreview.com/campaign-spot/391134...

5/4/14 Unemployment a crisis for youth http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2014/05/04/e...

4/30/15 ‘’Bucket ‘’: President Obama’s Veto Threats Hurts American Families & Workers http://www.speaker.gov/general/bucket-president-ob...

wake up to facts Dems took majority control of Congress 2007-2008, bush's last 2 years 2009-2010 Obama and Dems had 100% super control of the government 2011-2014 Dems control 2/3s of government , Reps only 1/3. 2015 Reps win majority control of Congress, D's control philibuster in Senate

wake up to reality, try to get by the propaganda of the media and government.gov

jackclee lm profile image

jackclee lm 15 months ago from Yorktown NY


Explaining Tea Party to your kid – is tantamount to child abuse and outright deception.

You missed what is the real Tea Party all about -

1. Tea Party was named after the Boston Tea Party who protested taxation without representation and lead to the American Revolution. It also stands for “Tax Enough Already”.

2. The Tea Party wants a responsible government that will live within its mean.

3. Tea party believes in our Constitution and right to free speech and free assembly. They are peaceful unlike the Occupy Wall Street movement.

4. Tea party is a real grass root organization with no hidden agenda unlike the OWS and BLM groups which are funded by George Soros.

5. Tea party was against the huge stimulus bill and the bailout of wall street. Non of which lead to any jobs or economic recovery.

Where were the shuffle ready jobs to rebuild our infrastructure?

6. The huge 18 trillion debt which your kid and their kids will have to repay. Explain that to your kid and why they must pay for our fiscal irresponsibility.

7. Tea Party are patriots who are trying to save our nation from a national disaster. That is the truth and they are being demonized by you.

jeff61b profile image

jeff61b 15 months ago Author

jackclee -

The Tea Party was funded by the Koch brothers and other billionaires. It is far from a grass roots organization.

I did not demonize the Tea Party. The mere statement of facts is not demonizing.

Although you expressed your opinions about the Tea Party, you made no effort to dispute anything in the article.

jackclee lm profile image

jackclee lm 15 months ago from Yorktown NY

Jeff, that explains why the IRS went after the TEA party and destroyed the Lois Lerner emails. If you take the time to read up on the Koch brothers, you will learn that they are hard working businessmen that created value for their customers and employed over 100,ooo people. Their pursuit of "good profits" is what makes our country great. The new book with that title should be read by all students if they want to succeed in life. I would recommend it to your son just so he get a balanced education. Contrast that with George Soros who was convicted of currency manipulation. His open society institute pushes legalizing drugs and open borders and funds radical groups to create division among groups.

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