Exports play an important role of the Global Economy

Exports of a country play an important role in the economy. A healthy balance, a sustainable development with trade and foreign exchange reserves to maintain the country's export growth should be a constant and high rate. Exports as a whole affect the industrial environment. To compete internationally, the industry standard for quality products, competitive price, good packaging, etc, which is important for overall industry. For export as a national priority for government and private sectors recognized by all agencies to export, export growth is to maintain high rates. Partnership between public and private sectors, export procedure, the better foreign direct investment (FDI), especially in the manufacturing sectors, the results at all levels should be. Exports as a motivating force to act fast developing Indian economy and India an important player in the global market can make. During 2002-03, merchandise exports are worth Rs. 2, compared to Rs 50 130 crore. 19.67% 209 017 million with a growth rate of Indian exports in 2001-02.

India's GDP growth rate in exports is strong factor contributing to GDP increases constantly day by day India in terms of population after China the second largest country in the world. India's economy has performed well in recent years after the country began to open in 1991. India's exports enter the WTO since 1995 has doubled.

Total exports of goods and commercial services, India's share in the world is up 0.86 percent in 1995 from 0.61 per cent in 2001, total imports of goods and commercial services in the world, the country's stock 0.99 percent from 0.78 percent increase.

India's trade usually last two decades, a faster growth rate than GDP growth. Since 1991, especially with liberalization, India's economy has boosted the importance of international trade. As a result of international trade to GDP ratio has gone from 14 percent in 1980, in the late 1990s to about 20 percent. Given the trends of globalization and liberalization to the openness of Indian economy is expected to grow further in the coming two decades. In 2020 India's trade and more precise magnitude of India's national income ratio will be determined by a variety of factors.

Modern Global Export Marketing Methods

Web technology and its impact on trade electronic devices and platforms continue to grow in different ways . Marketers and advertisers web forum are aware of the power of digital technology. Consumers in digital form on their doorstep is to find information about products and services online.

In the digitization, companies with attractive pictures , digital paper or web pages for individuals and businesses to provide their products or services , consumers towards new images online market is a powerful brand affinity . Online branding captured the largest internet market place, which is a mirror for those companies. Available digital news, plus helpful information on products or services, where it can lower costs to the end consumer in print with a mouse click .

Export Import Business Guide
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