Expressing our emotions...


No, they are merely momentarily kindles of a candle in a dark spacious room.

Words, like everything in this world…need to be written with emotion. Sometimes I wonder…if man was created without emotion, would any of the troublesome things which are happening today happen? How could a soul so defined, so majestic, so beautiful and exquisite live emotionless? “It can’t be” we say…because that’s the nature of who we are.

If one was created without emotion than why does he/she cry? Why do we express joy by smiling? Why do we laugh at times and frown at other times? It seems that I am merely questioning the obvious…that these expressions are a reflection of what we feel, and are signs of the things we are going through. But are they? No, they are merely momentarily kindles of a candle in a dark spacious room. In my opinion happiness is that little slight moment where you forget all your sorrows and you feel that your heart begins to pump again…so beautiful is that moment that it is only momentarily. We wake up to confront our arduous lives, and do nothing to change its state.

Express what you feel even if you were one in a million:

Sometimes we are capable of expressing our emotions more genuinely and truthfully, not being obliged to fake it to the shrew eyes. But why are we capable of truly expressing our emotions at times and not at others? Have we been touched at some point where we haven’t at another? Sometimes we find ourselves touched when it is something that concerns the nature of the place we live in or the people surrounding us, the closer it is to us physically the more we feel towards it. This of course shouldn’t be, unless if our hearts were merely connected by the distance that separates us. As some express their opinions suavely others hideaway shyly…Why have we become so austere? Why have our hearts hardened so? Shouldn’t it be natural that we smile when we see our friends smile? Shouldn’t we cry at their sorrows and feel for their losses? Shouldn’t we stand for them when they are in most need?

At times I begin to wonder, is it alright to smile? Sometimes we kindly vouchsafe our prayers to the least fortunate, and forget that all they ever wanted could have been a true expression…that we are not numb in everything that is happening…that we “Feel” for them as much as if they were our own; because they are. Equal as we are.

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