Facts of Chuck Norris

The American actor Chuck Norris has been involved in recent years by an Internet phenomenon known as English Chuck Norris facts ("facts about Chuck Norris"). Through numerous media related to the Internet (e-mail, newsgroups, web sites) are continuously distributed, collegiate purposes, invented and improbable news about him. Many of them have to do with strength, masculinity and martial arts skills to Norris, exaggerated with humorous intent.

The Chuck Norris facts have begun to spread from 2005 through IRC channels and forums such as Something Awful (the same site responsible, among other things, the birth of the phenomenon all your base are belong to us). The phenomenon was initially drawn to the beats of Conan O'Brien (host of Late Night with Conan O'Brien), who frequently took aim at Chuck Norris or his character in Walker Texas Ranger, and then proliferate independently. The phenomenon of facts about Chuck Norris has some precedent (for example the facts about Vin Diesel) and any successor (the facts about Jack Bauer, of the television series 24), but it remains unequaled as diffusion. The facts circulating in many languages, it includes both the original English translation of facts, is apparently original inventions (for example, references to incidents of local news or politics).


Chuck Norris said the phenomenon in its official website and has also served some of the facts to say, commenting, his deeply religious vision of reality.

The phenomenon seen in the media

Norris appeared in the show The Tony Danza Show and The Best Damn Sports Show Period and he was asked an opinion on these jokes. He also read the top 10 "facts" and said that they prefer the following "You tried to carve Chuck Norris's profile on Mount Rushmore, but the granite was not tough enough to represent his beard."

The magazine Rolling Stone has published a short article on "facts."

On 20 March 2006, Time interviewed Chuck Norris calling it an "online cult hero."

Saturday Night Live aired a short called Young Chuck Norris, a fake music video about the escapades of the young Chuck Norris just inspired the "facts".

In Italy the phenomenon of Chuck Norris facts erupted in early 2006 with the birth site of the Roundhouse Kicks - We Love Chuck Norris, conceived and carried forward today by Richard Bidoia and Massimo Fiorio.

The Zoo 105 radio broadcasts almost daily under the heading "Walker, Texas Ranger" where "facts" are read by Marco Zanni.

On Google, who wrote "where is chuck norris" and click on "I'm Feeling Lucky", is hijacked on-site nochucknorris.com hoax, which replicates the look and feel of the famous search engine.


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