Father Frank's Rant - Osama Gone

Father Frank’s Rant - Osama Gone

I have an old acquaintance with Father Frank Gelli. He keeps sending me his rants by email and I am thankful to him. He has many interesting observations and he is outspoken. In his recent rant number 438 of 3rd May 2011 he says:

‘Osama never seemed agitated or angry, even when blasting the infidels on video. His face emanated a sense of repose, of, yes, spirituality, uncanny attractive. Or was there a hint of Satanic? A lady – the mother of a journalist compared him to Jesus.’ Father Frank says: ‘Here ends the putative likeness. Osama was a man of violence, though his violence came handy to the US when they needed him to fight the Russians. He lived by the sword and died by the sword.

That does not mean, however, that in the Muslim world many will not see Ben Laden as a Shaheed, a martyr. A heroic fighter perhaps, comparable to Saladin or the Mahdi of Sudan. That is why the Americans took the precaution of burying his body at sea. Why would they do that, were they not afraid of Osama’s grave becoming a cult, a focus of devotion, even of pilgrimage by the faithful? Ironic because Bin Laden’s Saudi brand of Islam – Wahabism – abominates any sort of grave veneration, even those of the Prophet and his companions – as shirk- polytheism. I suspect Osama would not have approved of pious Muslims visiting his tomb.’

I therefore replied to Father Frank by the email which is reproduced here:

Dear Father Frank,

Reference your rant number 438 - Osama Gone:

Charity begins at home, if Osama Bin Laden had a mission - to purge evil from the world, he should have done first in Saudi Arabia and got rid of the exploiters and the hypocrites - the Saudi rulers. But he himself was a tyrant and was propelled by hate. He pushed so many ignorant into sin and they formed an off shoot of the Al Qaeda - the Tahreek-ay Taliban Punjab, who kill the Shias in Parachinar, in Karachi, Quetta and Lahore. And he sent a suicide bomber and killed Ahmad shah Masood, the Shia commander and leader of the Northern alliance, who is remembered by Hamid Karzai as Hero of the Afghan Nation.  

Rightly he was denied even two yards of space by the mother earth and was sunk in the sea where all parts of him by now are torn in bits and bodily form does not exist. What kind of life he had; hunted by machines with human eyes controlling them, and they found him and pulled the trigger into his skull. If you will remember the machines were searching Khomeini as well, they were also controlled by the eyes and located him, but four of those massive helicopters got destroyed by the super force. This was the spirituality of Aayetullah that had done it. And his grave today is the place of pilgrimage, but Osama's even if he was buried in the ground could not have been visited by even a tiny number of pilgrims because of the curse barrier that would have surrounded it.

All the massacre by his Al-Qaida squads all over the world is on his shoulders, but before that it is loaded on Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahab, who created him and before that on the earliest ones, who manipulated and disobeyed the Prophet of Islam and grabbed power and not understanding the philosophy of justice, rule and reform passed edicts that produced the distorted of faith like of Sheikh Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahab.

I keep looking for your rants. Best regards.


Here we add a few more facts to survey and do justice with the Wahabism. Osama Bin Laden followed Wahabism, it propelled him do destruction and killing and that Saudi Arabian kingdom implements as the state religion of the Kingdom. All the Muslim world knows the right of the dead. He has to be buried, but Saudi Arabia denied that right to Osama Bin Laden by refusing to let his dead body enter in his country of birth and be buried there. It is the Shara-ee point that if a person has died on land he will be buried under ground not buried at sea. But Saudi Arabia refused that right of the dead to Osama Bin Laden by refusing US to take his body. This is the arbitrariness of the Wahabism refusing the right of even a Wahabi. And they are out to implement Tauheed - that great philosophy the oneness of God as their fundamental aim and in that they use more killing, brute force and hypocrisy than logic and reason.

If a man is living near a mosque and does not go to offer his prayer there, they will go and tell him to go to mosque to offer prayer, and if he still does not go on the second day he will be reminded and if he does not go for the third day he will be ordered to be killed.

If an Imam of a mosque is not preaching Ahkamat – the creed according to their brand of Islam he will be told to teach according to their belief if he continues not to change his preaching for three days he will be killed. And the Shias, the lukewarm Sunnis who are Shia mild, the Christians, the Judas, the Hindus and all others who did not follow their brand of faith were infidels.

It was grave sin to visit shrines and tombs and they were demolished and flattened and the devotees visiting the graves were to be killed.

The women were not given right to vote, to drive, to go out on their own and I have seen their women, making circumambulation of Kaaba with veil on their faces which is against the edicts of Islam.

All such innovations in the religion have created great imbalance and tendency towards cruelty and terrorism, but the politics of convenience of the USA is keeping the Saudis in pact with them and Saudi Arabia has become the home of all that that origins in terrorism.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)




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