Features of Federal Government

Features of Federal Government

 Fedralism has the following characteristics of its own ans these characteristics distinguish it form Unitarianism.
a) In a federal state there are two sets of governments, one is called federal or central government, the other is provincial or Unit governments.The union of these two sets of governments makes what is called federation.Each governments is independent of the other in its own jurisdiction.The central and unit governments are constitutionaly equal in status and position:non s superior to other.
b) In a federation governmental powers are essentially distributed by the constitution between the Central government on the one hand and the unit government on the other.The details of division vary in different federations.But the principle folllowed in the division is that all matters which are primarily of common interest and require uniformity of regulation throughout the country such as foreign affairs,defence,currency and coinage are placed under the central government, and the resr is left to the Unit governments.
c) Federal system essentially implies the supremacy of constitution.A federal state derives its existence from the constitution;powers of both central and unit governments are delegated by the constitution.Wvery power whether of central or Unit governments is subordinate to, and controlled by, the constitution.For instance, in the united states neither the president nor the Congress nor the governer of New yorknor its legislature can legally exercise a single power which is inconsistent with the articles of the constitution.Every legislature existing under a federal constitution is merely a subordinate law-making body, whose laws are valid while within authority conferred on it by the constitution, invalid if they go beyond the limits of such authority.
d) To maintain in practice the supremacy of the constitution every federal state must have a supreme courrt.It interprets the constitution, decides disputes between center and province or provinces, or between different organs of government.It puts them in check, keeps them within their constitutional limits.
e) The federal constitution being a complicated contract and the supreme law of the land is essentially a written and rigid one.
f)In a federal state there exists some sort of double citizenship and allegiance.This means that a citizen has to show alllegiance both to the provincial and federal governments,
g)The central legislature under federal system is generally found bicameral on tha age old ground that the lower house enshrines the national idea and represents the nation as a whole and the upper house is enshrine federal idea and to represent the units as such.

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I like d features of federal government becos it is straight forward and easy understand.

Shahnawaz from kashmir 5 years ago

These r well futured features of fedralism

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Features of government is well analyze

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i like the features,the features are a straight guide to governance in practices

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the fact is told no confusionn it can even be understood by a kid.

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fedralism system is a perfect if all d federalism state follow ALL dis feature as he has stated.

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Its a nice job. Keep it up.

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very educative thanks

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I like ds features, cos it is very easy to understand.

Micah 4 years ago

Federal govt also highlight d right of d citizens so dat nobody cn temper with such right

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Federal govt also highlight d right of d citizens so dat nobody cn temper with such right

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the features are good but has no reference

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I like federal features of govt bcos it gives every fundametal freedom of the nation

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