Ferguson, Missouri Brings America To A Crossroad

The $25,000 Question

For quite some time opposition to police tactics has been growing in America. The use of deadly force has been escalating among police officers leaving many wondering if police were using excessive force. In situations where in times past officers used batons, tasers or bare hands to subdue suspects they are now using lethal means to deal with citizens seemingly without hesitation.

More often than not it seems today that bullets are flying where batons used to be swinging which leaves us with the question “Are police using lethal force more than they should?”

Police Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown

Does The Deed Justify The Actions

The shooting incident involving Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has divided the nation in many ways but mostly along racial lines.

There are those who accuse the officer who shot Brown of being a racist policeman with an agenda against blacks. Others have said he was simply a lawman protecting himself against an aggressive individual who attacked him. No matter what side you align yourself with there is one thing that is certain: an 18-year-old young man is dead whose only offense known to the officer at the time was walking in the street when he should have been on the sidewalk. This and this alone prompted the confrontation between Michael Brown and police officer Darren Wilson and it should not have ended with someone dead.

State Police Facing Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri

A Minor Infraction Leads To A Deadly Confrontation

Walking in the street when a sidewalk is available is illegal. Even if there is no sidewalk available you cannot walk in the street. You can walk along the shoulder but not in the street. Walking in the street is a simple pedestrian violation that is punishable by receiving a citation just like jaywalking if a policeman decides to issue the offender one. It is not a felony or a crime but a simple violation worthy of a fine. The problem occurred when officer Wilson took offense to Michael Brown and his companion ignoring his request or demand to get out of the street and the situation quickly escalated to a deadly one but it shouldn’t have.

Police officers are trained to handle various situations that they may confront in their daily patrols. They are trained to be level-headed when dealing with the most rowdy civilian. Even though Michael Brown disobeyed the officers instruction there was no need for him to aggressively pursue him for a minor infraction like walking in the street. The officer’s actions only helped to aggravate a minor situation into a major one. Was Michael Brown wrong? Yes. Was officer Wilson wrong? Yes. But officer Wilson was more wrong because he, a trained police officer, literally made a mountain out of a molehill.

Instead of calmly turning around his vehicle and approaching the young men he gunned his car in reverse almost hitting them. Instead of getting out of his vehicle and asking them for identification to issue them a citation he positioned his car in a way that a physical altercation resulting in the shooting of Brown occurred at the car and later in the street.

It never should have come to that but it did and it did due to the aggressive nature of the policeman addressing a minor infraction.

Michael Brown

Just The Facts

The officer’s approach to this situation was all wrong. It is up to every officer of the law tp evaluate every situation and determine the appropriate actions to take. Darren Wilson’s actions were aggressive and over-the-top given the situation he was facing.

Be that as it may now America finds itself at a crossroad. Not because an unarmed black male was shot and killed but because a police officer overreacted to a minor situation.

Forget the fact that Michael Brown was black or that the officer was white and just look at the facts of the occurrence. Should anyone who is simply walking in the street end up shot to death by the hand of the police because of it?

I think we all know the answer to that question.

Are police using lethal force too much?

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wrenchBiscuit profile image

wrenchBiscuit 2 years ago

Great hub. Thank You!

graceinus 2 years ago from those of the Ekklesia

If Mr. Brown had walked to the sidewalk as instructed by officer Wilson then the incident would not have happened. But hey, a police officers instructions don't mean a damn thing anymore, right. You assume that Officer Wilson, without reason, back up his vehicle to confront Mr. Brown a second time. Was Mr. Brown still walking in the street even after Mr. Brown was instructed to walk on the sidewalk? Did Mr. Brown just blow off the instructions of Officer Wilson to move to the sidewalk and that is why Officer Wilson backed up his vehicle? Mr. Brown continue to walk down the middle of the street as if he didn't give a damn what the Officer told him to do. Did Mr. Brown start an argument with the officer? And what about Mr. Brown's friends he was with that were standing near by? Did they say or do ing thing to help stop or avoid the situation with Mr Brown from getting worse? What evidence do you have that shows Officer Wilson making the situation worse? Do you think officer Wilson would have backed up his vehicle and confronted Mr. Brown a second time, if Mr. Brown had been walking down the sidewalk as instructed? When the incident became physical who did what to who, does anybody know? When the incident became physical, did Mr. Brown attempt to take the Officers gun? It's reported that Mr. Brown was 295 lbs. and well over 6 ft. Have you ever fought with someone who was a 100 lbs more than you and taller than you? If so, where you in fear for your life? Have you ever had to struggle with someone who was much larger than you and try to keep him from getting your firearm?

Every one seems to think that the incident started when Officer Wilson backed up his vehicle and blocked Mr. Brown in the middle of the street. When in fact it started the moment Mr. Brown decided not to follow the Officer's instructions. Mr. Brown's attitude was, screw the law I'll do what I want.

Did it ever occure to you that had Mr. Brown complied with Officer Wilson's instructions in the first place he would very likely be alive right now and the entire incident would have been avoided. But hey, who gives a damn what a cop has to say, right Mr. Brown.

Officer Wilson was NOT wrong at all. He did his job.

wrenchBiscuit profile image

wrenchBiscuit 2 years ago

The facts prove that Wilson is a cold-blooded murderer. The last I checked it is not a capital crime to walk down the middle of the street. Furthermore, it is not a capital crime to ignore a police officer, look at him crossed eyed , curse at him, or even spit on him.

But aside from Brown's alleged disrespect for the law, there is a more important issue here which involves professionalism. Brown was not getting paid to kiss the posterior of a miscreant cop. However, the taxpayers were paying the cop to act, and carry out his duties in a professional manner. The first mistake Wilson made was confronting the teenager alone with his window down. He should have simply observed Brown from a safe distance while waiting for backup. Everything that allegedly happened afterward would not have happened had Wilson used some common sense. What most likely happened is that Brown injured Wilson's pride, and so paid with his life. I thank God today that I am not an apologist for evil.

TonyDan profile image

TonyDan 2 years ago from Toledo, Ohio Author

A police officer does not use aggression and lethal force to deal with a jaywalker period.

TonyDan profile image

TonyDan 2 years ago from Toledo, Ohio Author

And it sounds like some people can't take race out of the equation and simply look at the actions of all involved.

graceinus 2 years ago from those of the Ekklesia

wrench And what FACTS do you have that Wilson is a cold-blooded murderer? You're another big mouth that has no idea what your talking about. Just because you hate police officers does not make Wilson a cold blooded murderer.

Tony Dan/If it was just the issue of jaywalking then you are correct, it would not justify lethel force. And I highly doubt Mr. Brown was shot and killed because he was jaywalking. But you sure make it sound like that is the reason Brown was killed. You manage to leave out of your story that Brown was trying to take Officer Wilson duty weapon. That is why Brown was killed and for no other reason. Wilson feared for his life. You can try an twist the story all you want to but it will not change the fact that Wilson did NOTHING wrong.

graceinus 2 years ago from those of the Ekklesia

Wrench- And by the way spiting on a police Officer is a crime. It is called, " assult on a police officer." Punishable by fine, jail or both.

wrenchBiscuit profile image

wrenchBiscuit 2 years ago

Yes, I am a "big mouth" with an even bigger brain. That's why it's easy for me to see the forest, as well as the trees. However, I am not responsible for any shortcomings you may have, or your confusion concerning truth versus absolute fiction.

No matter how you slice it Wilson was wrong. If we choose to believe his story, then we can only understand that Wilson is an idiot who isn't qualified to be a police officer. If he feared for his life, then he is the fool who created the situation in the first place, which begs the question: "What kind of person would persist in defending a fool?" Osiyo!

graceinus 2 years ago from those of the Ekklesia

Wrench I am still waiting for your facts that prove Wilson is a cold blooded muderer. By all means provide the facts.

wrenchBiscuit profile image

wrenchBiscuit 2 years ago


Wilson betrayed himself with his own words. Wilson provided the facts himself. If we are to believe Wilson's story, then Wilson provoked a teenager while patrolling alone. Even someone with marginal intelligence could easily conclude that a teenager defiantly walking down the middle of the street who had already ignored the presence of a patrol car, would most likely become belligerent when commanded to walk on the sidewalk.

Wilson, who was trained as a police officer, and who had worked in this particular department for approx. 3 years, could have easily predicted the response. This tells us that Wilson is an arrogant control freak who saw an opportunity to throw his weight around, and to exert his authority. He purposely created the situation , knowing that if things got out of control he could always use lethal force, and that being alone would help to bolster his claim of self-defense. His arrogance and his apparent need to be respected and obeyed outweighed any sense of humanity. This illustrates a blatant disregard for human life, because his training and experience must have told him that such a situation could easily escalate out of control.

Anyone who purposely sets a stage that can lead to the loss of a human life; a stage on which they knowingly have the upper-hand, is nothing less than a cold blooded murderer. The fact that you haven't already figured this out for yourself is quite remarkable.

TonyDan profile image

TonyDan 2 years ago from Toledo, Ohio Author

We only have Wilson's testimony that Brown tried to get his weapon. No other witness supports that and the only witness who can refute that claim totally is dead. Very convenient. And again a simple jaywalking violation should not end in death for anyone. The officer was the only one armed and the authority figure who should have controlled the situation and he didn't. Race is not the issue here. Professional, qualified patrolling is. If Michael Brown was green he should still be alive.

TonyDan profile image

TonyDan 2 years ago from Toledo, Ohio Author

Also name calling solves nothing and actually is an indicator that a person is either losing the discussion and resorting to personal attacks or lacks the intelligence to participate in a civil discussion of facts.

brian 19 months ago

Now they have riots in baltimore! The need an all black face law enforcement team!

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