Fine Face of Lalu Prasad Yadav

Fine Face of Lalu Prasad Yadav

Lalu Prasad Yadav has a fine face, compare it with Rana Sanaullah’s face - the Law Minister of Punjab with his stretched face with a moustache beating the old time dacoit Sultana Dakoo's, who was human though. Only he robbed when he decided to rob the stinking rich near Delhi, descending down from his Najeebabad base, up near the Himalayas. But he gave most of his loot to the poor. But Rana Sanaullah prefers to roam with the terrorists, the like of Sipah-e Sahaba, with their new name of Tahreek-e Taliban, who kill and maim innocent. They suicide bombed 2009 Moharram Ashura procession in Karachi, but this is a small matter for Rana Sanaullah, he escorts them in their open truck parading a procession with their leaders because they have their Taliban votes and will give vote to the PML-N and never mind if in the process this will categorise him as a Khwarji – one outside the ambit of Islam along with the Taliban. But he will not be alone, his Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif also escorts Sipah-e Sahaba for their votes and prefers called a Khwarji, to losing vote bank in Punjab.

Lalu Prasad Yadav has a fine face compared to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Chaudhary Iftekhar Mohammad also, who has a differential eye fitted on his face, and he is again better than the chief Justice of Punjab High Court, Khwaja Mohammad Shareef, who has his mouth pulled to one side on his face and Lalu Prasad Yadav is doing better in politics but they are not doing so in their profession of giving justice, where they will never do justice with justice, since they are Aaibi and it is written on their faces, so says the science of face reading.

Lalu Prasad Yadav has another one up quality, compared to these bearers of facial defects. He speaks fine Poorbi – the provincial language of Bihar that is sweet and sincere, with no biting to anyone. And he keeps a straight face that also has a tint of smile on it, but these Aaibis carrying inherent shortcomings aversive and repulsive and can’t spurt out one kind word to please the soul.

Our Prime Minister of Great Britain, Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown carries one eye blind on his face which he lost in rugby accident but this is not an Aaib – a defect, says the science of face reading. He gives fine talks that pleases the international audience, and never waivers in justice, but our Chief Justice of Pakistan with his differential eye fitted on his face cannot speak a word in any language to warm the heart neither in Urdu nor in English, save accent punctuated rudimentary Urdu butchering the language, and taking aid of judiciary to butcher justice and gobbling up a document of reconciliation - the NRO, which benefited general people and the nation, including his restoration to the seat of Chief Justice.

Then at their back is the team of the tongue lashing PML-N politicians, all excelling at throwing abuses at the person of Asif Ali Zardari all in his absence and doing Gheebat – accusing and abusing and discrediting someone in someone’s absence. But what a person Asif Ali Zardari is, he never turns back at them and never defends him. The Gheebat was such a crime that the Devil shuddered doing it, because said the Hadees there was no forgiving for the Gheebat.

Lalu Prasad Yadav comes from a land where Lord Rama Chandra was born and his love ruled and either has infused love in him. But these atrocious of acts, with defect sitting on their face and in their imperfect actions come from a land on which Alexander attacked and trampled with his army and married his soldiers with woman there and corrupted and filled their hearts with hatred and belligerence and the insolvent attitude and they never shed it off but retained it emitting expressions of abusiveness, slants, acrimony in sentences, and spurted the ensuing negative benedictions. For God’s sake why don’t they start the day, reciting one Aayet, make it two and give only but two minutes to think into it before lauding them outside and entangling them with affairs.

Lalu Prasad Yadav, comes from a land where Ramayan was translated from the Sanskrit into the Bhasha by that Saint Tulsi Das the Adi Kavi - the original poet, whose words Lalu Prasad Yadav recites every day before he starts his day and he speaks sweetly not bitingly.

And these distorted of face think they are winning in spite of nothing to show and they think Asif Ali Zardari is losing in spite of so much to show. Since after having to struggle staying in office for the gone past two years he is bouncing once again. And Dr Shahid Masood of the Geo TV every day is abusing his medical degree.The other day he was praising Dr Israr Ahmad who was a hypocrite, he professed Imam Husain Als was not a martyr. Dr Shahid Masood is crying hoarse to get Zardari out and his face has gone distorted, but President Zardari is staying in office by the brilliant strokes of his politics. And since he has gone in his office, Zardari’s face has gone beamingly finer, leaking out nobility. And these distorted of face are marring a country with their standard in low morality and no rightness, sending it slide into hypocrisy for continually harnessing evil that breeds evil.

And this is all because of the Fiqah they follow – the Fiqah-e Hanafi, all of it given by the student Imam and they gleefully accepted that, ignoring and abandoning the Fiqah given by the Imam of the house of the Prophet SAWW – Imam Jafar Sadiq Als and that was the cause of the bitterness in their system of flesh and blood clad on their ribs and bones. And what else our great Prophet SAWW can do, than to state in clear terms that there was Saqlain – two heavy things he was leaving behind him for them and as long as they clung to the either, they will not be lost, not be destroyed, but they clung only to one and left the holy twelve Imams and Bibi Fatimah Zehra SUA and the Prophet SAWW clearly said to remove all ambiguity, ‘ there are twelve Imams (Itrati - my smell) who are to be followed and each one of them is Mohammad.

So let there be Madressas – the schools of learning, only with Fiqah-e Jafaria jurisprudence for producing Ulemas and no bombers and let there be a few fine face Lalu Prasad Yadav in Punjab.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkaar-e Shia (Shia Thought)



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PBR profile image

PBR 6 years ago

"But Rana Sanaullah prefers to roam with the terrorists the like of Sipah-e Sahaba, with their new name of Tahreek-e Taliban, who kill and maim innocent."

Yet the bast*rd tries his best to justify it and I heard him saying on the T.V. that we should bring them into the main stream politics. WOW! Bring them into the main stream politics so that these mass murderers can get their names into the guinness book.

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