First In Line For Death

Every day while we go about our normal routine a lot of us are in a hurry to get things done. Bobbing and weaving in traffic just to get one car ahead honking at anyone who dares to not drive 15-20 miles an hour over the speed limit I am late get out of my way. We do this to get to the store or to our job or to drop our kids off at school or wherever it is we need to be which we left 15 minutes late for and has now become everyone else's problem.

When we get to the store we have to find the closest parking space to get inside to walk down the isle taking every short cut we know to get what we need then go try and find the shortest line racing to get to it before the old lady with the 50 cans of cat food who we just know is going to write a check, pay with pennies or gasp engage the clerk in polite conversation taking up more of our precious day keeping us from getting just one car ahead.

When we get to work we once again try to find the closest parking space because god for bid someone else get it before we do they will be in the office 2 minutes sooner causing us to loose our chance at a promotion of course it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that you are leaving the house 15 minutes late or that office party where you announced to the entire office that you boss is a big stupid head. When our kids get to school they fight to be first in line for lunch so they can be the first to look for the best table so they can be the first to get done so they can get to there locker first to get to the bus first.

I can think of one thing that most of us avoid being first for DEATH. In the line for death we would gladly give up our spot. If we were driving to death we would drive as slow as possible and take as many detours that we could find, we would stop at every rest area, truck stop or patch of dirt. We eat whatever food, take whatever pill, do whatever exercise it takes to avoid being first in line for death.

When faced with cancer or any other terminal illness we fight to stay alive just a few more months instead of enjoying the last moments we have, we keep our loved ones on life support for years after their spirit has already left us because taking them off would remind us of our own immortality, we put premature babies through hell just so we don't have face death, when a loved one die's we go to the funeral and quickly try and forget about it and tell our kids to go on with life Grandpa(insert loved one here) is in a better place instead of remembering them and teaching the next generation about them.

We do this so don't have to be reminded of the fact they we are just that much closer to the front of the line. Death is a dirty little secret that everyone has and no one wants to know.

I say to all of you out there weaving in and out of traffic rushing to get wherever it is go ahead get in front of me I left on time for work, school, the store. Take that parking spot I will park out in no mans land I could use the exercise. Go ahead of me in line I am going to talk to this nice old lady about when she was a kid and maybe learn something. Go ahead I am going to enjoy my life, my kids, my family, my friends. Go head you first since all that rushing in out of traffic fighting to get that parking spot to get to the front of that line is still going to wind up leading to the front of the line for death.

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Mystique1957 profile image

Mystique1957 6 years ago from Caracas-Venezuela


This is a very conscientious hub! In many cultures the saying "better late than never" is known by the vast majority, though it isnĀ“t applied(sad thing!). The truth is that living now means enjoying... No, savoring every moment as if it were your last! The real happiness in life comes when we learn to live in the now and become more humane and kind!

Great hub!

Thumbs up! Happy to be your fan too!

Warmest regards and blessings,


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