Five Golden Women Of India With Foreign Origin

Annai - Mother

Annai is a Tamil term which means mother. Mira Alfassa (also called as Mother Mira, pronounced as Meera), was born in Paris as a second child to an Egyptian mother and Turkish father on February 21, 1878, a few months later they settled in France. She accomplished herself as a painter and musician in her early days. She studied occultism in Algeria during her early twenties. She always had a spiritual seeking inside her.

When she heard about Sir Aurobindo Gosh from her friend Alexandra David-Neel, who met Sir Aurobindo during his visit to Pondicherry, she felt that she should meet Sir Aurobindo. She came to India in 1914 along with her second husband Paul Richard and met Sir Aurobindo. On her first meet itself, she felt that he is her mentor, whom her earlier visions she encountered, pointed out. As World War I broke out at that time, she was forced to leave to France.

In 1920 April, she returned back to India, and she never left India after that. Later, her embodiment of the dynamic expressive aspect of evolutionary, her spiritual search and service to humanity turned her as “Supreme Mother”.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was born to Albanian parents at Skopje, Macedonia, as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu on August 27, 1910. Born as the youngest of the three siblings, she always had love to humanity and service to mankind. She joined the sisters of Loreto, at her age of 18, an Irish community of nuns, and left to India for their missions. She started her service as a teacher and taught geography and catechism at St. Mary’s High school in Calcutta. But the poverty of Calcutta made her to change her decisions. She took permission from her superiors and started “Missionaries of Charity”.

She gave home to those who were homeless, care and love to those who were needy, medical facilities to those were suffering, education to poor children and a lot more services. The Charity which she started with 12 members is now grown with 4000 nuns doing various services and it has been established now in more than 100 countries.

Sister Nivedita

She was born as Margaret Elizabeth Noble, on October 20, 1867. She was born to Mary Isabel and Samuel Richmond Noble in Ireland. She was zealous child, full of energy and enthusiasm. In her early age itself, she realized that religion is not having beliefs in Doctrines. She always had the quest of searching the divine light from inner.

Margaret, an Anglo-Irish social worker, met Swami Vivekananda, a great Hindu Monk, in the year 1895 in London. She was impressed by the concepts of Swami Vivekananda, who insisted that ignorance, greediness and selfishness are the reasons for sufferings. She turned into one of the disciples of Swami Vivekananda and later turned into the famous and well known disciple. She was later named as “Nivedita” by Swami Vivekananda, which means “One who is highly dedicated to GOD, the almighty”. She was then popularly called as “Sister Nivedita”. She spent her whole life in search of spiritual divine light and service to humanity.

Annie Besant

She was born as Annie Wood on October 1, 1847 to an Irish Family at London. She belonged to a middle-class family and her father died when she was just five. Her mother ran a boarding home for boys at Harrow to support the family. She got married to Frank Besant, but her marriage life lasted only for 6 years. She had two children from the marriage.

Annie Besant always questioned the conventional thinking and religious beliefs. She fought for women rights, secularism and a lot more social issues of her time. She joined the Theosophical Society and believed it as the best way to know GOD as this society was against racism, differentiation by gender and color and taught to believe on Universal Brotherhood.

Annie Besant came to India as a member of Theosophical Society in the year 1893. She toured all over India and learnt about their sufferings because of the British system of ruling and educating. She got involved in Indian freedom movement and found Home Rule League in the year 1916 which demanded self rule in India. She also founded the Central Hindu College at Benares in the year 1898. She was the first woman president of Indian National Congress. She established a newspaper named “New India” and used to criticize British government. She even got jailed for her involvement in the freedom fighting. Later when Mahatma Gandhi entered into the scene of Freedom fight, she withdrew herself from active politics due to the differences arose with Gandhiji.

Sonia Gandhi

She was born as Sonia Maino in Orbassano, Italy in the year 1946, December 9. She met Rajiv Gandhi, son of Indra Gandhi who was the prime minister at that time, during his studies at Cambridge University. She was bar-maid at that time in England. They fall in love and married in the year 1968. She took Indian citizenship in the year 1983, as questions raised about her citizenship, which affected her husband’s possibility of turning into a prime minister of the country. This couple has two children named Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi.

Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in the year 1991 on May 21. None from Gandhi family involved in politics after the death of Rajiv Gandhi and that made the Congress party to start sinking. Pressure from elder leaders made her to enter politics in the year 1998. Due to the opposition from other parties, she just took the chairperson position of the ruling United Progressive Alliance and made Dr. Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India.

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MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Royal salute to the achievers

Sumanth 6 years ago

Hats off to these great Women but for the last one.

Sorry to say, its an insult to the other Great women to be bracketed along the highly forgettable Italian bahu who is a leader by chance

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

I can understand exactly what you mean Sumanth. Though I don't have great admires as I do for the rest of the ladies, one thing I really want to appreciate her. We had loads of matured politicians like Narashimah Rao, Deve Gowda, Chidambaram, etc... But what did they all do to congress after Rajiv... They just splitted it and ruined it, as if there was no such group existed.

Though a foreigner, she only had the capability to unite all these so called home made politicians together back :-)

HubMania profile image

HubMania 6 years ago from India

Very interesting hub.gj

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Thank you so much HubMania

athulnair profile image

athulnair 5 years ago from India

The first four are great personalities, but the last one. No comments about it!

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