Five Steps to Eliminate Multiple Problems

It is true that we all have problems at one time or another. The dilemma comes to the fore when we seem to suffer problem after problem and there never seems an end to it. Sometimes these problems occur simultaneously, leaving us flumoxed and wondering which way to turn.

Do we do this first? or, Do we do that?. Then we muddle around thinking and stressing as to whether these problems will compound, rather than resolve themselves?

You could throw your hands up in the air in despair
You could throw your hands up in the air in despair

There are Three Ways to Approach Problems

The simplest solution would be to throw your hands in the air and pretend that they don't exist. This is not a solution, when we have problems, we know that they don't go away by themselves. Problems need to be faced head on dealt with.

You could bury your head in the sand and sleep on it
You could bury your head in the sand and sleep on it

Many problems are solved in our sleep. We hear people saying, 'Sleep on it, things will look better in the morning'. Admittedly, some things do, but they are still there and they still need to be dealt with.

OR ... You could sit down and work it out
OR ... You could sit down and work it out

The best way to solve problems, is to sit down, face up to them, then deal with them, one step at a time. There are ways to deal with them without too much distress or upset to you and to yours.

Five Steps to Eliminate Your Problems

Step One - The first thing is to recognize that you have problems. I know that we all have problems, but there are not many that are insurmountable. Some are 'affairs of the heart' these are harder to deal with and the process is different from those of a financial nature.

Other than the emotional problems, many problems can be brought back to 'finance' Even if we do not consider them so at first glance, they usually are.

Recognizing your problems is the first step.

Step Two - Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, have a plate with a few biscuits and take yourself somewhere quiet, with a pen and paper.

List your problems. Write them with plenty of space between each one, or on a seperate piece of paper. Do not, at this stage, worry about priority. The most important thing is to get the problems out of your head and on to paper.

Step Three - Now your problems are in black and white. They are out there for you to see. The time has come to prioritize them, with the most important first, and the least important at the bottom of the pile.

Divide your pile of problems into sections. A pile for emotional, another for financial and so on..

How high are your piles? 4 sheets of paper, five, ten? However high they are, they are not as high as your mind makes them to be.

When you have got this far, take a break, a walk, a sit in the garden, listen to music, anything but think about the piles of problems. Go on ....

Step Four - Some problems are a grey area to catagorize, arguments with family members, neighbours are such grey areas. I'll bet that the root of the arguments is finance.

Maybe a boundary or party line needs repairing and there lies the dispute, its the finance of repair that generates the argument, neither neighbour has the funds so the argument over whose responsibility it is, ensues.

A family member, may have been generous enough to loan you some money. They might have said at the time, 'pay me back when you can'. Their circumstances change and that money might well benefit them. An argument ensues.

Grey area problems should be lifted from the piles and placed in a seperate pile. These are the ones that create unwanted stress and cloud your judgement on the other matter of fact piles. These problems need to be dealt with, if any of the other problems are to fall into place.

Step Five - In my opinion, all problems come in three catagories, emotional, financial or a culmination of both.

For the emotional problems, give yourself time to come to terms with the situation. Time is a great healer and I am not saying that you will ever forget or get over whatever is bothering you, but, you will come to terms with it and find a way of coping so that your heart and mind is not constantly aching.

With financial problems, you need to create a plan. Set yourself a goal for alleviating these problems. If you are in debt, think carefully before embarking with an IVA. These are great for relieving stress but overall you are paying out, in some cases, a lot longer than you need to.

Look at your debts, phone the companies individually and set up repayment plans. Some of your smaller debts could be repaid long before others. Then as you complete payments from the smaller debts, transfer that sum to a larger debt.

For instance - £70 over 12 mth repayment plan would be less than £6 a month, wheras £140 over 24 mths would be £6. Therefore if you added the 70 repayment to the 140 repayment at the end of the 12 months your repayments would be nil at the 18 month stage.

The grey area problems need to involve discussion, try and come up with a solution that helps all parties. Explain the situation and try to resolve amicably. Easier said than done, I know, but at least you would have made the first move and offered a solution. If the other party does not accept your offer, at least you know that you have tried.

Make it clear to the other party that this is what you can do, and then put the ball firmly in their court. Problem alleviated, if not solved.

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Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 4 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

It surely never hurts to take a rational approach to any problem. Just as with government, "throwing money at it" doesn't solve anything. The USA has done that repeatedly and now has bigger problems, $15.5 trillion of them. The "throw up the hands" approach only works when you are being robbed or arrested. All the other solutions are available, and there is surely one (or more) as ideally suited to a solution, as the problem is unique. Debt, marriage, and family counselors have without a doubt heard your problem before and know how it was best solved. Ask one or more of them, if you are at your wits' end. Impartial advice can make things clearer, and suggest solutions that work.

Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 4 years ago from Cornwall Author

Thank you Perspycacious for reading and taking the time to comment. You are right, there are many counselors that can help.

Feline Prophet profile image

Feline Prophet 4 years ago from India

Great advice, Ali! So many of us panic when we have problems instead of looking at them rationally...we tend to miss the wood for the trees!

Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 4 years ago from Cornwall Author

You are so right, Ash

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