Food Network Chef Arrested For Murder

The Culprit

Juan-Carlos Cruz at Santa Monica Police Department
Juan-Carlos Cruz at Santa Monica Police Department

Alleged Plot to kill his wife

Former tv chef Juan-Carlos Cruz is suspected of getting homeless men to try and murder his wife. He claims he also had a backup plan according to a celebrity gossip site. TMZ obtained text messages allegedly showing that the former Food Network star and three homeless men discussing a bizarre payment plan that Juan-Carlos Cruz came up with. He supposedly ripped up $100 bills and gave the men half of each bill when they bought into the plan-and the other half of the bills when the job was done. According to TMZ, when the homeless men alluded to turning down the deal Cruz text messaged back "have 2nd party ready to take over if u don't want it..." Instead of taking the alleged "half bill" offer, Santa Monnica police say the homeless men told the city's homeless liaison, who tipped off the cops.


The 48 year old was arrested Thursday May 13, and was booked on suspicion of solicitation to commit murder.  He was being held on $5 million bail.  Cops say that they have notified the intended target, but have not released the person's identity.  Cruz was once a pastry chef with LA's Hotel Bel Air.  He gained his fame by promoting low-fat cooking after he slimmed down, and wrote the book "The Juan-Carlos Cruz Calorie Countdown" Cookbook. 

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manthy profile image

manthy 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

Thanks for the info, that shows you how truly sad the world is becoming, I mean does the term the truth is stranger than fiction not apply here ;0)

Anyway I hope you have a blessed week and Thanks again for the hub

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