For Bayley And All Others Who Perished

For Bayley, and all of the others who perished.
She was just reaching for a toy, 
when her whole world 
collapsed around her,
a smear of chocolate icing 
from her 1st birthday cake,
still on her cheek from 
sharing the leftovers with the class.

Trapped underneath massive rubble, 
even as she was suffocating 
she cried long enough
for the rescuers to reach her.
Bloody and torn flesh too tiny
to bear gazing upon, 
yet one firefighter,
cradled her snug in his strong arms,
wishing he could heal her,
but knowing instinctively that 
she was beyond healing.
So the angels brought her mercy, 
and carried her in loving wings 
to a heavenly day care,
far beyond the evil of men 
who would dare mix fertilizer with hate,
and snatch the breath from tiny souls.
She plays in a bright nursery,
full of laughter and love, forever, 
while Timothy Mcveigh her butcher,
lies buried in the lava 
of flames and coals
suffocating in a hell 
of his own making, 
forever and ever.

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