Forced to Comply? What role will you play in the war on vaccines?

Levels and Marshall Law

Order to Comply....Will You?

Work in the medical field? Is your career considered part of the medical industry? Are you a caregiver or CNA? Are you aware of what is going to be expected of you by your local government? If not, it's time to get educated. Now is the time to start making decisions on what you are and are not prepared to do in the name of "public safety".

We have all heard it, the anti vaccine groups who cry foul on the constitutional rights. The pro vaccine community who says it's your civic duty to your fellow man.

Who's right and who's wrong? Does it really matter? What matters is what each of us is willing to do and not willing to do in the name of "public safety".Every state in the US has been asked to draw up and submit emergency pandemic plans. It's an outline of what actions will be taken in your state in the event of a pandemic and Marshall law being declared. For those who are not aware of the procedures to enact martial law due to a pandemic, I suggest you look at the photo to the right of this article. Most states in the U.S. have pretty much the same type of guidelines in regards to pandemic plans. This in part is due to the participation of states in the plans that were drawn for Model State Emergency Health Powers Act. So in light of the fact that most state plans and models are similar I am going to blanket this article with the majority of things expected of health care workers under a marshal law resulting from a pandemic. You can go the CDC website or google "( your state) emergency pandemic plans" and get your states current plan.

Let me also add that it really doesn't matter what side of the fence you walk in regards to vaccination safety, fear mongering, conspiracies, or one world governments. The fact that there are many diffrent plausible and rational points that can be made for both sides is irrelevant to this article. What is relevant is the fact that these "plans" do in fact exists and are in fact filed in each and every state as the model plans to be used in the event of a pandemic emergency. The fact that they are already in place is what we need to focus on, they may not be implemented over the current Swine Flu situation but you can bet there will come a day that they will be enacted and right now those in the medical industry need to start thinking about what is being asked of them and how much they are willing to comply with. It's time to start pondering these scenario's, you will not have time to reflect on your options when martial law comes to pass. So this article is designed to get you prepared for the passing of such an event. This article does not encourage or discourage your personal decisions. This is just an article to inform, educate and stimulate preparations of ones own personal self.



Will you be herded?
Will you be herded?

Duties of Medical Personnel

Duties of Medical Personnel Under Martial Law of Pandemic

Medical personnel is defined as CNA, RN, Doctors of all branches, EMT, Lab Techs any and all who have reasonable medical background. You do not necessarily have to have the certification that allows you to administer flu injections. If you are unfamiliar with injection procedures they will be taught to you. So now that we know what defines medical personnel we can get down to what your state is asking of you in a pandemic emergency.

All Medical Personal will be Required to Perform the Following:

Receive all mandatory vaccines immediately before performing your government selected duties.

Responsible for administering H1N1 immunizations and will administer H1N1 related drugs. H1N1 related drugs means antivirals that will be supplied by our Nations Antiviral Stockpile. In Ohio's State of Emergency Act is clearly says that EMT's will have the authority to deliver Influenza Vaccine and/or dangerous drugs. They do not provide a understanding of what they mean by dangerous drugs.

Responsible for working in vaccine centers performing all essential required duties to help facilitate the speed and efficiency of having the community vaccinated, proper records kept, inventory count and such.

Your duties may require you to work in a Vaccine Clinic, Local Hospital, Nursing Home, Health Care Clinic, Federal Flu Tent, Internment Camp or local School. To basically work where ever the local authorities deem your services are needed and you are not allowed to refuse.

Special Services of Certain Medical Workers

EMS organizations will be involved in the transport of acutely ill patients with known or suspected pandemic influenza .

Non-emergent (medical) transport organizations will be called upon to transport recovering pandemic influenza patients to their home, residential care facility, or possibly to alternate care sites set up by state or local health departments. (This could include internment camps.) Will also transport the deceased to funeral homes, government compounds for disposing of the dead. Mortality buildings. Basically you will transport alive or dead people where ever the government officials instruct you to do so. You may not refuse.

Lab Workers will be required to perform H1N1 testing and H1N5 testing when deemed applicable. Monitor people who are in the high risk group for receiving a vaccine. (Those with known allergic reactions) Run any and all lab tests that you are instructed to run by authorized government official.

Each state may have a separate criteria regarding your services, please see your states Emergency Pandemic Plan for specific job duties as well as the Federal Pandemic Plan.

Are You Really Willing To Be Medical Sheeple?

You are most likely going to have decide this question in the very near future.  Will you force toxic vaccines on your fellow man in the name of public health?  Will you deliver unknown substances to your fellow man based on the orders of a martial law director? Will you help the government trample on the civil rights of millions of people?  Only you can decide.  I pray your answer would be no.  Without the co-operation of the PEOPLE there is no way the pandemic plans can be carried out.   Do your research.  I suggest you read all the articles posted at WWW.TheFluCase.Com for in-depth and accurate reporting on the H1N1 Vaccine and it's serious health effects that include death.

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