Foreign Exchange Position of China

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Can China grab Canada cheaply?

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Will China Grab Canada?

Will China Grab Canada?
Will China Grab Canada? | Source

China Wants To Weaken USA through North Korea

Foreign Exchange Used To Expand Military

China has the distinction of possessing the largest amount of Foreign Exchange. China has $3200 billion ($3.2 trillion) foreign exchange in its hands. This is 20 times higher than the figure of USA and 10 times higher than that of India. China is utilizing this foreign exchange to strengthen its military. It is also investing in other countries. Officially China claims to spend $70 billion for military purposes every year. But informed military circles say that the figure is as high as $200 billion. 23 lakh people serve in the Red Army, navy and Chinese airforce. China stands number one in the world as far as the military personnel are concerned. USA is in second position with a figure of 16 lakhs and India third with a figure of 13 lakhs.

4000 Fighter Aircrafts and 8500 Artillery Tanks

China is bestowing more importance for its airforce. China has 4000 fighter aircrafts. China is also strengthening its naval forces. It has more than 60 submarines. Red Army has more than 8500 artillery tankers. In nuclear weapons, USA is number one and China is second. China has 2000 nuclear weapons of various sizes and capability. What about Chinese investments abroad?

Investments in USA

China has invested more money in USA with an investment of $ 800 billion. Next in importance for Chinese investments is Australia and then comes Brazil. China has invested $ 34 billion in Australian coal mines. In Asian and African continents, Chinese investment is of three types. First China has assisted some nations financially. Secondly China has lent money to some nations. Thirdly it has spent in taking up contract jobs. For example China undertakes construction of roads, bridges, ports, electric power stations and hospitals. Chinese labourers are sent abroad to complete these jobs.

Pakistan Has Not Supported China in Island Dispute with Japan

In some places China constructs some buildings free of cost as a goodwill gesture to attract attention. For example it has constructed a marble palace for a small African country. China has invested in copper and coal in Africa. In Asia, China stands number three in total investments next to USA and European Union. China has concluded many treaties with Asian nations since 2010. It has invested $ 15 billion in Pakistan. Pakistan prefers to call China as its ‘all weather friend’. But at the same time in the crucial issue of China’s ownership fight with Japan for an important island, Pakistan refused to side with China and is maintaining its neutrality. This is because of American pressure.

Will China Grab Canada?

China invested $ 10 billion in Argentina and opened 4000 super markets there. China has purchased lots of shares in important companies in Canada. Wealthy Chinese have purchased luxury palaces in Canada. China has an eye on Canada. Canada has a tiny population of around two to three crore people. But it has vast land. China is hungry for land. It wants to gobble up Canada in future. Canada has no military strength worth the name. It is not a nuclear power also. If many Chinese settle down in Canada, China can easily grab Canada through the backdoor. Of course immediately it is not possible as USA is next doors and will get angry. Remember Cuba missile crisis 1960. But if USA is weakened militarily and economically in future, China will grab Canada easily.

China Wants To Weaken USA through North Korea

For weakening USA militarily, China depends on North Korea. It has already supplied nuclear technology and possibly nuclear weapons. China hopes that North Korea will sell these nuclear weapons to the Talibans for money and ultimately the Talibans will drop these nuclear weapons and destroy USA beyond recovery. If this happens, China will attack Canada next minute and grab it. Every minute, every second, the Talibans and North Korea pose a serious threat to USA.

Expanding Its Influence

China did not even have diplomatic relations with many nations in 1980s. But today China has come closer to many African and Asian nations like Sri Lanka because of its foreign exchange clout. It has established trade relations with many countries. China has expanded its influence in United Nations and other world institutions of importance.

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