Forgotten in Syria: Humanitarian Aid

Although, 60,000+ have lost their lives during the two year Syrian war, the U.N. estimates that four million refugees in and outside of Syria need help. Need a tent, food, water, blankets and other basics to survive the winter weather. Many families may have a tent only to find the rain flooding it inside or from nearby rivers. People need winter clothing, shoes. Over one million are going hungry from two basic reasons: the war zone areas that prohibit humanitarian aid from reaching them and a lack of funding because of budget limitations of the U.N. and others.

The food aid reaching Syria is delivered by the World Food Program but because of the war their distribution centers have either been destroyed or evacuated as the war includes them. Centers in Homs, Tartus, Aleppo are no longer there. The WFP has its own logistical problems like a lack of fuel for the trucks, drivers willing to travel in war zones, looters who storm the trucks at times.

But, where are the filthy rich people and entertainers who could help more? Why has Paul McCartney not donated or create a concert to benefit the refugees? He did so for others in the past, even animals, like the Polar Bear. What about U2, they certainly have done concerts to help the hungry. Why can't Donald Trump donate a few million for food aid?

Reports of the Syrian army's 450th Chemical Weapons Unit has mixed deadly Sarin gas and loaded it into bombs certainly has curtails efforts. Even in the areas where the Free Syrian Army controls has proven difficult to get aid into. The infrastructure of these areas are simply demolished.

To the Syrians impacted, they feel the world sits on the edge just watching, unwilling to really get involved out of fear that Assad will use the deadly gas. In the sense they are right, the US has stated that they cannot do anything to prevent him, that, no US troops will enter Syria, and the chemical weapon sites are a international problem, not a US problem. Obama is paralyzed to do anything more but say hollow words to Assad. Turkey has been left with the crisis on its border, something they do not want or were prepared for.

When the desperation is bad enough, the outside world will finally do something more. Until then, the world sits and watches. How pathetic.

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Taleb80 profile image

Taleb80 4 years ago

Mr. Perrya

As a Syrian, I would like to thank you for this Hub.

You cannot imagine what a disaster life, Syrian are experiencing.

For example my cousin was killed living four kids & mom alone.

My father's home & uncle's home were destroyed. My family spread among seven different countries. I will not complain more, but the world really shocked me.

Thank you again for sharing this honest hub.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

As an American, I am disgusted as to how Obama is handling this and ashamed that the very rich have not done more to help. NATO could do a few things without intervention and if Assad does use gas, NATO should retaliate to get rid of Assad. American and NATO airpower could have stopped the war long ago.

Matt 4 years ago


You say that NATO could do a few things without intervention then say American and NATO airpower could have stopped the war. Bombing the Syrian military would be considered intervention by most people.

Also, please explain who the "very rich" are that could have helped. Our country is broke and the Democrats are considering minting a trillion dollar platinum coin to pay the bills. The Syrian economy is healthier than ours.

weavesandbraids profile image

weavesandbraids 4 years ago from Africa

As a citizen of the world, I understand that Obama has to proceed cautiously as the USA can not afford to prop up another failed state.

The change has to come gradually and from within, moreover the Arab league nations, who live in the same region as Syria have to support any interventions if not they will not underwrite them, and the bill will be catastrophic.

America needs to focus on its internal issues so that it can build its economy up and resume its role as a beacon of hope to the down trodden.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

To say the Syrian economy is healthier than ours is simply a dumb thing to say. A no-fly zone over a part of Syria would help and can be done. The Turks can create a buffer safe zone along the border and other enclaves to allow relief to get in, but Obama prevents it. Rich entertainers in the past have always given money raising concerts and other things to help world problems, where are they now? 60,000 dead and 4 million needing aid is not enough?

Taleb80 profile image

Taleb80 4 years ago

For some is not enough.

Rich 4 years ago

Perrya, there are a lot of problems with your argument. A no-fly zone in Syria would be a much bigger deal than you seem to think. They have a much more capable air defense system than Libya and aircraft will be lost trying to neutralize their defenses. American lives would be lost and Airman would be captured. Do you think the American people are going to tolerate a beat up American Airman being paraded around on Syrian TV?

Next, you talk about the Turks going to war with Syria. Whether or not the Turks go war with Syria is for them to decide.

You are also forgetting about all the other problems that U.S. and NATO intervention could bring. What is Iran going to do? If the government commits to a war with Syria they need to be prepared for a simultaneous war with Iran. What are the Russians going to do? The best you can hope for is them just supplying weapons and intel that will be used to kill Americans. That's a given and should be expected. The worst is possible hostilities. There are Russian troops in Syria and they have a naval base there. You could also see missile attacks on Israel by Syria or Iran, like Saddam did during the Gulf War. If someone hits Tel Aviv with a chemical weapon there is a very good chance Israel will nuke someone. Then what?

Finally, what do get when Assad is gone. The Free Syrian Army aren't exactly a bunch of nice guys. Do a quick search online and you can find videos they posted of them butchering people.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

one of President clinton' greatest error and one he wished he had done differently was NOT intervening in the Rwanda mass killings of millions in Africa. That is why he intervened in Bosnia in 1998 and it worked. Those who agree with no intervention in Syria are whimps, afraid things might get worse, when maybe it might improve. The same logic prevailed at Rwanda and Bosnia.

Rich 4 years ago

Woah, whimp? I spent 10 years in the military and I'm a disabled veteran. How much time did you serve? I'm guessing none. It's easy for people like you to sit on your ass in California and talk about sending others into combat. People like you make you make me sick.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

U take it too personal, you chose the military as a job and knew the consequences, you did not have to enlist. Like most, you did it for personal reasons not so much for defending America or going after terrorists in remote regions, even if you did, you knew of the consequences. A no fly zone and refugee border zones protected by Turkish military would be minimal and send the right message. It would not involve US ground troops. Yes, America's position about Syria is wimpish. Look what France did in Mali, they stopped the terrorists from taking more of Mali by airstrikes, as they promised they would do. We need a John McCain approach to Syria.

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