Four Revolutionary Inventions - Part One

A large part of my job as a teacher involves paperwork - lesson plans, handouts, IEP reports, and memos, to name a few. While the computer has made the storage of these documents much more efficient, I continue to save hard copies in my classroom file cabinet as well. Last week during the end of first semester summer school, I found myself running out of paperclips. As I thought about how necessary these little implements of organization have become in my world, I wondered who invented this revolutionary home/office/school supply. My internet research led me to the following informative websites:

You may find this website to be helpful as well:


However, the most significant use for these small metal objects(although they can be made of plastic or even bamboo), involves an eighth grade class in a middle school in Tennessee.

The official wedsite: The Paper Clip Project

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Russ52 7 years ago

It Is Amazing How Much Thought Went Into Something We Need & Some Utilize Everyday , Yet Is So Simple In Design We Hardly Think About It Till We Need One & Sometimes We Cant Find One.

catlyn 7 years ago

You are right about that, Russ! The little things we take for granted in life, huh...?

Tom Bougher profile image

Tom Bougher 7 years ago from Coastal Washington State

You may be the female version of Andy Rooney on "60 minutes." Interesting insights into irony, etc. Looks like you were born to be a Teacher Cathy!

Catlyn profile image

Catlyn 7 years ago from Somewhere in the OC Author

Tom - Now I will have to investigate Andy Rooney, since I am not that much of a TV person! Thanks for the comment!!

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