Fox News and a Conservative Bias

Fox News and the Conservative Bias

Among the most frequent and loudest argument that I hear and read from members of the liberal wing of the political spectrum, is that Fox News is the most biased network on the air and has a conservative tilt. I happen to be a voracious news watcher myself and disagree partially with that assessment. In terms of its opinion programming, then yes it does lean right. Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity are among the opinion-oriented lineup that Fox has. Regarding the factual reporting, Fox News is fair in my opinion.

Opinion Shows

There is no doubt about it, Fox News, has a conservative tilt when it comes to its opinion based programming. My question is: so what? Whenever experts and average folks rant about Fox News being biased, they always reference the opinion based talents. Beck, Hannity, and O’Reilly are not only famous men, but they are conservative superstars. They are the faces of the network, but that does not mean the news itself is biased. Opinion based programming is exactly that, based on ones OPINION. It would be unfair of me to base my impression of a channel based on what types of opinion shows they have. If anyone seriously turns on the news and thinks one of those conservative commentators is actually reporting them the news and it is meant to be unbiased, then they are either lacking intelligence or is completely new to the world of television journalism.

News Shows

Fox News’ regular programming presents the facts clearly and without bias. Whenever a political pundit is on, typically both sides are presented in the discussion. I honestly believe that people make two mistakes when it comes to predetermining whether or not Fox is biased. They either only watch the opinion shows, which I already address, or they mistaken good reporting for being biased. Take the coverage of President Obama. Fox News has been at the forefront of asking the President tough questions that no one else is asking and that need to be asked. The public is used to the soft ball questions that Mr. Obama receives and when a Fox reporter asks a question about healthcare or Iraq or the economy, it is viewed as a sign of bias. It has gotten to the point that President Obama called Fox News bias in an interview with another network, but that was just to keep the focus that Fox is against the Democrats or the liberal cause. By doing that, any tough questions that are asked of Obama or the Democrats by the network will be interpreted as being unfair, while the easy questions will be viewed in a better light. This is very smart political strategy. Demonizing Fox News, which is asking fair, yet tough questions, the Democrats can reinforce the notion of bias while getting to slide by with easy questions.

The reason that I watch the Fox News Channel is because I feel that the other networks are biased against Republicans or for Democrats. It is seldom argued that MSNBC is biased, which it clearly is. That network’s entire prime time schedule is devoted to liberal commentators. Now I do not have a problem with that, except when Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews are anchoring the State of the Union or a presidential address, which puts opinion news in with the facts. Fox News never does that, which is why they are fairer. The other networks are not as blatantly obvious with how they feel, but watching a press conference that President Obama has and one that President Bush had, the difference is remarkable. Granted both are different men, with different styles, and who came across differently on the television; but the types of questions Mr. Obama gets compared to Mr. Bush are laughable. I am not trying to hate on the media, because they have an important role to fill. All that I am asking, and millions of other people are asking, is some fairness please. Making Fox News into a boogeyman and pretending the other networks are fair just does not fly. I want my leaders accountable, regardless of ideology, and if the media will not do it, then I will and other people like me. I get my news from a variety of sources, so I can be the judge of what is real and what opinion is. If the media will not correct itself soon, then anyone interested in fair news and facts will be forced to do the same.

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Madame X 7 years ago

pmm - great hub - the reason most liberals think fox is biased is because it doesn't spew out the liberal party line. If you don't agree with them completely, on everything, you're biased. You make a lot of good points. Nice read!

dean77 profile image

dean77 7 years ago from Deer Creek, Alabama

Great Hub! Yea, Fox has a conservative tilt. So what? It's not that liberals have to go far to find a news outlet that represents their socialists views. CNN, The New Tork Times, MSNBC, The Washington Post, L.A. Times, and I could go on and on. One thing, though--they all wish wish they had Fox's ratings.

A Texan 7 years ago

Great hub I agree that FOX news in the evening is slanted to the right and I dont believe it is just a coincidence that they have the best ratings because of it. America is right of center and we are slowly starting to change the minds of Independents about who should be running this country. Again great hub and keep em coming!

Joe Smith 7 years ago

But where was Fox when Bush was President, they didn't ask any tough questions of him.

robbie 7 years ago

suckin his arse where do you think

Jay N. 7 years ago

There is no way Fox is more unbiased. For instance, take a look at the supposedly moderated online comments for recent news stories: not a *single* dissenting opinion. (And I tried leaving some.) Yet, despite their policy of non-abuse in the forums, each page of comments is littered with derogatory, inflammatory, and abusive posts.

Fox apparently moderates posts by removing dissenting opinion, as they are totally biased against any non-conservative point of view.

robbie 7 years ago

get over it losers hannity orielly beck limbaugh fox are last years news go obama your all jealous cause hes better lookin

robbie 7 years ago

have you seen how many barbies work on the loser channel its hillarious thats y i lovewatchin it

robbie 7 years ago

the only reason they have any ratings is because there is a real great american hero as president who happens to be handsome young educated caring and of course non white and we just just love to see you all at fox squirm every time he has to make important decisions or he waves at the top of air force one stairs beautiful to watch murdoch ailes hannity orielly beck will never get to do that and the thing is there is another seven years four months to go priceless beautiful hehehehehehehe

cmb 7 years ago

Why were Fox viewers far and away the most deceived on the Iraq war?

Why did Fox go to court six times, before three different judges, to prove their right to "lie and distort the news?"

It is pretending that Fox, who can't even keep from putting D's next to the names of republican criminals, produces unbiased reporting that does not fly.

Charles Bush 7 years ago

Is it Fox News? Sounds more like Satan's Views to me. Success to President Obama and the real American people! God bless America and God bless President Obama!

Patman66 profile image

Patman66 7 years ago

Thank you, I'm glad I'm not alone. MSNBC is the greatest example of bias on TV today. Notice how they're still talking about Palin 10 months after her team lost. How about paying attention to the issues? FOX=slightly right. CNN=slightly left. MSNBC=out of bounds.

Ryan 6 years ago

Fox News is a bunch of clowns. Children who get in front of the camera and put on a show. They do ask fair questions, but they only ask questions that will get the answers they want. They ask the questions that will make Obama look like a socialist. On the flip side, is when they put their opinions into something, then make it seem like fact. I was watching their minimal coverage of the Gay Pride march, and all I heard was the "Radical Gay Agenda" and how the "Gays are trying to Destroy our country by protesting, teaching our kids that it's ok."

And how do you explain something *this* biased

(Note: Not edited by the evil leftist demoncrats)

CBRandolph profile image

CBRandolph 6 years ago from Charleston, West Virginia

great hub, and very true. I'd rather watch fox than CNN or MSNBC any day! And I HATE O'reiley. I am able to distinguish the difference between an opinion based program and a NEWS program. Just because I hate O'reiley and his views, doesn't mean that all of them are biased and stupid as he is.

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 6 years ago from home


Don't you love how all the negative comments have come from nonhibpagers- or probably just one guy who keeps changing his name-hey "';ryan, cmb charles bush an robbie" get an account post ypour own leftist bile under an account you freakin coward hit and run liberal obama aide drinkers- if there is more than 1 of you -

Fox news is fair and balanced- Compared to the Reporting by any other "network" CNN MSNBC CBS AbC NBC - no one but the lefty loons who drink the OBamaaid are watching trhem...because they don;t even put anything close to the news on its all wall street journal leftist Bile- so your "four giys"-get an account post some hubbs and see???what happens- or cant you put a full paragraph together????

zTH - come gewt some!!!

PS Chicks on FOx are way Hotter than other networks

obama is the worst president ever-

funky23 5 years ago from Deutschland

is that real !

a blues clue 5 years ago

Frankly one if they really follow news can't in any kind of pretense of objectivity look to Fox OR MSNBC. There's your liberal that admits it. MSNBC is to far left to have any credibility for news. Can Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell shill? Yes. They are good at what they do but their left wing beliefs render there opinion useless if it merely parrots what i believe. I think the standard conservative should utilize that viewpoint when watching Fox. The "Chicks on Fox or so hot argument" or "you're a poo poo head and Obama's the best president EVER" arguments distract from the real issues in this country.

hazelbrown profile image

hazelbrown 5 years ago from Central PA

I don't mind that FOX leans right, but I do mind that they say things that are untrue. To the best of my knowledge, MSNBC has not said things that are untrue, but I could be wrong.

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