The Fracturing of a Nation - One Wedge at a Time - brought to us courtesy of...the President of the United States


How Low can we Go - Have we reached the point of no return?

We've reached an all time low, here in the United States of America!

Not only is an overpaid football player, living the American dream, but seemingly unimpressed by any of that, displaying a complete and total disregard for America, many others are showing the same disregard, via disrespect of our Flag and of our National Anthem. Athletes, Celebrities, Sports fans, Students, etc., exhibiting the same bad behavior and...

now, we have a young woman joining in, testing our Limits even more, pushing the envelope even further!

A young woman, that has more than likely, lived her life fluttering around in a little fairy tale world, ingesting and overdosing on liberal propaganda, with blinders on, oblivious to all things outside of her leftist' realm, is presented with the opportunity of a Lifetime.

(Well, what would have been seen as the opportunity of a Lifetime, to a majority at one time in America)

A moment in time, under the lights, in the Spotlight, with the Honor of singing our National Anthem!

(Nowadays....sadly, I just don't know, so many wedges have been put in place)

During her moment in the Spotlight, she chose a different course, she dramatically dropped to her knees.

No, it wasn't due to the onset of a debilitating charley horse.

No, she didn't appear to be Giving Thanks.

No, very doubtful that she was overcome with emotion or feeling Patriotic.

Oh No.....none of that.

It was an Act of Solidarity, against herself, for being white!

Oh Yes! She said it herself, it was an Act of Solidarity, against white privilege.

So, in her mind, falling to her knees, (and this part was crucial, timing was of utmost importance, as she Acted her part.....I mean, in her ACT of solidarity) the precise moment the words "Land of the Free - Home of the Brave" were being sung!

I really need someone that wears little fairy tale wings and blinders, but is still capable of explaining things, to explain this to me, because I am completely puzzled by it and by this entire 'movement'.

Is it a movement when it involves:

  • Disrespecting your Country.
  • Disrespecting Patriots.
  • Disrespecting Veterans.
  • Disrespecting men and women putting their lives on the line, day in and day out.
  • Disrespecting the families of those putting their lives on the line, day in and day out.
  • Disrespecting the memory of those that died in battle, including those that had a part in keeping that grand old flag flying during the historic battle at Ft. McHenry, which led to the writing of the famous words that would eventually become our National Anthem?
  • Disrespecting yourself?

How does any of this benefit anybody?

It doesn't!

What is gained and what the heck does it have to do with White Privilege?!?

Which brings me to Barack Obama...

Barack Obama, his Dad, other family members, his Mentors and his Heroes have (or had) a warped view of America. Theirs, an Anti-Colonialism ideology, opposed to everything that America represents! From America's Founding and on through to present day, they find fault with the whole idea of America.

I'm not speculating, he commented on this subject long before he was President and since then, he has spoken of America in a derogatory manner on numerous occasions!

When Obama talked so often during the campaign about transforming America, he wasn't talking about changing it back from a Republican-run to a Democratically-run Country.

He wasn't talking about easing regulations and taxes to allow for more opportunities for Entrepreneurs;Entrepreneurs of all races, colors, genders, religions.

He wasn't talking about cleaning up, once and for all, Democratically-run inner cities, where community after community of families, do not feel safe in their own homes, because they aren't safe.

His, has been a Mission to get back at a Country for reasons, only he and this mindset can clarify.

Does he believe America shouldn't exist as a Sovereign Nation... By, For and Of the People? Does he believe that this Nation can never be forgiven for mistakes of the past or does he believe this Nation can be forgiven, but it will have to come at a costly price?

Not rhetorical, these things I question.

Once past the campaign, after he had become President, there was an incident in which a black college professor was confronted by a white police officer. It turned out that it was a case of mistaken identity, but, the President of the United States inserted himself into this private situation, which would have been worked through and worked out, as all cases are on a daily basis. But, nevertheless, he did get involved in it and made sure that all of America and all of the world knew that he was involved in it, by speaking of it, as if he were there, privy to all the details.

He wasn't!

He did the same thing with an incident between a Hispanic male and a young black man. An incident that went terribly wrong and saddened the Nation, it was tragic. Obama could have eased tensions, but he did not, instead, he chose to add fuel to the flame. He spoke on the if he were there, privy to all of the details, before all of the details were even available.

He wasn't!

He has done this repeatedly throughout his Presidency:

  • At every opportunity to strengthen us, he has worked to weaken us.
  • At every opportunity to Unite us, he has placed wedges.
  • At every opportunity to help heal, he has rubbed salt into wounds.

Obama has used his Platform to belittle, insult, guilt and call out, those that he can't see or refuses to see, as a part of America. These same Citizens want to be assured, but have become skeptical, that their President, has their back too!

Faced with day to day struggles, trying to make ends meet, worrying about an enemy that has infiltrated, intent on destroying their Homeland, they do not need the additional stress that comes with this unwelcome and unnecessary added conflict!

As a result of this President's insertion into private matters, a routine traffic stop has now become anything but routine!

Everyone is on edge.

Police officers have been targeted, literally.....and so they are definitely on edge!

Race relations have been setback.

False Narratives will go down in history as 'The Gospel', all because "The Transformation President", was on a Mission.....

A Transfor-Mission!

His 'transfor-mission' has branched out into Sports, into schools, and into other areas, throughout this land.

It has led to many Americans, disrespecting America during the National Anthem and now it has reared its ugly head again, into the actual performance of the singing of our National Anthem and I, personally, find it all...



I've always loved football.

When younger, I'd play every time there was an opportunity and I grew up as a lover of all sports, nothing has changed.

I was so looking forward to this football season.

But, lately, I've been experiencing symptoms of football withdrawal because I've entered into a self-imposed boycott of the NFL, until people come to their senses, I'll not be watching or listening to any NFL games.

I know of several others that aren't watching either.

Will it make a difference? I don't know for sure, but I can hope!

Extra time on my hands to Pray for the misguided multitudes and extra time on my hands to Pray for America!

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Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

Dont Taze Me Bro 8 weeks ago from Tazeland Islands

I share your feelings AB. And yes we have reached the point of no return. The proof of it is we the patriots of the America we love are forced in a desperate attempt to resolve a serious problem (the path we are on) at the last minute (the November election).

Since you like football this is fitting, we are in the final seconds of the game (the path America is on) and we are forced to have to make a desperate pass (vote for Trump) at the end of the game that is hoped may gain some points and win the game (save America from destruction).

The ball is in the air and on November 8th it comes down in the end zone. Will it be caught by the patriots or will it be intercepted or blocked by the enemy....? I fear if it is a completion it won't be enough points to win the game but only tie sending us into overtime where we could still lose if Trump doesn't perform.

SO given the odds of Hail Marys, yes I'd have to say we have reached the point of no return.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 8 weeks ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

ab....This surpasses any great speech I have heard in a very long time. Factual, moving and profound. It is near perfection and the only thing more I will say is: You speak patriotism, justifiable disgust, factually & graced with inspiration. You speak for me and I thank you. Peace, Paula

abwilliams profile image

abwilliams 8 weeks ago from Central Florida Author

Great analogy Taze! I'll just add, I've seen some unbelievable Hail Marys over the years...

Thanks Paula for your kind words, they mean a lot!

abwilliams profile image

abwilliams 7 weeks ago from Central Florida Author

Just heard that the Buffalo Bills put a real hurtin' on Colin Kaepernick and the San Fran 49ers.

Aww...yay, makes my day!

Also, heard that the Bill's Fans went above and beyond, putting our great Country back in the spotlight, right where our Country belongs.

I may have just become a Buffalo Bills fan for life!

Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

Dont Taze Me Bro 7 weeks ago from Tazeland Islands

The Buffalo Bills may be the only good thing that comes out of NY! You know, the state whose governor Governor Andrew Cuomo famously told conservative Republicans – specifically anyone who is pro-traditional marriage, pro-life or pro-guns – they "have no place in the state of New York".

New York's official state motto is Excelsior, often translated as "ever upward", but if he had his way, he's prefer it to say "ever liberal".

Are we sure Buffalo is in NY?

abwilliams profile image

abwilliams 7 weeks ago from Central Florida Author

Glimmers of Hope!

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 7 weeks ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Hey! E-Z on New York!! You may beat the heck out of Andrew, in fact please take him on a long ride somewhere. I only defend this State because for me it's "Home." More than anyone out of State, I'm well aware of our flaws and faults. But just like a "rotten kid," we love her anyway.

If you must know, there are really 2 New Yorks....Upstate & Downstate....practically 2 different worlds. Upstaters are actually almost real people....honest. (and most importantly of all, we do NOT have even the slightest Brooklyn accent!)

ab.....Welcome aboard the Buffalo Bills Fan club! (Yes, we did kick butt on Sunday! :)

Taze.....we have a lot of GOOD things besides the Bills.....have you never pigged out on authentic Chicken Wings?

abwilliams profile image

abwilliams 7 weeks ago from Central Florida Author

Love it!

My mother-in-law is originally from Upstate New York and she has always said the same thing.

Unfortunately for us, many of your "Downstaters", have migrated South, namely to South Florida.

Good News for New Yorkers, bad News for Florida, we now have 2 Floridas, an Upstate and a Downstate!

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 7 weeks ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

LMAO!! That'll teach you! (OMG, you are funny!)

Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

Dont Taze Me Bro 7 weeks ago from Tazeland Islands

I have a friend who lives in upstate NY and according to him it's nothing like down state. His parents live in down state in West Chester county, 1 acre on the Hudson River, outside NY city...what a view!

A neighbor on one side is a famous author and the other neighboring property is owned by the Rockefellers. Their house is not a mansion but take a guess what the taxes are on that house in West Chester county NY.

$55,000/year. Yep the school taxes alone are over $20,000/year.

Deep blue state of NY, and who says the Republican's are the party of the rich?

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