Frankly my Dears, does anyone really give a damn anymore? When it comes to debates, elections, this Nation...Liberty?


What were you looking for in tonight's debate between the Republican and the Democratic nominee?

No... really, what were you looking for?

What did you hone in and focus on, in hopes of keeping it new and fresh versus old and stale?

What did you tune out, because it's just so old and past stale?

I focused on Donald and Hillary's eyes. I looked deep into their eyes, (well as deeply as I could in front of a television screen, plus I really need glasses and when the cameraman wasn't zooming out, then in, then to Moderator) I was looking at their eyes to see what their eyes were doing while their mouths were moving or when the opposition's mouth was moving.

Would one be more believable than the other?

Would one outperform the other?

Do We The People, matter?

Do We matter to either of these Individuals?

I watched their body language to see if that would give me a further glimpse into their souls, since I was not able to fully assess their souls from gazing into their eyes, alone.

Hoping not to get bored I did during the last debate... hoping for some fireworks!

Fireworks in the way of:

Boom.....SUBSTANCE.....Pop......KNOWLEDGE.....Kaboom.....ASSERTIVENESS and PRESENCE.....Kapow.....PRESIDENTIAL.

Of course I wanted Trump to do well. I wanted him Booming and Popping and Kabooming and the best of his ability.

I wanted him Genuine and I wanted him On Fire!

He wasn't On Fire, but he was genuine.

Hillary has spent her entire life in the Political Arena and she is very polished, she is very good At Politics.

She knows all of the right things to say and when to say them.

Hillary also knows when not to take the bait.

Ms. Clinton even presents something as simple as a shrug or a hand gesture, right on cue, in a most calculated and practiced manner.

There is nothing natural or genuine about this woman!

She gets under my skin just thinking about how Practiced and how Phoney she truly is.

Donald couldn't allow her to get under his skin and I do not think he did. He was annoyed plenty and rightly so, but didn't allow her to get under his skin.

One has to admit, he has come a long way from those early debates...Credit where Credit is Due!

He stayed on point, on message.

He got a jab in now and then, without dwelling there too long or taking it too far!

Timing was key and I think Trump managed that well, as well.

I felt that IF Trump could stay composed and convey to the American people that he really does Give a Damn, he had a good chance of coming out ahead.

I believe he did!


IF the American people can keep an open mind, accepting that an outsider really can have their best interest at heart, with America's best interest in mind, then some minds were finally made up or possibly changed tonight.

IF the American people aren't willing to go out on a limb and prefer the safe bet, (what they perceive as a safe bet) the more rehearsed and the more polished of the two, then they will settle for Hillary.

After this long, wild ride we've been on, it has come down to:

  • One last performance for the voting public, brought to us by the nominees
  • A bunch of 'stuff' that has been hitting the fan, as of late, very much on the minds of the voting public

Do we go the route of growing the government, creating a beast that's hunger will never be satisfied and that's thirst can never be quenched


Do we clean house, cut the pork......No feast for the beast.....get back to Basics, here in America, that means giving all the power back to The People?

God, I hope it's the latter!

I hope the People recognize that it is supposed to be the latter, that is how we were designed.

It was by choice, not by chance.

One of these Individuals wants that for us... for America!

One of them wants to fatten the beast!

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abwilliams profile image

abwilliams 4 months ago from Central Florida Author

A video is released in which a spokesperson for the DNC is speaking of bussing Voters from polling site to polling site.


Hmm.....why indeed?

But, that's not the media buzz.

The media buzz is that Trump dares to question the possibilties of a tainted election!

Liberal progressives have spent decades steadily chipping away at the foundation, which makes America, America!

But we're never to notice, much less question, the evident cracks and breaks, which have come with time!

abwilliams profile image

abwilliams 4 months ago from Central Florida Author

This one has been long and I am so weary.

Come Nov, will I feel ill or will I be cheery?

(enough of that)

Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

Dont Taze Me Bro 4 months ago from Tazeland Islands

When you think about it what was the biggest message the Republican electorate sent in their primary?

No more presidential dynasties! They resoundingly rejected another Bush for President, he never had a chance and couldn't even buy the vote.

Given that Obama won in 2008 and Bernie Sanders might have won if his primary wasn't rigged for Hillary, that same sentiment is boiling under the surface not so much throughout the Democrat party leadership but definitely in the electorate.

That is the message Trump should be heralding as we come down to the last days of this campaign, no more Bushes no more Clintons, break America free from political dynasties and allow her to become great again. I propose this jingle to end the race.

No more Clintons.

No more Bushs.

No more liberals

Dirty looks.

Benghazi's over.

FBI is done.

We can stop worryin,

And start having fun.

Proceedings, Fighting, are pathetic.

Umpteen months of that can make you sick.

Proceedings, Fighting, And Mystery

Umpteen months of that's Enough for me.

Who is unfit?

To lead our members.

No way to tell

Until after November.

No more sleaz

No more stink.

No more dirt

And having to think.

I am Donald Trump and I approve this message

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