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In my eclectic research I found an amazing vid that exposes Rushies (blind followers of Rush Limbaugh) as riders of the bullet train to Hell. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If however, you are a Rushie then please use your right to free speech and leave a comment. After all as humans we all have the birth right to make mistakes and or be wrong. As Americans we also have the right to flaunt our stupidity through that free speech.

Are You in the Line for Heaven or Hell?

How Much is a Ticket to Heaven?

So, with this biblical evidence are you hording a ticket on the bullet train to hell? Or, are you among the growing masses that see impending class wars if the very rich don't get their heads out of their asses? May be this is the time you denounce your faith and become an atheist. I am far from any kind of genius. I am an average Joe that keeps open mind and eyes to find infotaining data. I wish you all well in what ever your faith based choices may be. The one universal law that I try to live by is Karma or the golden rule. I appreciate your visit and comments, even if you are not of similar mind.

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