Free Rice Improve Vocabulary Game

Help with world hunger and test your vocabulary! Build your word awareness! Amuse yourself! Challenge your students! Help feed the poor! How literate are you? Open the swiftly closing American mind. Just click the link highlighted below and play. This is supercool. I have been using this game as a five or ten minute warm-up for English class. Students have a lot of fun and I think it is genuinely useful for expanding vocabulary and drawing attention to the wonder of words. Now be sure to try the grammar game and the art history game as well. I also like to challenge students to think about how this site is a win/win/win for everybody concerned. Students get to play a game and improve their vocabulary, poor people get fed and advertisers get to promote their businesses.  The game has expanded to include art history, grammar, foreign language vocabulary.  Explore it at the link immediately below.

For more information about the extent and causes of world poverty check the following links:

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AdsenseStrategies 7 years ago from CONTACT ME at

Yes this site is great. I already have a link to it on my facebook account (at David Lowbell, which is not my real name, though close :-) )

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The Rope 7 years ago from SE US

Headed over there now! I love word games and the power of words has always been a passion.

ta ta 5 years ago


Alisa 4 years ago

This site is awesome and u help kids and people

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