Freedom? Constitution? Not if You're A Woman.

Chains of Oppression

when will we be free?
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Pray for My Sisters

I knew this was coming. We all did. In 2001, once George W. Bush became president, my girlfriends and I knew...this was the end of Roe v Wade.

Oh sure, it's still the law of the land, but is it? Is it really? If abortion exists, but no one is there to provide it, is it still viable? Look at these statistics:

"87% of counties in the United States and 31% of metropolitan areas have no abortion services. Roe or not, an abortion maybe not be a choice for some women. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says that “the availability of abortion services is in jeopardy.”

I have mentioned the fact that Cape Cod no longer offers abortion services to women. Since I live here, and strongly believe in a woman's right to control her own destiny, this chills me to the bone.

Given the fact that abortion is legal and perfectly condoned by the Constitution, it makes me wonder who these people are who advocate for the repeal of Roe v Wade. Are these people against the Constitution? Are they against the laws of America? Are they against individual freedom? Because with all their talk of freedom, if they have their way, a woman will be forced to carry a pregnancy to term: By Order of the State!

Think about that. And then think about your own daughter or wife. Think about rape and incest and deadly pregnancies. "Oh" you say--"that won't be included." But I have one question for you...where will she be able to find a doctor to perform the abortion? If they are all terrorized out of existence, what will her choices be?

Freedom? Constitution? I don't think so. I think it's back to the Dark Ages when Church dogma reigned Supreme. Because make no mistake about it, it is the Christian Right that is behind this push for repeal. They have been at if for a very long time. Since 1973, when Roe was made the law of the land, there has been an organized assault. Don't believe me?

"Needless to say, Christian Right leaders were very pleased when Bush nominated John Roberts to the Supreme Court. “It is time to make good on those campaign promises, Mr. President,” said Troy Newman, president of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue. “You have been given a mandate to end abortion in our nation by the American people who cast their votes for you.”

I think it's no love of the Constitution at all.

I think it's a huge step backwards for the women of this country. Women who had to fight long and hard for the right to control their own destiny.

Margaret Sanger, an early advocate for reproductive rights, wrote a book about her experiences working with poor women on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. One fact that always stuck in my head is the crushing poverty of these women. Due to circumstances beyond their control, they had baby after baby after baby. With very little income, and very rough living conditions, it was hard hard going for all involved. Sanger once asked one of the mother's if her doctor couldn't do something to stop her from getting pregnant. The doctor's reply? "Tell your husband to sleep on the roof."

This was the extent of birth control back in the 1800's, and I think the Christian Right would like that just fine for 2010. Even the day-after pill is being phased out of use. And why? The doctor orders it, the law protects it, but who is stopping it?

Separation of Church and State is under attack as well.

Well, you might say, doctors can still perform abortions, so what's the problem?

Here's the problem:

"Operation Rescue’s, Randall Terry zealously attempts to prevent med students from entering this field and proudly told the Post, “We want them tormented. If they become a child killer, we will make their lives miserable. It will be so costly for them socially and emotionally,” he continued. “What young person is going to want that lifestyle?” Not only are they trying to terrorize women from obtaining an abortion, they are also seeking to frighten away future doctors from practicing."

Need I say more? Targeting doctors, giving their names and adresses out on the internet, advertising what schools their kids attend, and telling them to go after them. This is terrorism, plain and simple, and it has been ongoing in America with nary a peep since 1973.

And I'm sure you all recall Bill O'Reilly's constant rants about George Tiller. Tiller the Baby Killer,Tiller the Baby Killer, over and over on his show. No surprise that Tiller was killed by an anti-abortion fanatic. Was O'Reilly yelling fire in a crowded theatre? You bet!

Now we have a Healthcare Bill passed by Congress with this mandate: No federal funding for abortions allowed for American women--American citizens who pay federal taxes will continue to be denied a legal medical procedure. For shame. I get that the Lifers had to be placated and the Bill had to pass, but it makes me angry that women's rights are thrown under the bus. Ah well, Ce La Vie.

One last point: There is a direct correlation between the tactics used by Operation Rescue and the Republican/Tea-Bagger "Kill the Bill" mantra. All kinds of things are said about this bill that don't ring true...and yet, you find yourself questioning....asking... "wait a minute, can that be true?" It's not.

Same tactic. Same people. Same results.

"For thirty-five years, the anti-abortion crusade has relentlessly pursued an activist strategy centered on promoting the false impression that women choose abortion for so-called frivolous reasons, or as a substitute for birth control, while irresponsibly delaying their abortions until the third trimester for the sake of convenience."

Yes, America; women have abortions for convenience. It's not a heart-breaking, agonizing decision. They make it as easy as deciding what clothes to wear that day.


Shame on you. For lying. For demonizing women. For not giving women credit. For not allowing people to hear the truth.

And shame on you too for using the same tactics...for lying about and distorting the truth about this Healthcare Bill.

Shame on you--and don't you ever tell me you value Freedom or the Constitution. Those are not ideals that are up for grabs to the lowest common denominator.

Either they apply to everyone, or they apply to none at all.


The Republican Majority for Choice Blog

Legal Or Not, Abortion May Disappear: Medical Students Face Violence And Lack Of Education.

Posted on September 3, 2009.


International Socialist Review Issue 42, September–October 2005="left">

Abortion rights under attack
Time to build a new movement By SHARON SMITH


anti-abortion violence
by Russ Kick ( - March 04, 2001

Modern Day Suffragettes

sisters from different era's
sisters from different era's | Source

War on Women

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, 2013:

"For the new Congress, that means bringing together a bipartisan pro-life majority and getting to work," Boehner said. "In accordance with the will of the people, we will again work to pass the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, formally codifying the Hyde Amendment."

Boehner said he will make it a national priority to "help make abortion a relic of the past."

"Let that be one of our most fundamental goals this year," he said.

Misogyny Laid Bare

"After arguing that Roe doesn’t have any impact on the law because it violates the Bible and merely affected “Jane Roe” alone, he said that local officials should begin prosecuting women for murder if they have an abortion."


Jobs Jobs Jobs....Was to Suppress Women

"The 112th Congress didn’t pass Sandy aide but it voted for 55 different ways of undermining women’s health care."


Punishment, No Crime

"I remember when I was a child sort of having the impression that pregnancy was the punishment that women experienced for having sex. That there was this, all of this, there was not only judgment but bloody, and terrible, and terrifying punishments, if you had sex and then if you wanted to terminate the pregnancy resulting from sex. It was a ridiculous means of controlling women through terror. And that fundamentally is what Roe v. Wade was intended to change. And it fundamentally did change."


Soldier of Love, Sade

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Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 6 years ago

On target as usual, love.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 6 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Oh thank you Ralph! Just wish I could figure out the dam capsules...had a great picture of New York City ...circa 1894.

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 6 years ago

They're not complicated. Just add a photo capsule and follow the prompts for uploading an image from your computer or from the internet. A picture or two adds a lot to a hub page. Here's one I did a couple of days ago, for example, The article would have been boring without the pictures and Youtube videos. I found all the pictures on Google images.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 6 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

It says the Hub does not exist...

But I know exactly what you mean. There are some real beautiful Hubs here...plain text is boring and unimaginative!

I will try to figure it out. Thanks for the tips!

west40 profile image

west40 6 years ago from Canandaigua, NY

Thanks for the Hub - My body, my decision.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 6 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author


Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 6 years ago

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 6 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Heard this morning that a group in Colorado has collected enough signatures to ban abortion.'s happening.

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 6 years ago

Is this the hub from which ads were removed? I wonder why?

TeaPartyCrasher profile image

TeaPartyCrasher 6 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

Ever hear of a book called "Handmaid's Tale"?

Twyler (Crazy T) profile image

Twyler (Crazy T) 6 years ago

Look out, cuz this girl is LOCKED IN (that's my pitbull reference).

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 6 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Yes Ralph, adds removed...someone doesn't like it.

TeaParty...yes! I know that book well, and it is happening here!

Twyler--gotta be strong!

leithflood 5 years ago

How's that hope and change workin for ya? Cape Cod,you have to be kidding.I would think you'd prefer Cuba or Egypt.Remember how you got your freedom on Veterans Day.Proud to have served.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

I like it. I voted for it. That's the American way.

I always remember uncle was shot in fact, one of my favorite web-sites is Veterans Today...check it out.

They believe in America...not like the Tea-Turds--I'm guessing you are one.

Which is why I stay protect my kids from the likes of them.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 4 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Mississippi Governor vows to shut down state's last abortion clinic

87% of counties in America no abortion allowed. Why outlaw, when you can just make it unavailable?

when you suppress your women, your society cannot survive.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 4 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that states laws which made it illegal for a woman to have an abortion up to three months of pregnancy were unconstitutional, and that the decision on whether a woman should have an abortion up to three months of pregnancy should be left to the woman and her doctor to decide."

I suggest we take cons approach, and arrest any federal employee who dis-regards this decision. 1st to go would be Gov Brownback.

Un-Constitutional. Arrest that sucka!

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 4 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author


If you think you have the right to tell me what to do with my body, I'm getting a restraining order.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 4 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

I also consider Operation Rescue a domestic terrorism org....and the Constitution protects me from them. In fact, leaders swear an oath to do just that!

My Constitutional rights have been violated since 1973. This is Dereliction of Duty by a WHOLE lotta political leaders!

2nd amendment...pshaw. It's all the others you ignore that have truly been violated.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 4 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author


In malpractice case, Catholic hospital argues fetuses aren’t people

"Catholic organizations have for decades fought to change federal and state laws that fail to protect “unborn persons,” and Catholic Health’s lawyers in this case had the chance to set precedent bolstering anti-abortion legal arguments. Instead, they are arguing state law protects doctors from liability concerning unborn fetuses on grounds that those fetuses are not persons with legal rights. "

How you like that?

Makes one wonder if the whole idea that fetus are persons....fertilized eggs are due 14th amendment rights...are all for Show and Power.

personally, my evil mind thinks they need those unwanted babies for REALLY nefarious means.....

too awful to think about

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 4 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Dear church people.....when a woman has a "spontaneous abortion" ie/miscarriage....shall you prosecute God for murder?

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"Oh, freedom's just another word for Only when it comes to me..."

"In 1990, in the Boston area, Operation Rescue and other groups were regularly blockading the clinics, and many of us went every Saturday morning for months to help women and staff get in. As a result, we knew many of the 'antis' by face. One morning, a woman who had been a regular 'sidewalk counselor' went into the clinic with a young woman who looked like she was 16-17, and obviously her daughter. When the mother came out about an hour later, I had to go up and ask her if her daughter's situation had caused her to change her mind. 'I don't expect you to understand my daughter's situation!' she angrily replied. The following Saturday, she was back, pleading with women entering the clinic not to 'murder their babies.'" (Clinic escort, Massachusetts)"

You see? They see absolutely nothing wrong when THEY do it.....but never YOU.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"While the war over the legal right to abortion wages on, the big battle now is and should be trying to expand contraception access so that everyone, regardless of race or income level, has the same chance to determine when she gets pregnant as economically privileged women now enjoy."

Kind of like pre-school isn't it? I mean--this should be obvious.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author


"Well lemme tell ya what. Since I don't believe in a single thing you stand for with regard to personhood, I think I'll pass."

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author


I want freedom from the self-righteousness of anti-abortion folks who wail about zygotes but care nothing about babies after theyre born.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Official Republican platform:

“Faithful to the ‘self-evident’ truths enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, we assert the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed. We support a human life amendment to the Constitution and endorse legislation to make clear that the Fourteenth Amendment’s protections apply to unborn children.”


Official Democratic platform:

"The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman's right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay. We oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right. Abortion is an intensely personal decision between a woman, her family, her doctor, and her clergy; there is no place for politicians or government to get in the way. We also recognize that health care and education help reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and thereby also reduce the need for abortions. We strongly and unequivocally support a woman's decision to have a child by providing affordable health care and ensuring the availability of and access to programs that help women during pregnancy and after the birth of a child, including caring adoption programs. "


Can we stop saying they are the same? Please!

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Dirty Wolves in sheep's clothing:

"Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers, or TRAP — aren’t really about ensuring women’s safety at all. As Mississippi’s Republican governor once admitted behind closed doors at an anti-choice event, TRAP laws are about indirectly restricting women’s access to abortion by shutting down health clinics.

In Pennsylvania specifically, one Planned Parenthood affiliate was forced to spend nearly a half a million dollars to get two of its clinics into compliance with the new regulations. That involved unnecessary updates like installing hands-free sinks, replacing the floors, and updating the air-conditioning system. The affiliate’s CEO, Dayle Steinberg, explained to NPR that the state’s stricter requirements didn’t actually do anything to improve the care provided to the women at her clinics, where the complication rate is already less than one-tenth of 1 percent. “They were thinly disguised as improving patient safety, when really it was about increasing the cost for abortion providers — hoping that some of them wouldn’t be able to afford it,” Steinberg said.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Women’s health advocates consider TRAP measures to be some of the most dangerous threats to women’s access to safe abortion services across the country. In North Dakota, where anti-choice Republicans are advancing the most stringently anti-abortion legislation in the nation, one doctor warned lawmakers that the new TRAP law will force women into dangerous, “backroom” abortion procedures. Retired pediatrician Ted Kleiman worked at a hospital before Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973, and he watched women die from botched abortions. “The thought of returning to those days is really beyond imagination,” Kleiman told his state lawmakers, urging them not to shut down the only abortion clinic left in North Dakota.

Women’s health advocates, particularly those who work at health clinics, are extremely concerned about ensuring that women receive the highest standards of reproductive care. Over-regulating the clinics like Planned Parenthood’s, where the vast majority of patients are already receiving incredibly safe care, will actually limit women’s options instead of keeping them safe. "


No one has yet been able to tell me why a stranger's abortion is any of their business.

But, once women start dying again by back-alley ones: it will be.

I will personally see to it that they are charged w murder...of the woman.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Alan Simpson on abortion:“it’s a deeply intimate and personal thing,” “Men legislators shouldn’t even vote on it.”

“You’re a Republican, you believe in get-out-of-your-life and the precious right to privacy, the right to be left alone,” Simpson stated. “Well then, pal, I don’t care what you do. You can go worship the Great Eel at night, I don’t give a rat’s… But don’t mess with me and don’t then go take a position I have and wrap religion around it.”

“I don’t know how to get any clearer, but I know what bullshit is.”

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"America is home to a very active pro-life movement founded on the concept that all life is precious, and is synonymous with the concepts of right-to-life and culture-of-life the religious right and Republicans spend undue time on attempting to control women and protect single-celled organisms. However, at the end of gestation, the same movement spends unwarranted amounts of time and energy abandoning infants and children to poverty, hunger, and ill-health in a never-ending crusade to cut programs that ensure babies and children are mired in poverty and lack basic necessities of life making a mockery of their pro-life moniker."

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Hmmmm, I've been reading up on abortion. Vewwwy interesting. Wasn't illegal until 1830. And by gum geuss why?

Gvt and eugenicists said "Too many immigrant babies being born here in Amurrica: We gots to stop you white women from aborting fetuses!!!"

Ahaha...all this time they try to pin Sanger as the racist and was the Blue-Bloods!

Didn't stop abortion women could always get it done. Only ones they prevented were poor women....imagine that.

As Sanger found out: poor women w many mouths to feed and no money, often asked the Dr what they could do to prevent more pregnancies...."Tell your husband to sleep on the roof."

It's all a matter of controlling and suppressing women. Always was, always will be.

Because the rich ones will do what they want regardless...with NO backlash from the so-called pro-lifers.

It's the poor and hopeless they seek to control and make miserable.


So they can have a powerless group to force their ideology no one in their right mind, who can afford otherwise, will ever let anyone tell them what they can and cannot do w their own bodies!

And all these people who decry abortion: GW had 2 girlfriends who had the one called him a baby-killer.

In fact: they lapped him up!

No one called Delay on his practice of forced abortions in the factory he gave our money to, while giving lip-service to pro-lifers here in USA for the votes.

Nor do they question his mentoree, Mike Pence, who also caters to the pro-life crowd for votes.

Votes and suppression, keeping poor women oppressed.

Because, as Princess Di used to say: "If men had the babies, abortion would be legal, safe and freely available."

And women of means will always have access to the medical procedure, when ever the need arises.

Uncle Remus 3 years ago

I gots me a cart that I put crushed beer cans in, it run on big macs and cheetos

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

You're like millions of unwanted kids all over the world: Forced to be here, then ignored and abused.

Shame.....people love to spout off, but never put their $$ where their big fat mouths are.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

In El Salvador, Yet Another Woman’s Life Subordinated to Non-Viable Fetus

"A 22-year-old Salvadoran from a poor, rural community, suffers from chronic and severe medical conditions. She is the mother of an infant. And she is roughly 18 weeks pregnant with an anencephalic fetus, a fetus without a brain. Doctors at the Maternity Hospital determined that the pregnancy is life-threatening, and Beatriz requested that Salvadoran medical personnel perform an abortion, but a 1998 law in El Salvador prohibits all abortions, without exception.Legal reforms in 1998 in El Salvador, promulgated by conservative religious forces, outlawed abortion without exception. Previously it was permitted if the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest, the mother’s life was in danger, or the fetus was not viable. In addition, a constitutional amendment was added declaring that life begins at conception, which means that prosecutors can charge women who seek abortions with aggravated homicide, punishable by 30 to 50 years in prison, rather than the lesser crime of abortion, which carries a term of two to eight years.

Threats of prosecution and prison terms are not to be taken lightly under the 1998 law. The Agrupación has mounted legal and educational campaigns to secure the release of six women from prison. Since no comprehensive data exist in the country, the Agrupación is conducting its own research, which reveals that currently at least 24 women are serving prison terms of up to 40 years for abortion or aggravated homicide related to abortion charges."


This is Personhood. this is Rand Paul and the Tea Party.

Tea-Party America. And it is nothing to do w freedom. It is cruelty and enslavement.

Shoot doctors and imprison women.

This is religion?

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Sign today - petition the government of El Salvador to let Beatriz have a life-saving abortion:

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Actually--you can make a comparison to a fertilized egg and a lima bean. Both are living organisms, neither one is a baby.

and if you don't like eating fetus's, stop having scrambled eggs.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

I grew up in Michigan. Called my sister yesterday and said, "what is going on?"

Rape insurance? You sh**ting me?

She said, "its the Republicans."

Tell me something I dont know.

Let me get this right--a female must pay extra in case she ever needs an abortion, because of these guys religion?

I just dont get it....

If you kill someone with a gun, is that god-sanctioned?

How about insurance that only gun owners pay extra to cover the emergency room costs?

I mean, guns are against my religion. How come myreligion doesnt count?

And when do we get erection insurance? Why the hell should we pay cause you cant get it up?

Masogynist, racist, puritanists.....this is hardly we the people. Why are they making the rules?

Minority rule....whats that called?

And how is it we are allowing it to happeen?

Majority want gun control, majority want church out of state, majority want rich to pay back what they were given...hell majority voted Democratic! And yet, the minority gets its way.

Is it true, the Kochs really do own this country?

Stalinists...what my grandfather came here to escape.

What irony.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

War on Women.....

what happened 9 months ago: just a slice of the misogynist pie.....

Mike Pence, SEA 371-- closing down womens health clinics with restrictions they can never meet.

Kansas bill mandates sterilization for post-abortion women

NDakota Fetal Heartbeat Bill....6 weeks...6 weeks!.Forced transvaginal ultrasound

Arkansas-companies that offer women information on all pregnancy options banned from receiving public funds

Personhood...the Pauls baby: gives a fertilized egg full range of human rights.....above and beyond the rights of the women whose body said egg is housed in!

362 abortion bills in legislative session 2010....

This is just small slice of the pie....

Equal Rights Amendment from the 70s still not ratified!

And women still earn less than men....which is why Republicans fight living wage, imo.

Most of those poverty wages go to women.......with kids to support.

And now they want my boss to decide whether I can have birth control or not....with my tax money?

No war?

Oh ok...lets call it what it is then: Jealousy. How else do you take revenge on one you cannot compete?

You hold them down.

Since Apollo took power from Gaia it has been.....

but this is Apocalypse.....return of the Goddess.

Love will Reign Supreme, and little boys will truly become Men.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Ha! "More women than men are low-income, and the ACA requirement that preventive services offered w no cost-sharing means more women get coverage"!!!!

NOW you see why puritan woman-haters dont like it?

Oh for shame, little boys. Momma is going to put you in the corner.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Libertarian? On what planet?

“Your rights, especially your right to privacy, are under assault,” Rand Paul said at UC Berkeley.

And for everyone in the audience with a cellphone, the NSA’s near limitless power to capture and keep data with minuscule oversight from a court made up entirely of judges appointed by John Roberts should provoke anxiety.

But for young women, the assault on their right to privacy isn’t theoretical. It’s happening now. Nearly 90 percent of counties in the United States have no abortion provider. More restrictions on the right to choose have been passed in the last three years than in the decade before.

Paul doesn’t just support the right of a woman’s employer to deny her birth control coverage, he literally wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, which would allow states to immediately criminalize not just abortion, but likely some methods of birth control as well.

All the young dudes may like Paul’s lawsuit against the NSA — being led by anti-abortion extremist Ken Cuccinelli.

But a brief conversation with the females in their life may reveal that Rand Paul’s version of freedom would take the government out of their cellphones and put it in women’s wombs."



“Fiscal conservatives might applaud Rand Paul when he talks about getting Afghan president Hamid Karzai off of welfare, but they’ll scream if he comes within five miles of their Social Security checks,” Politico Magazine‘s Kevin D. Williamson wrote in a new column entitled, “Ready for Rand? Americans hate Rand Paul’s libertarianism. They just don’t know it yet.”

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"A federal judge permanently struck down North Dakota’s six-week abortion ban on Wednesday. The so-called “fetal heartbeat” measure, which used to represent the harshest ban in the nation, had already been temporarily blocked from taking effect while the legal challenge against it proceeded.

U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland ruled that the law is “invalid and unconstitutional” and “cannot withstand a constitutional challenge,” pointing out that Roe v. Wade guarantees the right to abortion up until the point of viability."


RW'ers---Do not mention the Constitution in my presence again.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"Dominion over her own body is the essence of a woman’s liberty, and the essence of a free society, and that is basically why the anti-choice movement is so dangerous at its core."

Milt Shock

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"Don't want to pay for my contraceptives?

I don't want to pay for your Benghazi fetish either!"


Or suing the president for things Bush did--while ignoring the things Bush did!!!

Or your lousy 126 day work year

Or your refusal to do anything until Obama is gone

Or your continued support of murderous Israel

Or making up for taxes your church doesn't pay

Ditto making up for taxes your richistans and corporations don't pay

Or your stupid ideology that runs our country


How come you think only YOU pay for things you don't like?

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Interesting comments:

"Problem is, most Americans think that the ruling oligarchy is the government, when in fact it is a power combine of the corporate rich who own the oil industry and war materials industry that control all of our foreign policy."


"Taking that one step further, the average American is a debt slave, working for the corporate oligarchy, who supply The Banker's phantasmagorical, magic money, and war machine. "


"I couldn't agree with you more and the control of government by the rich came to full fruition after the death of Kennedy. Control of the control is a trickle down system. The super rich control Washington, the lesser rich control the states, the local rich control the counties and municipalities."


It's very true that the "good vibes" ended after Kennedy was shot. Then, killing his brother and Martin Luther King shot off all the hope.....

It's like the whole movement of Love had to start over again.

Wounded, and scarred.

Obama is a member of that movement, despite his stupid butt-kissing to the war-mongers.

And anyone who thinks "leave the rich alone"....

Is an enemy to Love.

It's very plain and simple.

You cannot serve 2 masters.....

We are here to form a more prefect union, not glorify thieves and murderers.

For, "Behind every great fortune is a crime"--Honore de Balsac (key is missing on my computer, can't spell right)

If you think otherwise.....prove me wrong.

Our current multi-billionaires.....where does their profit come from.....look and see!

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Here you go, you vicious, cruel woman-haters:

Pregnant, and No Civil Rights


"WITH the success of Republicans in the midterm elections and the passage of Tennessee’s anti-abortion amendment, we can expect ongoing efforts to ban abortion and advance the “personhood” rights of fertilized eggs, embryos and fetuses.

But it is not just those who support abortion rights who have reason to worry. Anti-abortion measures pose a risk to all pregnant women, including those who want to be pregnant.

Such laws are increasingly being used as the basis for arresting women who have no intention of ending a pregnancy and for preventing women from making their own decisions about how they will give birth.

How does this play out? Based on the belief that he had an obligation to give a fetus a chance for life, a judge in Washington, D.C., ordered a critically ill 27-year-old woman who was 26 weeks pregnant to undergo a cesarean section, which he understood might kill her. Neither the woman nor her baby survived.

In Iowa, a pregnant woman who fell down a flight of stairs was reported to the police after seeking help at a hospital. She was arrested for “attempted fetal homicide.”

In Utah, a woman gave birth to twins; one was stillborn. Health care providers believed that the stillbirth was the result of the woman’s decision to delay having a cesarean. She was arrested on charges of fetal homicide."


The Handmaids Tale, come to life

'Set in the near future, in a totalitarian Christian theocracy which has overthrown the United States government, The Handmaid's Tale explores themes of women in subjugation"

......really, have we ever left it..... for a brief period of time.

now the nut-jobs are back in power....and we have to fight those fights all over again

you fricking prudes......are you so unhappy in your own lives, you have to control others.....(questionmarK)!!!!!

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: Republicans in Texas, Ohio, and now North Carolina are trying to pass legislation that would shut down abortion clinics. Today, the Republican-led North Carolina Senate passed this bill -- the Family, Faith and Freedom Protection Act. Not one Democrat voted for the bill."

"You know, I'm sure these legislators couldn't tell you what Sharia law is, but what they think it is, is exactly what they're doing in these bills, imposing a religious dictate on women. "--Joy Reid

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Guttmacher Institute: "States Enacted 231 Abortion Restrictions During Last Four Years. According to a January 5 report from the Guttmacher Institute, 231 abortion restrictions were enacted in the United States between 2011 and the end of 2014. In the year 2014 alone, state legislators introduced 335 anti-choice provisions and passed 26 new restrictions on abortion, leaving more than half of U.S. women of reproductive age living "in a state that is either hostile or extremely hostile to abortion rights." Guttmacher wrote that major legislative actions in 2014 included attempts at abortion bans and banning the use of telemedicine in the procedure, mandated counseling and waiting periods before care, and the targeted regulation of abortion providers (TRAP) through clinic regulation and admitting privileges. The report went on to explain that GOP midterm election results "provide good reasons to be concerned" as legislators in favor of harsh abortion restrictions begin their legislative sessions

Republican legislators, who overwhelmingly oppose abortion rights, solidified their dominance in the states. Republicans will now control both legislative chambers in 30 states, three more than in 2014; in 23 of those states, the governor will also be Republican. "


Funny--I don't remember abortion ever being discussed when pols run for office......

Guess it's a little secret *wink* *wink* thing.

Keep spouting you crush freedom under boots.

Hopefully, it's not too late for us....

Living in a police-state, Big Business ruling, religious dictatorship is not what I call Liberty.

But--with all these R's in power: I guess that's what the people want.....

I cannot BELIEVE it's back to Bush, after what that crowd did....ahwell

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 23 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Perhaps this is what's going on here:

"Controlling speech — even specific words — goes a long way towards managing political discourse. Public opinion follows. It’s a delicate operation but the payoff is huge. This soft control allows dominant voices to establish a ruling narrative that might not otherwise emerge"

--"The website’s executive director had a financial motivation to block these commenters. One generous funder had told him, “I gave you five thousand dollars last year, but I’m not doing it again.”--

"Managing all political speech remains a top priority."


I have found it quite amasing to be censored and ostrasised for speaking my mind here...people were told not to interact with me!God only knows what they were saying.....kicked off forums:for life!Which means--I can't simply make other account to interact,like others here do.Discrimination.....YOU BET

And--I see the same treatment of other who don't "tow the line"

Maybe some day America will live up to it's stated ideal of freedom of speech... but we have a long way to go.

In America--you are not allowed to veer from the path determined by the powers-that-be

and everyone knows it.


My particular Faux-pas:

"As for discussing these hot topics, people should be free to be ‘pro-Jewish’ (or pro-Zionist) and those who oppose them should be permitted to take the position of being ‘anti-Jewish’, ‘anti-Zionist’ or ‘anti-Israel’, without stigma.

Do you approve of Israeli conduct and behavior? I don’t. But reform is possible. In the meantime, everyone should be free to discuss these issues and advocate their position on a level playing field.

Loaded and prejudicial terms like ‘anti-Semite’ then, should be retired altogether, just as words like ‘n*gger’ and ‘k*ke’ have been driven out of respectable conversation."


Afraid to Punished for it:yes.

Character slandered:yes

Hey America---we have free guns,not free speech.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 23 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"When did employer-provided healthcare change from a recruitment/retention inducement to an obligation?"


When business began paying their employees such little money,they had to go to the tax-payers for their healthcare needs.

In essence- the tax-payers are subsidising business profits.

Now how is that living on yer boot-straps.....sounds like big business mooching to me.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 22 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Finally, a reporter who's not brain-washed!

"Jindal says Muslims will impose their beliefs on others. Reporter from The Advocate asks if that's like him imposing his abortion views."

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 22 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

This explains A LOT

"70% of the poor people in the world are female."

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 22 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"On Monday, the state of Indiana sentenced 33-year-old Purvi Patel to 20 years in prison on charges of feticide - an act that causes the death of a fetus - and neglect of a dependent. She received a 30-year-sentence on the felony neglect charge, 10 of which were suspended. A six-year sentence for feticide will be served concurrently."


Women are going to have to apply the Stand Your Ground Laws, I guess....apparently, a house is considered "your property"--you can kill a living, breathing human being for that..... but your body is not yours to remove a fetus.

2010 mid-terms.....the final death-blow to all that's left is "finishing the job".

Putting Schumer in charge should do it.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 21 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Women are being imprisoned for having miscarriages, and a constitutionally protected medical procedure is increasingly unavailable to women, because of religion.

Soon, in America, a woman will be forced to give birth against her will, by order of the State.

The founding mothers are rolling in their graves.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 21 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"The campaign to eliminate the right to safe, legal abortions is intentional, relentless and political. The consequences are real, personal and frightening. Attacks on abortion rights further entrench discrimination against women, and erode our national commitment to social and economic justice."


We no longer have economic or social justice.

We have a well-armed Church-State.

and just getting worse.....all it needs to top it off is a Teapub prez.

Game, set and match (House, Senate, Executive)...just like 2000-2008.

Who can forget those dayz?

some would like you they can do it all again.

lest we forget: a teapub Supreme Court, as well.

Icing on the "god is love, but we show hate" cake.

For all those concerned with "life"....what about the life that's already here?

Does it belong to you because it's female?

Must...because an easy way to end abortion is to force vasectomies.....why don't you do that?

They can easily be reversed when the male is ready to support a child.

why not do that?

come on--you would never expect a man to do that for pay for his viagra!

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 21 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

I am an American citizen. This means I was born equal to ANYONE! I will NOT be treated as second class....nor sit by and watch it done to others.---as it is here, on a regular basis.

Discrimination in 2015. Boooooooo

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 21 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"If we stand by and watch the rights of others eroded by the police, or by politicians, or by social institutions on the grounds that it's THEIR problem, or because we refuse to even acknowledge the problem, then we are acquiescing to tyranny and oppression."

I can't wait til men are forced to have vasectomies to prevent abortion.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 20 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"An Idaho law that prohibits abortions of fetuses 20 or more weeks after fertilization is unconstitutional, a U.S. appeals court ruled on Friday.

The ruling came from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco"

You mean the woman whose body is used, has rights like a real human being???

Wow--since 2010, I thought we were relegated to barefoot and pregnant men with dresses, no less! Oh sorry-robes.

Of course it's unconstitutional to force a woman to carry a fetus for you. It's her body, not yours!

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 19 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

They have won.

"Before 2010, no states banned abortions outright at any stage of pregnancy. Nebraska started the trend with a 20-week abortion ban in April 2010. In 2011, Alabama, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, and Oklahoma followed suit, and in 2012, Arizona, Georgia, and Louisiana passed curbs of their own. Last week, Arkansas became the first state to approve an abortion ban this year.

Abortion-rights activists are worried about a ban under consideration in North Dakota, plus a continuing wave of regulations on abortion clinics that, activists say, have forced clinics to close by making it impossible for them to operate.

During the last two elections—big years in national politics, marked by a wave of Tea-Party House and Senate gains in 2010, and by President Obama's reelection over Mitt Romney in 2012—Republicans have taken over more state legislatures and governors' mansions across the country, turning some red states redder and flipping some purple states into their column."


You see--this is the result when you don't vote! Because this "silent minority" does.

We are ruled by the mind-set of a very stern, lock-em-up, throw-away-the-key, kill them! 13 minority%

Honest to God- I saw a Bagger on c-span this am who outright said "we need to kill them because they deserve to die."

THEN, when someone from another country says this about US: why, the outrage is through the roof.

MORE WAR???? did youse learn NOTHING from 2000-2008???

Women back to suppression. Young, old, poor, brown and black votes have the NERVE to even mention the word freedom!

and I see ya laughing.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 19 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Oh Gawwwwd--this "Liberal" education infecting our world!

Former Bush Officials Teaching Course on 'IraqWar ‘Decision-Making’:


aka: putting lipstick on a pig

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 18 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Jimmy hendrix didnt die from liberal stupidity, he was murdered by the right wing gvt of the USA.

He was a problem to them, so they set him up to die. His german girlfriend.....honeypot.....helped them do it.

He was waterboarded and drowned w wine when she went out for cigarettes.

See, as a black man, he knew quite well what the us gvt was all


They were literally waging war on black people.

So, jimi supposedly told the black panthers to go down to dc and

shoot the place up.

Since he was beiing spied on, they heard, and that was it for him. Bye bye jimi.

And of course we all know they hated lennon cause he was anti war....the bread and butter of cons.

America died when they killed the dreamers off. Left us with this nightmare.

money,war,money,war,prisonforprofit,dieforlackofmoney rotten, evil posuers pretending to be human.


lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 18 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"America is quite hostile toward its working mothers. Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, executive director of, says part of the problem is that most policymakers can’t relate to the issues moms face. More than 80 percent of the 114th Congress is male, a figure Rowe-Finkbeiner says explains why lawmakers don’t see childcare access as an urgent issue.

“Often, childcare has been thought of as a woman’s individual problem,” she told AlterNet. “If one person can’t make it happen, then it’s her fault. We have a structural issue with childcare we have to solve together and not an epidemic of personal failing.”


All of them had wives to care for the kids......Biden knows how it is. Anyone else?

And this: "They should have not had sex in the first place"

--Hey: they didn't masturbate to get pregnant...I'd say we have an epidemic of guys who can't keep it in their pants.

Same bozos who don't know anything about woman's issues I WILL BET YOU think it's "a womans' duty to satisfy a man"

"Use an aspirin between your legs as birth control"...chuckle chuckle."Hey Dan, how was the back nine?"


lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 18 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"We must end the scourge, sin, and slaughter of abortion and then we should ask God's forgiveness for not doing it much, much sooner."

— Gov. Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) July 26, 2015


He's as extreme as the mullahs in Iran, and the Taliban.

Where do youze find these pigs?

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 17 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"Many of which will then become conservative ! "

Not in a Quadrillion years.

btw: I'm a moderate Independent.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 17 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Hey Fascisto's....want your head back? Here--Liz Warren will hand it to you on a platter:

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 17 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Coming to America:

When They Would Rather Let You Die Than Let You Have an Abortion

By Robin Abcarian, Los Angeles Times

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 17 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

In case youze think I'm using hyperbole......think again

"Board Member of Right Wing Group That Made Planned Parenthood Video Believes Murdering Doctors Is “Justifiable”"

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 17 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

All of the DNA is there at conception.blah blah blah

So what? Its there in a fried egg too, and you eat it!

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 17 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"One must confer with one's own conscience and heart. "

But your guys will make laws that ensure we cannot.

We will have to confer with your religion.


They have almost done it. Since 2010...they have been very busy misogynists.

Elect a Repub as prez, with House and Senate Republican--see what happens...Huckster already said he would stop abortion, regardless of law and Supreme Court.

You cannot even see Dictators when they are telling you they are!

But I know people are fine with it---they will accept a dictator as long as he implements their religion.

You still don't see the tie between this, and the Mullahs of Iran, or the Taliban you?

Well, to me--it's plain as day.

arghhhh--work will be good today: work off this anger!

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 17 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

What is it with people? Can't you accept that some of us Like the political party we belong to? And I hAve been there done that. Was Indie for many years. Voted third party...Nader. it's not the answer. And you all hold bias, whether u admit or not. It shows!

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 17 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Can we get out of your desire to run things by your decree, and into the real world???

"Once a baby is born, someone must care for it. Some women get abortions because they cannot adequately do this themselves. (If a mother is addicted to drugs or an alcoholic — and this is a whole other issue — she may not even be able to properly care for a fetus, never mind a baby.) Approximately one million abortions occur in the US each year. Already nearly 400,000 children are living in the US’s notoriously fraught foster care system — over a quarter of these children are eligible for adoption but have not been adopted.

Some women will raise their children themselves. Of the women who have abortions, 85 percent are unmarried, so an abortion ban is bound to create a plethora of single mothers, causing a far greater burden on women than men. Women who raise children may take a career hit, losing wages and opportunities for advancement while working part time jobs or taking time off to care for children. There is no such career hit for men.

Even without a career hit, the financial burden of raising a child is nothing to sneeze at (more than $245,000 for a middle-income family in the US), and over 40 percent of abortions are performed on women living below the poverty line. Who will support these women financially?"

Who? Pro-Lifers? Bwahahahaha


"Easy access to birth control is probably the best path to reducing unwanted pregnancies, but it currently consumes significant time, energy, and money — though it’s hard to imagine that if men experienced the same obstacles to having safe sex, and the same potential consequences if they didn’t, that the whole system wouldn’t be run differently. (Gloria Steinem once remarked that if men menstruated, sanitary supplies would be “federally funded and free.”)

--Ermmmm, Viagra is, isn't it??

Face it--you keep saying it's not a war on women.....but just look at the facts.

Viagra....part of insurance plan, cause you know: men gotta have it!

Birth way should I pay because a woman wants to be a sl*t. Right?!

And you pro-life honest: what is your opinion of women who have had an abortion?

Defers class, race, social-standing.......

Women are always at the bottom of the heap.

You want abortion-free society? Vasectomize all boys. They can reverse it later when you deem it proper.

But that'll never happen in a million years.......why?

Cause removing a fetus is murder.

War is justified.

Guns are a sacred right.

bang bang.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 16 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

My comment just got deleted by Netanyahu supporter......TOLD YOU they are anything but freedom-lovers!

"Free to be just like me" is all they offer.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 15 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Women are being imprisoned for losing their fetuses.

“States are saying that they know what is best for fertilized eggs, and because they know best they can tell a pregnant women that she’s a criminal and that she must do whatever her doctor – or a social worker, or law enforcement officer, or lawyer appointed to represent her fetus – says.”

Get that? fetuses have lawyers now. Something in YOUR OWN BODY has a lawyer to use against you!

Personhood....anytime after conception, that fetus has rights of full human being OVER AND ABOVE the person whose body is housing it!

Take painkillers for a bad back, and you're 1 hour pregnant? Guilty of crime.

Don't know that you're pregnant, ands have a glass of wine.....Guilty of facilitating fetal alcohol syndrome.

Of course, you can avoid prison if you have the cash....

“The way I look at it, Alabama is bankrolling itself by extracting a tax on poor pregnant women.”

And, depriving LIVING BREATHING CHILDREN of a mother--who is sent to prison for 10 yrs for a stillbirth.


And you gun-lovers p*ss and moan that background checks are a burden on your rights and freedom????

You same people who are anti-choice, pro Personhood are the same ones crying about your rights being denied.

You have ZERO, no, BELOW zero standing on anything!

And I want you to suffer the same fate as these women.

Zimmerman....get your fat a$$ in prison where you belong. And Wilson--you can join him!

poor poor gun owners.....a weapon of DEATH has more rights than a woman in America!

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 15 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 15 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Well now.....

15 to 20% of all 1st trimester pregnancies will miscarry. Only 50% of all pregnancies will be successful.

God is a murderer!!!!!

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 15 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Abortion is not some little side issue. It is the PRIME issue of freedom in this day and age....

Because, if our wombs belong to them.......what doesn't?

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 15 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

I wonder what this "liberal agenda" is?

I know Obama is the anti-Christ and has his gay lovers killed.--this one?

I know Moochelle is really a man.--this one?

I know if one of the Obama daughter's was a pregnant teen: we'd never hear the end of the lack of morals of the Obama's as parents, right Palin?--this one?

I know I for one, would like to see guns disappear from the face of the universe.

But we can't even get assault weapons, high-capacity clips, and vest-piercing bullets removed.

I'd like for all these men and women in black to stay out of women's private lives....

But with Big Gubmint making 231 new laws regulating my uterus: that's not happening any time soon.

I'd love for Muslims, Mexicans, Africans, Natives, Japanese,Chinese, Indians....all manner of Americans be considered Americans.

But that's not happening soon either.

This liberal's agenda is to get as far away from the far right wing as I can.

This liberal would personally welcome the seccession of any red states that want to go.

This liberal wants to live and be happy: Not continue to witness the carnage, hatred and vicious brutality associated with this philosophy of Superiority.

Not to mention the immaturity--bullies crying victim, this type of thing.

I can only speak for myself, not even one fourth of one percent of all liberals.

But this is MY agenda--you can bet your bippy!!!

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 15 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

I have news for you....women are a sub class here too: due to Patriarchal religions and women who uphold men over their own gender.

In America 2015: women are forced to carry pregnancies to term whether they want to or not.

As a consequence, many are having their children taken away from them because they don't have the financial wherewithal to support them.

They are being thrown in prison for losing their pregnancies....

And a fetus in HER womb is considered sacred and valuable, while she is just a brood-mare and a sl*t.

We don't need lectures on other countries and their religions....we have enough problems with our own right here.

American women are sub par to a collection of fetal tissue cells.....and they want to talk about Islam.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 15 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

There's even a "boyfriend loophole" for these people!

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 14 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

For those who love to quote founding dads....

"Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations....entangling alliances with none"--T Jefferson

Id give us a grade: FAIL

Didya ever wonder if this is the root of all our problems? I did

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 14 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

I said it about Palin and Beck

'Said it about O'Reilly

And said it just the other day......

All it takes is one nut job to believe your malicious propaganda...You Happy?

He's probably killing women--moms and daughters, aunts and grandkids.....because of the ridiculous propaganda that PP is murdering babies and selling body parts!

Police officers are also being shot at.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 14 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

I for one, am trying to figure out what is behind the anti abortion terrorists.....OBVIOUSLY it has nothing to do with life, since these terrorists always scream loudest for war.

Obviously, their own God allows abortion, women have miscarriages all the time.

As of yet, i dont have the words for it, only a feeling. It has something to do w the whole history of evangelical America. Like they have to suppress joy, wildness of spirit....have a great need to control. What really befuddles me the most is women who go along w it against who they are!

Anway, people who like to fill our public waves w terror talk should have a look at Operation Rescue....if you care about terrorism. Homegrown doesnt make it any less frightening or vicious.

Just like black Americans have had it with police terror...this event may finally make people see the terror of the anti abortion crusade.

Ongoing since 1973....and it has been very effective.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 14 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

via twtter:

"Fiorina: Baby parts. O'Reilly: Baby parts. Trump: Baby parts. Murderer: Baby parts. We may never know what motivated this gentle lone wolf."

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 13 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

If I ever have time to do this, i'm writing a hub: ALEC and the NRA: Killing for Profit

Sons of b**ches for real. REAL, not some funny pretend-land where guns are good and only good people use them. Hey--a good person turns bad on liquor. Guns don't care. A good person turns bad on anger, jealousy, riled up Stochastic terrorism, practiced by the Right Wing media factory.

They ALEC and NRA are charlatans...merchants of death FOR REAL

"The retail sale of machine guns has been barred by federal law since the gangster era but, as uncovered by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), one year ago at ALEC's "policy summit" in Arizona, the NRA obtained unanimous support from the corporate and lawmaker members of ALEC's Task Force for "amending" ALEC's "Consistency in Firearms Regulation Act" to expressly bar cities from banning "machine guns." Other provisions of that bill prevent cities from banning armor-piercing bullets and from banning efforts to alter guns to make them more deadly if the state does not do so. It also bars cities from suing gun manufacturers for gun deaths based on the theory of liability used by governments to sue tobacco manufacturers for smoking deaths."

They have long list of this crap...and if not for money than why?

2000--Koch Industries was chair of board ALEC....

Smith and Wesson agreed to put safety measures on their guns.....ALEC fought to prevent them getting police contracts to manufacture police dpt guns!

Just what is this about?

Safety measures nixed.....they want guns everywhere--stores, bars, schools....what is this about if not profit?? Death merchants. PERIOD.

see for yourself Ties between ALEC and NRA:

It's WAY past time we keep pretending guns are not the problem. Guns ARE the problem.

They are a huge profit-making industry..why you think they always have to sell war? Sell fear?

If people think they have right to them...then they need to be as regulated as cars, if not more.

And I'm talking the manufacturers!!!!!

And stop with the crap "criminals will just blah blah blah"

We can at least make it harder for them can't we?

I need to know one good reason why ALEC and NRA barred cities from banning machine guns and vest piercing bullets.

Merchants of Death. Big moola baby

And just think...the leftovers can be given to your CIA trained ISIS.




3 president, 2 of then Repub agreed:

See how far money and brainwashing have gone?

We now put gun manufacturers ahead of our children's lives.

God-they are evil. OR--you can call it another way: Just lookin out for the bottom they always tell us: Collateral damage can't be helped.

A living, breathing Human is bad for business. USA USA

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 13 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Preventing abortion is denying women their Constitutional rights. Ask me why i should care about anyones right to own a gun.

Put it this way....i care as much for your rights as you do mine.

Not much, is it?

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 13 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

The same right wing that demands right to own guns, denying women right to remove fetus from own body....

One question: who has more rights presently, gun owners or women? BOINK

(Been trying to say this for 2 days....comments not shown)

Wonder why???

Are any other's comments not shown?

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 13 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

So concerned about rights slipping away, but support the party that does this:

"But the inclusion of CISA in the omnibus package may make it even more likely to be signed into law in its current form. Any “nay” vote in the house—or President Obama’s veto—would also threaten the entire budget of the federal government.

“They’re kind of pulling a Patriot Act,” says OTI’s Greene. “They’ve got this bill that’s kicked around for years and had been too controversial to pass, so they’ve seen an opportunity to push it through without debate. And they’re taking that opportunity.”

Stealth taking away of rights. Can't do it outright....have to "slip it in". Now business can just give all your internet info to NSA/FBI/Law Enforcement. And you claim to be worried about your grandkids....the internet generation.

231 new laws to prevent women accessing their Constitutional right to an abortion.

Not to mention the 42 years of terror, cause Radicals can't respect the Law. Think their ideology has to rule all people. And actually think they have the right to kill for it.

Citizens is speech ergo those with most money get to talk.

Article in Rolling Stone...."this is Sheldon Adelson's election to choose"

ie, a Casino-owning Israeli-Firster who wants to bomb Iran will tell people in my gubmint what to do.

You gun-babies are all ok with these things, so you know what?

You don't like gun regs???

Take a number!~

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 13 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"If one right can be regulated, what about all the rest?'

Well exactly! Since womens reproductive rights have been regulated out of existance, gun nuts should have no problem with gun regs!


lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 13 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Franklin Graham is stupid, as well as the devil.

Hyde amendment, 1976. Forbids tax dollars going to abortion.

Even tho women pay taxes

Even tho taxes pay for war, which kills people

Taxes pay for MIC profits, Haliburton profiis, GE profits, Xe profits, on and on and on

Tax dollars pick up the tab for the carnage of gun violence

Tax dollars even pay for Viagra.....

But not abortion, cause thats for women, and we cant have that in the Phallus Worshipping age.

Discrimination. At its worse.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 12 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

SORRY, saying viperish things about the president, calling people morons, and liking the smell of a smoking gun is not Christ-like.

"You will know them by their works"

Busted. You are an agent of Zionism, supporting the brutal treatment of children, and against world peace.

Why you are allowed, along with your fiendish friend, is proof of HP's bias.


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lovemychris 12 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Man who made phony Planned Parenthood video found to be liar by judge. In ruling, judge also stated that due to all the attacks on Planned Parenthood clinics, lying creep is promoting terrorism.

Computer is so damaged, cannot copy and paste...but anyone can google it.


All of you attacked me when I said Palin and Beck were promoting terror....

Well. it was true then, and it's true now.

These Right Wing zealots are Gladio. They are subversives, and they WANT terror and chaos.

Whether they do it for belief, or for money, the result is the same.

Stop humoring them: they need to be arrested.

But we have a 1st we need to at least fight them just as hard!

Operation Rescue is a domestic terror org.

Oath Keepers are a fraud.

Donald Trump promotes violence.

Fox News, Talk radio, Repub candidates....are u kidding me? Who dug these cretins out of the swamp????

"Love thy neighbor as thyself"......anyone see this? Just the opposite, isn't it? COME ON

We have lost our way. Obama has tried to get it back.....too much mindkontrol going on.

I refuse to give up to the Goonies. Love is the answer. Always has been.

They killed the one who sung that, didn't they....of course they did.

Prez Kennedy offered coffee and donuts to those protesting him....BANG BANG

Love is the answer, and you know that, for sure

and F the rest of yuz. Your Master awaits.......

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lovemychris 12 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

While you cry crocodile tears over "Tyrant Obama wants my guns", Tyrant Republicans actually and in reality are trying to own my uterus!

"the 2010 elections, which gave Republicans control of the House of Representatives and many legislatures across the country, emboldening abortion opponents. According to a new Guttmacher Institute analysis, states enacted 288 new abortion restrictions from 2011 through 2015 - nearly as many as were passed in the previous 15 years. "


Now they are going after birth control....

"In Hobby Lobby, the issue was whether the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act gave for-profit companies whose owners objected to birth control on religious grounds the right to deny contraception benefits to their employees; by a 5–4 vote, the court ruled yes."


2016 will see 7 more cases like this.

Can I ASK...what is an owner doing in MY PRIVATE LIFE in the first place?

You faux freedom fighters are full of it.

You want freedom to have 30 shot clips, vest-piercing bullets, ak 47s....

But don't think a woman has the right to birth control!

Please tell me o religious ones.....where are Guns mentioned in the Bible?

Does the commandment thou shalt not kill have the addendum: "Unless it's by a gun, you KNOW Jesus LUVS them"

FREEDOM is FREEDOM. One for all and all for one.

Unless you plan on making into law that women are second class citizens.....AGAIN. Property of men.

That is my guess.

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lovemychris 12 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Humph. If you dontt like constitution Leave, change by popular vote, or leave?

I heartily agree!

1973 Roe v Wade. Legal medical procedure protected by the constitition.

Those who dont like it havent left, or changed it by popular vote, they have made laws that skirt around the constitution, creating a Daddy-state, in which men in dresses force me to do as they say.

Practice what you preach.....BYE


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lovemychris 12 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Terrorist who doctored video to demonize planned parenthood has been indicted.

They should charge the mf w accessory to murder, since Dear screamed "no more baby parts"

Hes facing jail time along w a fellow terrorist.

Your 43 yr anti abortion reign of terror is ending.

You dont want women to have freedom, move to Saudi Arabia.

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lovemychris 12 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

People act like the left/right divide isnt "real". Like, some bigwigs using it to "divide and conquer". I have news for you, its real. There are real consequences to real people by real policies that are enacted.

"Were basically the same"

No, were not. Really, we couldnt BE more different.

I do not want to live in this place with a Republican 4 fecta again. Horror redeux.

There are moral differences too big to bridge. And it has NOTHING to do with God!

This, if anything we need to be real about!

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lovemychris 10 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Cruz beat Trump in Kansas

*rubs hands*

NOW the truth about that imposter comes out.

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lovemychris 10 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

The real scary right: state legislatures

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lovemychris 10 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Guy completely dismisses Hillary's whole career as nothing.

Wants to see the 2 men duke it out for prez.

One inherited wealth and a business, the other is a senator..

Stellar records, compared to Hillary?

I don't think so.

The same gd crap as always.

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lovemychris 9 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Oh cruz, cruz, cruz.....forcing a girl to carry to term and give birth after having been raped IS punishment!

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lovemychris 9 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

Thanks for telling me what I can and cannot do with my life....moderately, of course.

Time to snip the boys. End abortion for good. That is an order. By the state. Or is it church? Or is there a difference?

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lovemychris 9 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

El Salvador banned abortion in 1998. I just read story of young 17 yrs old girl who was raped. Despite that, she wanted to carry to term . But, she miscarried instead.... She was sentenced to 30 yrs in prison for murder.

This is what is coming here to America, in spite of the fact we have Roe v Wade as law.

States are ignoring the constitution and writing laws around it.

I strongly suggest any woman living under Republican run state get out if there now.

You must find refuge for your freedom in a Blue state, which will protect your rights.

These radical religionists who have power are a danger to us all, but particularly women.

It is no joke, it is frightening.

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lovemychris 9 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

If Alabama votes this personhood in, women will be prosecuted for murder for having an abortion.

Women, we must now stick together for our safety and rights.

Either that, or leave Republican states immediately. Take your daughters out of there.

God, I can't believe this terror is taking over again.

Brought to you btw, by mr liberty ron paul.

That demon.

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lovemychris 9 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

As you can see, there are people who will not vote for Hillary, the "proud dem", but will allow Republicans to take the presidency, thereby having house, senate, prez and supreme court.

Just because they hate Hillary.

When your son's are sent to wipe out Iran, and your daughters jailed for having a miscarriage, I will blame you. At least we know where the republicans stand.

You have sold us out fur a phony spoiler.

My dad always was angry at me for voting Nader, but at least I was Indie at the time, and so was he.

Sanders and his acolytes are using democrats to destroy democrats.

That is heinous beyond belief.

There will be no coming together, ever.

You are Tea Party, Left.

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lovemychris 2 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

hillary is right.

trump needs to release tax returns and disclose relationsip w putin.

hillary emails going on 2 yrs now. only have 7 days for truth about trump

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lovemychris 2 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

her name is katie johnson. she says trump threatened her family if she told. she was 13.

this is what your hatred of the democrats has come to.

cause you looooved him when he was questioning obamas birth.

and you looove when he says crooked hillary.

we are all reaping what the tea party sowed. my love to the good repubs like bill weld.

the rest can burn in hades

god bless america. we'll need it

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lovemychris 2 months ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

"austerity cuts hit women twice as hard as they do men"

the guardian

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lovemychris 7 weeks ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

uh ohhhh. trumps new pick mnuchin used to work for soros owned fund.

oh boyeee, now those soros-is-new-world-order-overlord will have to question trump.

say, does trump have ties to soros? hmm, thats a new subject to look into!

*wizard of oz wicked witch on bike music*, trump and the evil soros

"oh whatever it is theres an excuse"

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lovemychris 6 weeks ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

it begins.....ohio.

no abortion. no exception for rape or incest.

as if its the states business.

the dark ages have begun..or really, a continuation of them.

i never forgive this unneccesary horror.

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lovemychris 5 weeks ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

grassley wants trump to prosecute planned parenthood.

with sessions as ag, that's a no brainer.

womens health on trial. sluts and witches, we are.

meanwhile, what about trump and his love affair with a guy who hacked the usa?

no hearings, no care, no nothing.

america is done.

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lovemychris 4 days ago from Cape Cod, USA Author

abortion is down 14% from 3 years ago. people in the field say its due to improved access to birth control because of the aca.

know who else provides birth control? planned parenthood.

both of which--aca and pp-- are being systematically destroyed by this new administration.

i keep telling you abortion is not the issue at all....its control of women. fear of their power, and fear of women enjoying sex.

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