Freezing Cold Weather and Expanding Antarctic Ice are just more proof of Global Warming

Under no circumstances should you use your own common sense.

The recent freezing cold weather which engulfed the northern hemisphere, just as it did the year before, is a direct consequence of global warming.

A record increase in the Antarctic ice cap, 60 per cent more ocean covered with ice compared to this time last year, the equivalent of almost a million square miles, is also caused by Global Warming.

Yes, that’s right folks, freezing cold weather and vast increases in the size of the Antarctic Ice Cap are caused by the earth getting warmer.

Confused? Don’t be. It’s really quite simple. Just ignore what your common sense and your own body tells you and listen instead to what you are told in the mainstream media. Even if you feel cold, if they say that you are warm, then you are warm. Your body shivering is a sign of over heating; a sign that you are too warm. Get it?

As they have told you before, don’t believe your own senses, they can deceive you. Only believe what you see and hear on mainstream Television. TV is your reality. TV tells you what to think.

Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, the Global Warming Agenda is still right on schedule. Yes, as forecast by the UN IPCC some years ago, the Himalayan Glaciers will still melt and be gone by 2035; yes, polar bears will still become extinct; and yes, sea levels will still rise to catastrophic levels, putting New York and most other capitals of the Northern hemisphere under water very soon.

Carbon credits and carbon taxes will save us all.

The only way to save the earth from all of the catastrophic global warming armaggedon is to buy carbon credits from Al (Mr Altruism) Gore. Carbon credits are the only way to save our planet. If you refuse to toe the line, if you question anything the global warming alarmists say, then you will be treated as a global warming terrorist who wants to destroy the planet. Buy carbon credits first, pay for your food, shelter and the needs of your children second. After all, if you have no planet to live on, then you and your children won’t need food and shelter anyway, will you?

TV is the only reality.

So if they say that you are warm, you are warm. If they say that the earth is getting too hot, but you see snow and ice outside your window, ignore the snow and ice, and listen even harder to what you are told on television. Remember a good citizen of the New World Order, thinks what he is told to think by mainstrean TV news and media.

So, once again, whatever you see, hear and feel yourself can be deceptive, may lead to confusion, and may not be real. Do not trust your own common sense, and under no circumstances should you think for yourself. TV is your reality. Believe only what you see on TV.

To summarise:

Freezing cold weather is caused by the Earth getting warmer.

War is Peace, black is white, up is down, and one plus one equals three, if they say so on TV.

TV is the only reality.

Is that clear enough for you?


© 2014 sannyasinman

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Doc Snow profile image

Doc Snow 2 years ago from Atlanta metropolitan area, GA, USA

'Alarmist' or just plain alarmed? Seems to me the evidence shows clear cause for the latter.

Doc Snow profile image

Doc Snow 2 years ago from Atlanta metropolitan area, GA, USA

"Engulfed the Northern Hemisphere?"

Not. North America has been cold, Eurasia hasn't. See:

Note the positive anomaly for the Northern Hemisphere: .41 C above baseline.

In fact, December in Siberia was actually remarkable for its warmth, as described in this story:

And while we're playing the cherry-picking game, let's not forget to mention that November 2013 (the most recent month for which we have the data processed) was globally the warmest November ever observed.

Goodpal profile image

Goodpal 2 years ago

Steering clear of the labels "global warming" and "climate change" which mean practically anything to anyone, any ordinary person can tell that the annual seasonality of weather is being lost. In addition, abrupt climatic events - say flash flood - now happen more often. The environmental equilibrium of past decades appears to be shifting now. Vanishing glaciers are just another manifestation of all these changes.

The debatable issue is whether you should worry about it or brush it aside as normal is your choice. I personally stay clear of environmental alarmists and terrorists both and make my own judgment.

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