Fukushima's Furry Friends Go Earless - Japan's Mutated Rabbit

Peter Cottontail & Radioactive Mutations

An interesting, scary, freakish and yet still cute story started circulating this month about a baby bunny born in a radioactive hot spot near Fukushima. This baby bunny has been born with albinism and amazingly - No Ears.

And while there are many "experts" who have seen both of these birth defects in baby rabbits born in areas with no radiation, it still strikes many as highly coincidental for the earless baby bunny to be born when it was. I mean, there is less than a 8% chance that the bunny would be born as an Albino and less than a 2% chance that it would be born without any ears. What are the chances of both incidences happening conveniently in a radioactive hot spot right after the Fukushima meltdown?

Both albinism and earlessness are signs of genetic mutation that happened while the baby bunny was still a growing fetus, or even during conception. Many have suggested that it could have been from an over-anxious birth grooming session from mommy cottontail, though this was ruled out when it was confirmed that there were no severing or bite marks anywhere close to where the baby rabbit's ears should have been. Even with that in mind... it could have just been a strange coincidence... what do you think?

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