Fun Islamic Youth Activities

 Muslim parents often want to know what activities for Islamic youth are available in their community. Islamic youth activities promote healthy minds and bodies and rely on faith and religion as a tool to meet those goals. Islamic youth activities include camping, volunteer groups, Muslim group outings to museums, and online activities for young children.

Camping trips are a way Islamic youth can come together and build relationships and at the same time learn an appreciation of nature. During hikes or around the campfire, organizers can schedule time for Muslim lessons. The outdoor environment and the thrill of camping will heighten senses, and the lessons will be absorbed easier. If parents attend the activity, it will be a good time to strengthen family relationships and how the child views the world, their parents and their religion. Camping trips can be arranged by mosque members, or parents could send their child to a Islamic summer camp.

Charity and volunteering are among the virtues of Islamic faith. Creating youth volunteer groups is a great way to help the community and at the same time display the goodwill of Muslim youth. Community volunteerism gives young women and men a chance to give back to the community that they have been raised in. Whether it is visiting a home for the elderly or cleaning up a vacant lot, the efforts will not go unrewarded. Islamic youth will have a chance to show their community that youth can be a viable part of the Islamic culture and at the same time develop relationships in that community as they grow.

An educational activity for Islamic youth is a day trip to a museum. Islamic displays would help strengthen the faith of the young person, but by seeing the culture and religions of other countries, their own identity will be strengthened. Many museums have religious displays that allow young men and women to learn about Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or other world faiths. This will hopefully create an appreciation of Islam and also a non-judgmental toward different faiths. A group learning together can create relationships in faith that can last a lifetime.

To inspire the Internet wired Muslim youth, several websites off youth activities that help develop morals, faith and teach Arabic. There are Muslim word finds, crossword puzzles, games, and software that will allow Islamic youth to interact electronically. Programs and games are available to teach Islamic youth Arabic. These activities can be done alone or through interactive participation. The programs give the youth more credence to their faith and help develop moral thought and practices that are aligned with the Islamic faith. Some websites have created instructional videos to teach children traditional Muslim crafts.

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