Fundraising Ideas For Charity

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising ideas for charity

When thinking of fundraising ideas, you have to think of something that not only you could participate in, but others too, for maximum effect it is best to recruit volunteers into your fundraising efforts, this is ideal if you have work colleagues who have time to spare and are quite charitable themselves.

Fundraising ideas that you could do....

  • Do a sponsored run, where you ask for donations if you complete the journey or the run, you can state on the sponsor form that you create what charity it's for, sponsored runs are happening all around the world and they become events if lots of people join in, in the UK, there is a running event for charity called the race for life which is a charity event to aid cancer victims families and it raises money for Dove House Hospice and other related cancer charities, which is great, because many families are touched by cancer and I'd certainly do a run each year for charity.
  • Sponsored craziness day, everyone must act crazy for a full day, whether that's dancing quite mad to work or wearing a daft costume all day, people may want to see you be crazy for the day, so they'll pay the sponsor money and this is a good idea for fundraising for charity as everyone wants to act a bit crazy every now and then to let off some steam.
  • A sports event, football, darts, snooker, anything, you name it, sports events can be sponsored, even by local businesses if approached in the right way, it's publicity for the businesses and also might boost your fundraising with additional resources that the business can offer.
  • Stand on a street corner with a bucket and an official label of the charity that you are fundraising, approach charities that will be interested in taking on a trust-able volunteer, usually you have to have been volunteering with them for awhile, before you are trusted to hold cash.
  • Create a Squidoo lens for charity and promote the hell out of it online and off, there are many charities that are available through Squidoo, so check them out.
  • Comic Relief is a UK once a year fundraising initiative that has been around for over 20 years and you could think of a fundraising idea for this, crazy ideas or another run for charity, it's up to you, the only limit is your imagination.

Raising money for charity takes a small amount of effort that builds when others join your fundraising efforts, it's like a viral effect that grows and grows over time and there's something special and rewarding about volunteering to give to others less fortunate.

Fundraising Ideas For Charity

Fundraising ideas for charity.    Image source -
Fundraising ideas for charity. Image source -

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Kirabo Bernadatte 4 years ago

I am a spiritual leader who wants to impact the community by building a children's home and a youth HIV sensitisation due to the ongoing epidemic. I am looking for sponsors to work with me. Thanks Kirabo

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