Gambling, A Poor Man's Answer to Despair or A Rich Man's Scam?

Everyday millions of people here and abroad gamble. In a great sense it has become a regular past time. For some, it's the thing to do to have something to talk about; For others it's a competitive sport that's full of excitement and rewards. However, for far too many it represents a fight to overcome the despair of poverty.

Many poor and middle class people, routinely gamble in the hope that they might be able to win money needed to fight dispossess, to place food on the table, to pay overdue utility bills, etc. For far too many, gambling is that last answer to economic woes that often serves to make situations worse because the odds of winning are usually tremendous. It's that ounce of hope that maybe, just maybe, one will become a true a winner and in so doing end the hardship and despair heaped upon them by impoverished conditions. It's a poor mans lifeline that is highly fickle and unreliable to say the least.

For the rich, however, gambling acts as a sort of safety valve that help keeps the poor of the world from forcibly demanding a more equitable share of the worlds resources. It's that narcotic that assists in keeping them from striking out in rebellion. It's that soft voice that tells them don't despair; things are not as bad as they seem. You too may become rich, thereby ending your economic woes. A dollar bet on Lotto can make you an instant millionaire, "isn't that grand?"

With this idea in their heads, countless men and women bravely go forth and spend money they can ill afford in a quest to gain some type of help in dealing with the harsh realities brought about by limited financial resources. Though most admit that they believe they'll never be the one to win and get rich, they still persist in their gambling endeavors. They do so most often touting the phrase "you never know"; I just might become that lucky person to become America's next millionaire.

Some argue that it's not just the possibility of winning that propels them to spend their scarce resources in this manner (i.e. gambling), that alone is not the argument. Instead, it's the fact that for many of them, gambling delivers them the gift of the hope that there exist the slim chance that hard times can be instantly transformed into something better than their wildest dreams. Once again, gambling acts like a narcartic of sorts. It helps to momentarily dull the pain of their financial distress and substitutes real hope where there only existed distress.

As for the rich of the world, well they continue to get richer. Gambling is a mighty big business in this country and abroad. It's a multi-billion dollar industry that just keeps growing. It has become so huge that governments eagerly sponsor it to raise money to support their various programs. It's a win win scenario where everyone profits big, except for the poor and lower middle classes who are the driving force behind it. They, on the other hand, are rewarded with hope. Not a bad deal, ha?


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