Areas to Consider When Researching Gang Stalking

Areas to consider when researching Gang Stalking

In researching Gang Stalking there are many factors to be considered. It’s not a subject matter that should be studied lightly. Also the average psychiatrist if not familiar with some of the other issues that are affecting members of many communities might not be able to make an ironclad assessment without looking at several factors. Here are factors that I think should be considered.

Areas to be aware of when studying Gang Stalking.
Workplace Mobbing.

It’s our nearest and dearest cousin on an emotional and psychological level. The methodology used in workplace mobbing are some of the same that we see happening with Gang Stalking.

Awareness is slowly growing in the U.S. and in Canada about the darker side of work and the devastating effects that mobbing and bullying can have on the self, health, organizations and society. Our colleagues in North America, though still rather few, do their part to contribute to the growing interest. For example: Three conferences on the topic have been organized in the U.S. since 2000, in California, Massachusetts and Iowa; the Department of Environmental Quality for the State of Oregon has established the first anti-mobbing policy in the U.S.; efforts to add new anti-mobbing legislation are under way in California, other states and in Canada; and several new Internet self-help and advice groups and websites address specific professional groups or aspects of incivility at work. In the aftermath of the Columbine and other school shooting tragedies, the media has increasingly discussed bullying in the schools, thus also raising awareness of adult bullying/mobbing in the workplace.

The Snitching system

Websites such as are doing a really nice job of showing the world the other side of snitching, and it’s true affect on society.

Also Alexandra Natapoff has done some wonderful research into the wider and more impacting issues of the Informant system and how it’s affecting members of some communities. In some areas over 50% or more of ethnic communities had been inducted into becoming police informants. Both men and women.
From what I have seen, the numbers are higher than this and it’s no longer limited to the communities focused on in her research.

Community Based Policing

This method of policing is changing how societies think, react and interact. It’s basically turning our communities into societies like what they have in China, had in Russia, or East Germany. There is a U.N. agenda called 2020 that seeks to adapt this model for every country in the world by 2020.

“Ruling the community with an iron fist. “Savvy law enforcement types realized that under the community policing rubric, cops, community groups, local companies, private foundations, citizen informants and federal agencies could form alliances without causing public outcry.” Covert Action Quarterly, summer 1997.”

American communitarians promote the same kinds of surveillance and neighborhood informants the communists used to control East Germans. Americans are slowly being taught what East Germans had to learn very quickly. Today the KGB trains “community” police all over America. Our friendly neighborhood cops are saving our communities from criminals and terrorists.

Crisis Centers

When I tried to follow up on some of the research that “Norma” over at had done in conjunction with crisis center I found out that these are some of the places that targets were turning to for help. Before the Gang Stalking websites were available, woman and to a much smaller extent men were calling the crisis centers, more specifically the Rape Crisis Center to get some help, or to find anyone who knew about Gang (Organised) Stalking.

See what some of these psychiatrist do not realise is that before the websites were available, the beliefs were not going away. People were not accepting the false explanation that they were delusional. This was in many cases, too, real, to obvious, and far too life impacting. So when the police failed, doctors, psychiatrists, etc. They were calling the crisis centers.

Online before the Gang Stalking websites, they were visiting Mobbing, Conspiracy, Bullying, and mind control sites. These were the only places that were close to having any information, shared stories, or experiences that might help the target to further understand what they were going through.

Systemic Corruption.

Before his death Tim Fields who shed some much needed light on the Bully phenomenon also saw a very obvious pattern of collusion amongst the targets that were seeking help. He started to research it and then passed away before he could get further.

Many targets of bullying report that they seem to be obstructed every step of the way in their pursuit of justice. The management refuse to investigate, or use an untrained investigator, or whitewash the case. The union refuses to help, or initially shows interest but suddenly changes sides. The solicitor initially shows interest but then starts acting in a manner which suggests they have the other side’s interests at heart rather than yours.

The employer’s lawyers apply for, and obtain, adjournment after adjournment, then obtain a pre-hearing review which the tribunal chairman handles in favour of the employer. In the tribunal, favour is shown to the respondent (employer) and you get the impression that the verdict has been decided in advance. Your solicitor, the respondent’s lawyers and the tribunal chairman seem to know more about your case than you think they should.

After the tribunal you’re left with no option but to privately sue the employer, the union, and your solicitor, and appeal the tribunal decision, but by this time you have no job, no income, your savings are gone, so is your health, maybe your marriage too, and there’s no prospect of ever being employed again, especially in the professions.

Sound familiar? If so, you might be surprised to realise how often this happens. Mostly it’s in cases from the education sector, although it may happen in any public sector case, for example the NHS. Occasionally, but less often, it happens in private sector cases, and in rare cases from the voluntary sector.

Although there’s never any substantive proof, it seems that all the parties arrayed against you have been colluding in secret. The question is, what allegiance binds these individuals together, and where could they meet such that the normal rules of confidentiality do not apply? What fraternal obligation places their duty to support and protect each other above the moral, ethical and legal obligations by which the rest of us are bound?

Tim Fields is not the only person to have noticed this type of systemic corruption when it comes time to finding help for issues of Bullying, Workplace Mobbing, etc but he might have been the one to shed the brightest light on it, had he lived.

Unchecked Surveillance

The unchecked surveillance that is happening to many private citizens all across the globe. We live in a new reality, but the diagnosis is the same. Think you are being followed around? Must be paranoia. Yet had the family in this article gone for help, thinking they were being spied upon, they might well have been diagnosed as paranoid, when in fact their concerns would have been fully warranted.

This wasn’t just a cursory background check.
The details of the three-week surveillance operation read like an MI5 logbook: “Target vehicle pulls up and parks.”
“Female and three children enter vehicle.”
“Curtains open and lights on in premises.”

This very average, unassuming family were spied upon, 24/7, followed around by (Informants) Covert Human Intelligence Sources, had their play by play activity recorded, all because someone thought they were falsifying the school district that they lived in. This is just a glimpse at what our societies have turned into and how these laws and unchecked surviellances ae being used and abused, to the unchecked power that has been handed out to many branches within society.

Lastly is the concern or question of wither Gang Stalking website help to enhance, or feed a delusion, and can these website prevent someone from seeking help for an illness?

It’s a great question and one that no one can answer definitively. If someone believes that something is wrong and traditional points of reference are not providing answers or a solution, they will clearly look towards other points of healing. This is what was happening with Gang Stalking.

Before the websites were here, the beliefs were still held by individuals. When the websites were not here, people were still desperately seeking help and assistance. They were using outside sources which at times could not always formulate a basis of reference for what they were experiencing, but they were still using those points of references, because it was the best available at the time.

If someone goes to a mobbing website and it confirms a belief that they already have that co-workers are out to get them, then it’s up to the individual how they further choose to use the information. The same is true with someone using the bullying website who believes that there is collusion within the system and that is what is happening to them.

The Gang Stalking websites are here, just like mobbing, bullying, etc and they are providing information, research, and shared experiences for the website visitor that chooses to review and consider the information provided

Gang Stalking Research

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TI5000 6 years ago

Personally I believe that individual experiences are more important than the big conspiracy idea. The individual is what requires the focus. Yes, workplace mobbing has gained acceptance because there are many people experiencing it. Being that I am not a political person and experiencing 'organized mobbing' the politics of it are immaterial to me. I prefer organized mobbing to gang stalking or even community mobbing. Stalking sounds like someone, some individual is following you around from place to place. That isn't what they do. There is a network. Community mobbing I don't like now as much because the person who is targeted is not a full member of the community. For now I think the best term is organized mobbing. It isn't hard to combat this. It takes will. I don't believe that any good, educated psychologists wouldn't know these techniques because it is that profession that helped to create them. This activity has been going on for some time. It is terrorism plain and simple. I sat there and watched a man in Germany say, yes, this is what we did and the tactics that we used. The USA has a problem admitting they have problems. That this country is as tyrannical as any that they criticize. If you can't admit the problem, than you can't fix it. The mobbers are the criminals, not the TIs. That is why they sneak around like rats. The USA is beyond repair. There is no stopping this. If there was a place to run to, well, we would. A place to start again. A place on earth to be free from tyranny. That place is no longer the USA.

Shannon 6 years ago

The people who participate in these crimes are well known for preying on defenseless women. That makes them cowards. Stalking, threatening, harassing and torturing women they don’t even know not only makes them cowards but also cowards that suffer from psychopathy. The fact that there are no shortage of these people in our country is quickly becoming a sad reality.

I know this first hand because I am a person who suffers from this assault called, Organized Stalking and Electronic Torture, daily.

If you want to know what it’s like to have to try to live through this crime, try to imagine yourself on the television show Fear Factor or Punk’d, except there’s no cameras and laughter at the end with people saying we’re just kidding. Then imagine these acts of “street theater” occuring on a daily basis. Then try to imagine this while experiencing the most horrific pain, like an electric current (Electronic Harassment) shooting from the top of your skull throughout your entire body so bad at times you can barely walk. And then try to imagine this while you look in your friends and family members faces and not talk about it and try to maintain a job.

I came across an interesting website that talk about this subject called “Are You Targeted . com.

It touches on the topic of media involvement and has video of interviews given by intelligence agents warning about the dangers of these weapons in use. This website also mentions groups who participate in the stalking.

There’s one group this site leaves out that I would address now and that’s foreigners. Let me make this clear I don’t hate anyone and I don’t encourage anyone else to hate either, but there is one group of people who are notoriously known for stalking/mobbing and that’s Asians. I know that sound ignorant for me to say that but I’m saying for two reasons:

1. I take great offense to people who come to my country and then try to chase me out of it.

2. More importantly, some of these people doing this stalking to me can barely speak english, like my friend’s upstairs neighbor. That tell me that they learned this behavior in their own country and are now using it for social, political (sleeper cell, espionage), and economic (intellectual property and identity theft) purposes. But then again, there are many groups who participate in this for those very same purposes. Anyway, everyone should be very concerned about people who come here who are skilled in terrorism. Beware!

I mentioned before that those who were conducting the experiments at General Hospital made it perfectly clear they were reading my thoughts, as well as some of my stalkers. I want to address Remote Neurological Monitoring (RNM), some of the dangers of it, and how I suspect it’s being used on me:

1. America is becoming a service and intellectual property supplier nation. Where do you think all this “intellectual property” is suppose to come from? Well monitoring (mining) the minds of cattle it’s cattle of course. That means me and you. I read some where that these super computors can “monitor” the minds millions at a time. Did anyone ask you if they could have access to your thoughts? They sure as hell didn’t ask me! Anyone whose reading my thoughts are making a mint. Where’s my cut? You can bet your bottom dollar you won’t be reaping the benefits of your own thoughts either.

This is Intellectual Property Theft. It has nothing to do with National Security; it is theft, rape, and a robbery pure and simple. Your thoughts will be sold to the highest bidders.

It’s obvious these people want to know everything about me; well, why didn’t they just ask and of course paid me. But, that’s not how these people do business. They are theives and violators. The very worst scum this country has to offer. But I’m sure many will lovingly refer to them as the “thought police” and not as the mind control, intellectual property thieven, weapons of mass control using, body snatchers that they really are.

2. I don’t think many know how dangerous it is for a government (foreign or domestic) or anyone else to be “monitoring” the thoughts of the people.

Monitor = spy on, steal and police (censor).

- I mean actual thoughts in real time and virtually seeing through your eyes.

- If “they” don’t like what you’re thinking then “they” can Electronically Torture you, in real time.

If you think Free Speech and our Constitution is dead now you just wait, soon they’ll be deader than door knobs, if these activities aren’t curtailed.

3. Who wants to be wired and hooked up to a machine? I sure as hell don’t! Who wants a bunch of mind control cult members having access to their person? Not me! These people are trash and they’re psychopaths.

And if you allow these people to destroy our Constitution and turn you, your children and your country’s men and women into robots than your a bigger fool than these people take you for.

4. All this radiation can’t be good for me. I’m sure I’ll die of a horrible disease sooner than later. Then “they” may take my body and disect it at the University of California.

Internet Access:

- $39.99 a month.

To hear Webster Tarpley call Julian Assange a MK-Ultra, child theft, sex and drug experiment victim from a town full of nurse and psychiatric cult members; well now, that’s just…

- priceless.

I found this interesting because I feel my tormentors are trying to into a MK-Ultra (trama based behavior modification) victim as well and wondered if this cult from Austrialia has any connections to the psychiatric community here in San Francisco, in particular, the one that operates out of General Hospital?

Lastly, I don’t know how many victims of this crime can connect their harassment to a hospital or anyother facility, but I can. On three occasions I was falsely imprisoned, experimented on, and electronically tortured in the summer of 2008. Two people who were following me around San Francisco conducting “street theater” were also at the hospital participating in the street theater there as well. That’s a direct link to the hospital being involved in the Organized Stalking Electronic Harassment out in public and away from the hospital too. I can pick every last one of them out of a line up.

I want to sue the hell out of them. A lawsuit against General Hospital (a county facility) alone could yield ten of millions of dollars. It’s a possibility merely filing a lawsuit of this nature could result in an instant settlement. Since the crimes that I’ve mention are Federal Offenses I don’t know if you need to be an attorney from San Francisco or even from California. Maybe someone hear can answer that?

If you are a lawyer and are familiar with these activities then I ask that you please consider filing a case with me. I need help and can definitely use the money. Maybe you could too.

Thank you,

Shannon Herbert

Shannon 5 years ago


Some victims of this crime believe that they are part of an involuntary human experimentation program.

On Feb. 28 2011 - Mar. 1 2011 there was The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues. Below is a link to the Public Comment section of the conference who give testimony of their experiences.

Thank you,

Shannon Herbert

Ken Williams profile image

Ken Williams 5 years ago

Gangstalking is a myth. But its still happening. You have to ask yourself how? How does it work? This is what they are doing, and this is how they do it. Open your eyes.

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capebretonflynn 5 years ago from Owen Sound, Ontario

Nope, it's a form of snuff pornography and our military and public defence need to get all over this! We have people on all forms of electronic surveillance and taping suffering to heal from weapons dealt injuries and ignored or assaulted by nursing, and policing staff! Intolerable! We have had women, men and children under influence of these ill members of our society and they need cuffs and counselling. Anyone who would follow the ill, cause them weapons injury, pretend to be solicitous, and deny health care needs to be behind bars in my country. Gangstalkers are killers, and they pray to present live for what others are promised on electronic feed. I've had it! I am creating a website with direct link action to stop this serial murder. Will comment with link when it is complete.

Mark Veil 4 years ago

See the website : Congress approves gangstalking and click on the image with tall buildings. This is your government torturing and murdering innocent persons.

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Androvna 4 years ago


YEs. I believe hospitals do this. Psychiatry would be the only ones with the understanding of how to harrass in a subtle manner - tailored to the quirks of one's psyche. What bothers one does not bother another. THAT is what this type of stalking does.

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Androvna 4 years ago

i think healthcare people could easily pursue gang stalking. I've read that EMS (ambulance) workers do this. Firefighters. Cops. They're all service and in wahtever way connected with hospitals.

capebretonflynn profile image

capebretonflynn 4 years ago from Owen Sound, Ontario

There are relevant anti stalking and anti electronic weapons laws in Mass. Might help your case. Tey laywers or doctors without borders. if u had a violent childhood, beware some of the helper groups, but some are good and will help u find a lawyer. put it on lavalife. lol lawyers troll it. make it sound irresistable to them. win win win for justice. someone might contact u. good luck. 4 years ago

These sheeple are the same "No Life Tards" that will be there holding a spike on the hand at the 2nd coming! Ya "YOU". The cop shop Rara team

London, Ontario, Canada 4 years ago

Cindy and Bill Martin and Mario Aquintey are land lords moving out old tenants to help gang stalkers move new tenants move in, so they can live beside, above and below you to bang on the walls and ceilings for example. One tactic repeatedly used in 24/7 harassment.

Cindy and Bill Martin

99 1/2 Forward Ave.

London, Ontario


N6H 1B8

Work land line: 519 668 1896

Cell: 519 280 5549

Mario Aquintey

137 Colborne St.

London, Ontario


N6B 2B1

Mobile: 519 495 2781

Commissionaires stalking 4 years ago

Commissionaires Great Lakes Security Company in London, Ontario, Canada is using gang stalking surveillance and harassment tactics around the city. They have employees (bus drivers) of the London Transit system, the London Public Library and area homeless shelters, such as the Men's Mission and the Salvation Army on board. They also contact your land lords and neighbors. They recruit the homeless people to help with downtown surveillance and harassment. The front line staff on the bus and at the library are all playing apart in the harassment from intercepting emails to tapping telephones and retrieving fax transmissions all being play out (street theatre included) under the watchful eye of the downtown surveillance cameras.

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foreignpress 3 years ago from Denver

I'm being gangstalked. The only way to defeat this is to fight back. Use the same tactics on them. I got the word out today (to certain people) that this is to the death. No more games. No more Boy-Toy to play with. There's two or three coordinating this and the rest are lonely castouts eager to join a "social club." This stalking started 10 years ago when my family and I bought a house in an area with a loosely formed homeowner's association. Then as now it's about control, power, domination, subservience. I no longer live there but the stalking has turned into gangstalking. This time -- they've gone too far.

justine 3 years ago

„Androvna: i think healthcare people could easily pursue gang stalking. I've read that EMS (ambulance) workers do this. Firefighters. Cops. They're all service and in whatever way connected with hospitals.“

Yes I'm sure they do. The last time I was at my primary medical care center (I live in Southeast Europe), the doctor's assistant called the ambulance and told the driver to wait „just in case anything happens while J. is here“. After that I heard laughter. They were, of course, talking about me! All this was said in front of everyone in the waiting room, while I was already in the doctors office.

I believe I am on some kind of watch list that circulates among healthcare workers, shop workers, security people, and the likes. All this, together with a horrendous slander campaign, and you can imagine what it is like to live in a small town – a village to be exact! And I have no evidence; no one directly confronts me, no one accuses me of anything, and yet for years I have been living as a target, a victim, going to sleep and waking with the same thoughts. Anyone who has been a target of organized gang stalking knows what I am talking about.


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wiliamson 3 years ago

I want to know who is doing the gangstalking, and why. Also how are they funded? Criminals do not want a spotlight shone on their activities. One ides would be if there was a site that gangstalk victims could turn to to relate where and when they were gangstalked. This should reveal crimes maps, showing where gangstalking is going on. also, if victims gave a brief self profile, this would show which people are being singled out and also shed some light on the nature and objectives of the stalkers. Also how are these extravagant programs of persecution funded? Are these self-funded operations? My last two landlords both lost their houses. I doubt that this is a coincidence.

letsdosomething 3 years ago

To all the writers who are victims of this ignored serious crime, I feel for you all. I too am a victim of gang community stalking. My perpetrator is a former police commissioner and another family who's father was also in the police force. My mom's landlord is involved and we both are living in a cesspool. I'm stalked by by upstairs tenant and I'm stalked when I go visit my mom. I've been dealing with this for a number of years. I get followed by a bunch of no-good-psychopaths who have nothing better to do. I call them my paparazzi----I will charge them for my autograph.

What we victims need to do is come together and form a group. We then can schedule a time to go and stand in front of our politician's offices and let ourselves be heard. Soon enough, they will have to take some serious actions against these psychopaths. We should all call our congressman, president etc and let them know that this is a problem that you are being affected by and needs attention. If we all plan on calling on the same day, etc, they will realized how serious this problem is and will need to do something about it.

If our politicians, and State etc refuses to take the necessary action to help us, then we can all form a class action lawsuit against each of the State that has failed to assist us! The more people you let know, what's going on the more people will know what happening etc.

I've called so many places, no help and nobody cares but if we come together we will make a difference.

Please connect with me because I'm willing to do all I can to form a support group so we can connect and take action!

Stay positive, take one day at a time and pray. Pray and ask God to heal the minds and hearts of these psychopaths!

Who wants to take action and do something about this problem. Together as a group we can make a difference!

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wiliamson 3 years ago

Thank you to "letsdosomething". I agree completely that the gangstalked need to get together. Unfortunately I am in the UK. I want to connect with other victims. I have been gangstalked since 1979 when I was a student at Ulster University (Coleraine), and ever since. I only discovered the term gangstalking in the last few months, after I had been subjected to extraordinary behaviour from a relative. I enquired about this behaviour at Wikipedia reference desk and they told me it was gaslighting, another term I had never heard of. When I researched gaslighting I found the term gangstalking. I started to research gangstalking sites and it described exactly what had been happening. I figured that if I listed all those places and times where I had been gangstalked (and if other victims did the same) in time crime maps would emerge. Also doing this turns the attention on the activities of the stalkers. Within 2 days my ISP/Administrator banned me from writing on nearly every site (whether connected to gangstalking or not) claiming I was an obsessive compulsive spammer. If you are a victim of a crime publicising the situation is only sensible.

Regarding prayer. You are quite right. If you think your own personal prayers are not strong enough get prayer sites to pray for you. A good one is - Prayonit. I think I would rather pray for protection and the criminals being identified in their crimes, rather than for them. You must be an amazingly tolerant and kind person. Any more ideas welcome, I will pay close attention to your suggestions. All the best.

William Bahl 3 years ago


I am concerned about the potential for use of technology to conduct unethical research and/or influence the behavior of others through the use of brain scanning technology. I have personally experienced this phenomenon and am willing to publicly share my experiences with others. I can be contacted directly at 907.598.5433.

I also believe there may be other victims of this phenomenon in my local community. Through internet research I have become aware of various forms and methods of employing such techniques. Two different subjects I researched include Voice to Skull (Gang stalking) and an experiment conducted by the United States Navy into non-verbal communication through implanting a device into a person (possibly without their consent) to study the possibility of different forms of communication.

There may also be some type of cult influence involved. I was previously a member of a cult in Soldotna, Alaska known as the Apostolic Assembly of Jesus Christ (

Again, I am more than willing to share my personal experiences with anyone willing to listen.


William Bahl

William Bahl 3 years ago


I am concerned about the potential for use of technology to conduct unethical research and/or influence the behavior of others through the use of brain scanning technology. I have personally experienced this phenomenon and am willing to publicly share my experiences with others. I can be contacted directly at 907.598.5433.

I also believe there may be other victims of this phenomenon in my local community. Through internet research I have become aware of various forms and methods of employing such techniques. Two different subjects I researched include Voice to Skull (Gang stalking) and an experiment conducted by the United States Navy into non-verbal communication through implanting a device into a person (possibly without their consent) to study the possibility of different forms of communication.

There may also be some type of cult influence involved. I was previously a member of a cult in Soldotna, Alaska known as the Apostolic Assembly of Jesus Christ (

Again, I am more than willing to share my personal experiences with anyone willing to listen.


William Bahl

OS CHENNAI 2 years ago

Organized Stalking in Chennai, India aka Gang Stalking started for me in 2008 as Hacking of Cell phones and Computers proceeded to all the Typical Gang stalking tactics and Electronic Harassment. I am a Targeted Individual for the past 5 years and have filed numerous complaints with the police and CBI (FBI of india).

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Sierra Calic 2 years ago

You would think that - with all the people claiming gang-stalking - the feds, or fbi would be taking this seriously. As there are sources more responsible for this than others. There are industries more susceptible to performing these acts than others. The acts are more wide-spread and contingent upon spreading a mass paranoia.

I remember first becoming aware of this. The primary issues that plagued where that of "organized residential break-ins", and "audio recording". The "gaslighting" and "double-speak" didn't come to later. So, I think that there are fundamentals to these crimes. And, I say crimes because that is where it all originates. The modern form of "Group Mobbing" wouldn't exist if there wasn't away to express it, via "gaslighting", "double-speak". Although bullying is an age old phenomena, its methods and places where limited to only a few until this phenomena of gang-stalking arose.

My residence still gets broken into on a monthly basis. I spent a year tracking this phenomena when I was trying to re-build what I had lost because of gang-stalking. The break-ins can occur weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Because where I live, it stops during the winter months. I live in the country, and it is so much easier for "organized gang-stalking" to take place because of limited law-enforcement, and the wilderness which grants more ways of access. To start the season off, and depending on ones tendency to leave the house, the break-ins occur once a week. Then it tones down. I suppose the reason for this is to gain heads up on the situation. Once it tones down, and they are confident in what they are doing, it may happen sporadically. When I placed a camera in my residence, I would only come home to find my deadbolt unlocked. This seemingly is characteristic of the "bully" nature of the perpetrators; trying to keep the fear active.

The whole, main reason the individuals are hard to catch is because the personality type of the "organizer" is very social, and has the ability to thwart "bad boys" to do the work for them. Break-ins are hard to catch because of how random they are.

The strategies appear very advance. However, upon realization, it dawned on me that the person orchestrating this could be some lowly plant manager. He / she has access to "bad boys", has more free time than most, and has the psi tools incase of a lawsuit.

The other thing that I realized was how dirty most people are where I live. Given a little harassment they themselves would probably learn from their perps, and become the next thug. However, because of the consistency of the attacks, including slit-tires, etc., I do believe that it is the same individual initiating this.

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OSCHENNAI 2 years ago

You forgot 'CYBERSTALKING' / CYBERCRIME. that is what this crime essentially is.

Organized Stalking in Chennai, India started for me as Cyberstalking in the year 2008 and proceeded to all the typical Gang Stalking tactics and Electronic harassment.

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capebretonflynn 2 years ago from Owen Sound, Ontario

Hello, I have not been on Hubpages for awhile and just read most of these comments for the first time. I would like to clarify my comment above from several years ago- thanks to all that is holy- I am, indeed still alive and actually kind of recovering strength. Bizarre times. My comment has a bold and awful typo!!!! And I just noticed that. I was making an important point clear, I thought, about this situation when I tried to type about these people are being "PAID FOR THIS CRIME.' I note with a strange and awful chagrin this man y years later that the phrase was published as "PRAY FOR." So..... um... I just wanted to make that more clear. They are such extremely different concepts. Ya know? Anyways, past the madness we have a different type of functioning and we really will achieve privacy and quality of life. I know that is true. People harassed and targeted in these ways will see justice and they will be compensated for their injuries in many different ways. We continue to learn every day different ways of defence and different strategies to encourage healing. I don't want anyone to panic when they read this- brace thyselves!- so much of the attack is heavy metals and nuclear pollution related. The radio and internet signals ARE BEING USED AS WEAPONS. They really, really are! People in our local areas really, really are collecting money and goods and services for participating in actively attacking us, and for lying to protect the identities of one another . People we really do see when we go outdoors are really, truly profiting on these crimes. These neighbors are participating in redirecting law enforcement, they are participating in making a sham of our justice system. Most critical, they are really, truly, participating in preventing crisis intervention teams and defence and public safety and health personnel from co-ordinating disaster and other emergency relief services to areas near us, if not our very own areas! Our neighbors need to stop supporting that immediately! If all they can do is lie, they should stop talking! Hum. Sing a song. Skip with pride when they step even. Chew a blade of grass. Chew gum. Chew nicorette. Compose symphonies of music. Recite poetry. They have many, many choices beyond those. I apologize- I did not actually follow up on creating the website I mentioned years ago. I took action in many other different ways. I did create some websites about the specific crisis situations that required UN attention- that also showed types of crisis that were being denied UN support based on lies told by our neighbors! Strength to all of you. We need food and water security- and we need defence security. I believe the London folk about the organization of attacks in that city! Thank you, guys and gals! I lived in London, beauty place. So is Owen Sound! Why the heck wouldn't pirates and sociopaths try to control London, Ontario and Owen Sound?! Of course they would! Grrrrrrr........ Steven Harper needs to be arrested. I see no way that he can be called innocent in any way. He is a long standing member of an extremist group that prides itself on being white supremacists. I don't even understand why his own group wants him as Prime Minister?!!! I don't even see any benefit to them in having him as Prime Minister. Even they prefer to have proper intervention and health information and privacy and security! Anyways, the best to all of yas.

stalked562 2 years ago








stalked562 2 years ago

forced to move 5 times.

home, garage and car searched. no forced entry.

poisoned and diagnosed.

stalked 24/7.

phone hacked 4 yrs.

Thank you Edward Snowden.


stalked562 2 years ago

FBI = Organized Stalking

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OSCHENNAI 2 years ago

Gang Stalking/Cyberstalking, Chennai , India, Electronic Harassment(by Satellite)

Please add the following topics for Research too


2)Satellite surveillance

3)NLP-Neurolinguistic programming

4)Stalking in general

Great Article, i have bookmarked this page, please keep posting


marti 2 years ago

gangstalking is American-autogenicide and in the us there ar 1/2 a million kids[ WITH BIG HEARTS'] being murdered this way.

sammymcloughlin 2 years ago

csis stops my mail calls here in Calgary Canada helpmne sound device torture 8 abbotsburyway lowerham Plymouth devon pl22hs uk ,go to addres stell them I need help ne505944b ,torture 403-2441880 mp lied to me for csis joan crcokatt

sammymcloughlin 23 months ago

403-2441880 ask joan crcokatt mp why she lied to me at her office in Calgary Canada about csis ,google sammymcloughlin csis and zerzetsen

sammymcloughlin 22 months ago

google sammty mcloughlin csis,fram up torture sound,sleep deprivation cis had cutis Richards here in Calgary act out I attacked him frame up askrichard kovac about the hand guns kovac lives in bude cornwall up pr ask lee walklin lee live sin Plymouth ,contact in persom tell them I need help have just come from remand and now live at the DI Calgary ,403-2441880 mp lied to me for csis I have to go to copurt 22 april .torture sound 24-7

sammy mcloughlin 18 months ago

Sammy mcloughlin csis /8 abbotsburyway lowerham Plymouth devon pl22hs go to address tell them I neeed help csis will not let me leave Canada ,403-2441880 mp lied to me for csis here in Calgary Canada ,torture SOUND DEVICE,rcmp police helps csis.

sammy mcloughlin 5 months ago


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