Begging for Gas Money how to use your gas wisley

I need some money for Gas

I only have $4 dollars budgeted for my gas per day. That's a whopping $28 dollars a week or $112 dollars per month. How far can I go on a gallon of Gas and can I do all the things I need to do before running out of Gas Money. These are the questions I have been asking myself a lot lately. I get about 15 miles to the gallon in my Subaru and I usual drive about twice that far everyday. So I need to do things different now so I can get all my errands done and still have some gas to visit friends and family. This is my plan to make it on 1 gallon a day.

I can drive about 105 miles a week in my Car with a Gallon of Gas everyday. Here's how I plan on spending my miles.

1. To Work and Back is 8 miles. I work 5 days a week so I need 40 miles for work.

2. Trips to the Store - I go to the store a lot but on this plan I am only taking about 2 miles for trips to the store because I can stop a the store on my way home from work.

3. Going out to eat for lunch from work. I cant stand being at work all day so I am giving myself about 1 mile each day for lunch.

4. Need to take my kids to the recreation center or to cousins or to the library. This could really kill my budget Because no body lives any where near us so I am giving my self 40 miles a week for this.

5. Trips to go work out or go-to a park or something. I am giving myself 15 miles for this.

This all ads up to about 102 miles so I have 3 miles for whatever.

I guess I can make it on a gallon of gas everyday but I just cant drive for the fun of it any more. Its not has hard since gas has gone down in prices but its finding its way backup so I have to do what I can for gas.

Begging for Gas Money

Tips on Getting Better Gas Mileage

1. Make sure your tire pressure is correct on all 4 tires check often.

2. Make sure you change your oil in your car every 3,000 miles or whatever your manual tells you.

3. Make sure you change the air filter in your car on a regular basis.

4. When starting to take off to drive your car accelerate slowly.

5 Try to drive the speed limit.

These tips should easily boost your gas mileage about 2-3 miles a gallon at least.

Expert Fuel Saving Tips

Things could get worse.

I have a few friends that live in Europe and they been telling me for years how lucky we are to have such low gas prices. Four Dollars is still a bargain compared to paying 8 to 10 dollars like they do in Europe. I think that the major difference here is that us Americans do a lot more highway driving they the Europeans. Especially us here in Texas where driving a hundred miles everyday is very common. A girl friend of mine drives about 1000 miles a week and the high prices have not slowed her down yet. But I believe her husband makes good money and she has that luxury that most of us cannot afford.

Better Gas Mileage Suggestions 2 comments

Dove 7 years ago

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JJ The Fed 5 years ago

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